List of Pincodes - Tamil Nadu State

Located far south is the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Basically, it forms majority portion of peninsular India. It is bordered by the states of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The state is perfectly placed between the Nilgiri, Anamalai Hills, Palakkad and Eastern Ghats. Tamil Nadu also overlooks the Palk Strait, Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Gulf of Mannar. Chennai is not only the largest city, but also the capital of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu is famous for being the most urbanized state in India, with a maximum number of business enterprises. It is also renowned for housing some of the most ancient forms Dravidian architecture. Most prominent monuments include Tiruchirapalli Rockfort, Airavatesvara Temple, Shore Temple, Melakadambur Temple, Brideeswara Temple, and so on. The 2nd longest beach in the world, Marina Beach, is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The official language of Tamil Nadu is Tamil; although, English is also prevalent.

List of all pincodes of districts of Tamil Nadu State. Pin codes are listed by Area, Districts and States for your convineince. Kindly click on the district (Tamil Nadu) for which you want view all area pincodes. Also get all details and information on of Population Census 2011 Tamil Nadu.
Sr. No. City State
1 Chengai Anna Tamil Nadu
2 Chennai Tamil Nadu
3 Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
4 Dharmapuri Tamil Nadu
5 Dindigul Tamil Nadu
6 Kamaraj Tamil Nadu
7 Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu
8 Madurai Tamil Nadu
9 Nilgiri Tamil Nadu
10 North Arcot Tamil Nadu
11 Pasumpon Tamil Nadu
12 Periyar Tamil Nadu
13 Pudukottai Tamil Nadu
14 Quaid E Millath Tamil Nadu
15 Ramnad Tamil Nadu
16 Salem Tamil Nadu
17 South Arcot Tamil Nadu
18 Thanjavur Tamil Nadu
19 Tiruchy Tamil Nadu
20 Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu
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