List of Pincodes - Haryana State

Northern India is home to one of the smaller states, Haryana. Haryana's existence dates back to the 12th century. Today, it is bordered by neighbors Punjab and Himachal Pradesh on the north, while Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh borders it from the West and East. Literally, Haryana implies the Abode of God in Sanskrit. In fact, Haryana formed an important part of the Vedic and Indus Valley Civilizations. It also witnessed several major battles in history.

Haryana is known for being one of the most developed and wealthiest states in India, with the third best GDP per capita in the country. Cities like Gurgaon, Faridabad, Yamunanagar and Panipat are important industrial hubs, furnishing plywood, paper, steel, textiles etc. Haryana also houses the Yamuna River, which is considered sacred. The main language prevalent in this region in Haryanvi, although Punjabi and English is used on regular basis. Raagni is a famous form of folk music dominant in Haryana and neighboring regions.

List of all pincodes of districts of Haryana State. Pin codes are listed by Area, Districts and States for your convineince. Kindly click on the district (Haryana) for which you want view all area pincodes. Also get all details and information on of Population Census 2011 Haryana.
Sr. No. City State
1 Ambala Haryana
2 Bhiwani Haryana
3 Faridabad Haryana
4 Gurgaon Haryana
5 Hissar Haryana
6 Jind Haryana
7 Karnal Haryana
8 Kurukshetra Haryana
9 Mohindergarh Haryana
10 Panipat Haryana
11 Rewari Haryana
12 Rohtak Haryana
13 Sirsa Haryana
14 Sonepat Haryana
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