List of Pincodes - Ajmer (Rajasthan)

Get pincodes of all areas of Ajmer District of Rajasthan State. It will includes all areas which under jurisdiction of District court of Ajmer. Please click on required Area to get pincode relevant to that area only with street map view of same area of Ajmer - Rajasthan State. Information on latest Census 2011 Population of Ajmer District.
City State Pincode
Ajmer Rajasthan 305001
J L N Hospital Ajmer Rajasthan 305001
Ganj Ajmer Rajasthan 305001
Nagra Ajmer Rajasthan 305001
Alwar Gate Rajasthan 305001
Ajmer H O Rajasthan 305001
Ramganj Ajmer Rajasthan 305001
Dargah Shareef Rajasthan 305001
Raj Education Board Ajmer Rajasthan 305001
Nawab Ka Bera Rajasthan 305001
General Assurance Rajasthan 305001
Loco Workshop Ajmer Rajasthan 305001
Topdara Ajmer Rajasthan 305001
R P S C Ajmer Rajasthan 305001
Kaisarganj Ajmer Rajasthan 305001
Adarsh Nagar Rajasthan 305001
I E Makhupura Ajmer Rajasthan 305002
H M T Ajmer Rajasthan 305003
Vaishalinagar Ajmer Rajasthan 305006
Pal Beesla Ajmer Rajasthan 305007
G C Road Ajmer Rajasthan 305007
Naka Madar Ajmer Rajasthan 305007
Gagwana Rajasthan 305023
Madar Ajmer Rajasthan 305024
Rajgarh Ajmer Rajasthan 305205
Kadera Rajasthan 305405
Kalera Krishan Gopal Rajasthan 305408
Fatehgarh Rajasthan 305412
Baghera Rajasthan 305415
Nasirabad Sadar Bazar Rajasthan 305601
Nasirabad Rajasthan 305601
Nasirabad H O Rajasthan 305601
Jalia Rajasthan 305625
Tantoti Rajasthan 305627
Aditya Mills Madanganj Rajasthan 305801
Madanganj Bazar Rajasthan 305801
Chandra Colony Madanganj Rajasthan 305801
Gandhi Nagar Madanganj Rajasthan 305801
Madanganj H O Rajasthan 305801
Harmara Ajmer Rajasthan 305812
Salembad Ajmer Rajasthan 305815
Tilonia Rajasthan 305816
Ralaota Ajmer Rajasthan 305817
Babaicha Rajasthan 305818
Lotiyana Rajasthan 305923
Todgarh Rajasthan 305924
Rajiawas Rajasthan 305925
Kabra Rajasthan 305927
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