List of Pincodes - Raichur (Karnataka)

Get pincodes of all areas of Raichur District of Karnataka State. It will includes all areas which under jurisdiction of District court of Raichur. Please click on required Area to get pincode relevant to that area only with street map view of same area of Raichur - Karnataka State. Information on latest Census 2011 Population of Raichur District.
City State Pincode
Ganj Karnataka 583231
Waddarhatti (Koppal) Karnataka 583235
Yelbruga Karnataka 583236
Tadkal (Koppal) Karnataka 583256
Agalkera Karnataka 583260
Itagi Koppal Karnataka 583265
Gajgarpet Raichur Karnataka 584101
Jawahar Nagar Karnataka 584101
Raichur R S Karnataka 584101
Raichur Ho Karnataka 584101
Patilroad Karnataka 584101
Salem Road Karnataka 584101
Raichur Mukkaramganj Karnataka 584102
Deodurg Town Karnataka 584111
Deodurg Karnataka 584111
Gabbur (Raichur) Karnataka 584113
Jalahlli Raichur Karnataka 584116
Jawalgere Karnataka 584117
Lingasugur Karnataka 584122
Lingasugur Kutchery Karnataka 584122
Tavargira Karnataka 584131
Javalgere Karnataka 584143
Rabbankal Karnataka 584144
Ramdurga (Raichur) Karnataka 584148
Bagalwad Karnataka 584154
Chalgere Karnataka 584155
Galag Karnataka 584156
Idapnur Karnataka 584160
Salgunda Karnataka 584165
Deosugur Karnataka 584201
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