List of Pincodes - Goa State

The smallest Indian state, in terms of area, is Goa. This South Western region faces the Arabian Sea, and is famous throughout the world for its picturesque beaches, renowned places of worship, serene landscapes, and world heritage architecture. In fact, owing to the rich biodiversity, Goa not only attracts locals and domestic tourists, but also foreign travelers and visitors. No wonder, Goa qualifies as the riches state in India, with 2.5 times greater GDP per capita.

Panaji is the capital of Goa, although Vasco da Gama is actually the biggest city. Goa was also under Portuguese influence for quite some time, as one can experience in the historical city of Margao. There are several wildlife sanctuaries in the state, which is responsible for savoring 1512 different species of flora, and over 383 species of fauna. With a well developed transport system, Goa's main form of economy is tourism. The main languages prevalent here are Konkani, Marathi, Kannada, and English.

List of all pincodes of districts of Goa State. Pin codes are listed by Area, Districts and States for your convineince. Kindly click on the district (Goa) for which you want view all area pincodes. Also get all details and information on of Population Census 2011 Goa.
Sr. No. City State
1 Goa Goa
2 North Distt. Goa
3 South Distt. Goa
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