List of Pincodes - Jalgaon (Maharashtra)

Get pincodes of all areas of Jalgaon District of Maharashtra State. It will includes all areas which under jurisdiction of District court of Jalgaon. Please click on required Area to get pincode relevant to that area only with street map view of same area of Jalgaon - Maharashtra State. Information on latest Census 2011 Population of Jalgaon District.
City State Pincode
Kaigaon Maharashtra 424103
Pachora Maharashtra 424201
Jamner Maharashtra 424206
Vakadi Maharashtra 424207
Fattepur Maharashtra 424208
Lohare Maharashtra 424209
Jalgaon Rampeth Maharashtra 425001
Jalgaon Poona File Maharashtra 425001
Jalgaon Bazar Maharashtra 425001
Jalgaon Navipeth Maharashtra 425001
Jalgaon Peth Maharashtra 425001
Jalgaon H O Maharashtra 425001
Jalgaon Collectorate Maharashtra 425001
Jalgaon Industrial Estate Maharashtra 425002
Erandol Maharashtra 425109
Kadgaon (Jalgaon) Maharashtra 425125
Yaval Maharashtra 425301
Edalabad Maharashtra 425306
Faizpur Maharashtra 425503
Padalsa Maharashtra 425519
Jalna Rakhiv Police Maharashtra 431203
Jalna Ind Estate Maharashtra 431203
Jalna Old Maharashtra 431203
Jalna Ambika Bazar Maharashtra 431203
Jalna Mondha Maharashtra 431203
Jalna H O Maharashtra 431203
Jalan R S Maharashtra 431203
Wadigodri Maharashtra 431205
Jaffarabad Maharashtra 431206
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