List of Pincodes - Giridih (Jharkhand)

Get pincodes of all areas of Giridih District of Jharkhand State. It will includes all areas which under jurisdiction of District court of Giridih. Please click on required Area to get pincode relevant to that area only with street map view of same area of Giridih - Jharkhand State. Information on latest Census 2011 Population of Giridih District.
City State Pincode
Bhandaridah Jharkhand 815301
Giridih Ho. Jharkhand 815301
Beniadih Jharkhand 815311
Bengabad Jharkhand 815312
Ganwan Jharkhand 815313
Kharagdiha Jharkhand 815314
Jamua (Giridih) Jharkhand 815315
Mirzaganj Jharkhand 815315
Pachamba Jharkhand 815316
Tisri Jharkhand 815317
Ishri Bazar Jharkhand 825107
Pirtand Jharkhand 825108
Palaunjia Jharkhand 825318
Suriya Jharkhand 825320
Shikohabad Jharkhand 825329
Bagodar Jharkhand 825332
Rajdhanwar Jharkhand 825412
Chandrapura Jharkhand 828403
Dugda Coal Washery Jharkhand 828404
Indian Explosive Gomia Jharkhand 829112
Jarangdih Colliery Jharkhand 829113
Jaridih Bazar Jharkhand 829114
Kasmar Jharkhand 829115
Kathara Jharkhand 829116
Peterbar Jharkhand 829121
Sunday Bazar Jharkhand 829127
Swang Colliery Jharkhand 829128
Tenughat Dam Project Jharkhand 829129
Tantri Jharkhand 829138
Phusru Bazar Jharkhand 829144
T.T.P.S. Lalpani Jharkhand 829149
Gomia Jharkhand 829211
Bermo Jharkhand 835104
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