List of Pincodes - Sikkim State

The landlocked Indian state of Sikkim, which means Goodly Region in Nepali, is perfectly situated amidst the lofty mountainous terrain of the Himalayas. Sikkim is bordered by Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal, as well as by West Bengal. With just over 600 thousand inhabitants, Sikkim is considered to be the most sparsely populated region in the country. It has only 4 districts. Gangtok is the capital city, while Nepali, Limbu, Bhutia, Sherpa and Lepcha are the official languages.

It is one of the recent states to have been incorporated into the Indian Union, on 16th May, 1975. Sikkim is famous for being an important seat of Buddhist culture and religion since centuries. From Sikkim, you can have a good look of Kanchenjunga, which lies in the border region of Sikkim and Nepal. Sikkim is also recognized as an ecological and biodiversity hotspot, for inhabiting various rare and indigenous species of flora and fauna. The most important industry in Sikkim is tourism.

List of all pincodes of districts of Sikkim State. Pin codes are listed by Area, Districts and States for your convineince. Kindly click on the district (Sikkim) for which you want view all area pincodes. Also get all details and information on of Population Census 2011 Sikkim.
Sr. No. City State
1 East Sikkim Sikkim
2 Gangtok Sikkim
3 North Sikkim Sikkim
4 South Sikkim Sikkim
5 West Sikkim Sikkim
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