Vijaya Bank - Uttar Pradesh

IFSC Codes of all branches of Vijaya Bank situated in Uttar Pradesh state of India.

Get details of all branches of Vijaya Bank with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Vijaya Bank has lot of branches in the state of UTTAR PRADESH. All the branches of Vijaya Bank have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Vijaya Bank having branches in UTTAR PRADESH.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Jeoni Mandi Agra- Agra VIJB0007101 282029002 Uttar Pradesh
2 V N Marg Allhabad- Allahabad VIJB0007102 211029002 Uttar Pradesh
3 Bareilly U P- Bareilly VIJB0007103 256029001 Uttar Pradesh
4 Bulandshahr U P- Bulandshahr VIJB0007104 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
5 Kanpur Main U P- Kanpur VIJB0007105 208029002 Uttar Pradesh
6 Hazratganz Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007106 226029002 Uttar Pradesh
7 Meerut U P- Meerut VIJB0007107 252029001 Uttar Pradesh
8 Saharanpur Main- Saharanpur VIJB0007108 247029002 Uttar Pradesh
9 Varanasi U P- Varanasi VIJB0007109 221029002 Uttar Pradesh
10 Muzaffarnagar U P- Muzaffarnagar VIJB0007110 251029001 Uttar Pradesh
11 Cantonment Agra- Agra VIJB0007111 282029003 Uttar Pradesh
12 Ghaziabad U P- Ghaziabad VIJB0007113 110029029 Uttar Pradesh
13 Gorakhpur U P- Gorakhpur VIJB0007114 273029002 Uttar Pradesh
14 Moradabad U P- Moradabad VIJB0007115 244029002 Uttar Pradesh
15 Raebareli U P- Rae Bareli VIJB0007116 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
16 Firozabad U P- Firozabad VIJB0007117 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
17 Daliganj Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007118 226029006 Uttar Pradesh
18 Phulpur U P- Phulpur VIJB0007119 211029006 Uttar Pradesh
19 Aligarh U P- Aligarh VIJB0007120 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
20 Cantonment Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007121 226029005 Uttar Pradesh
21 Beli Road Allahabad- Allahabad VIJB0007122 211029003 Uttar Pradesh
22 R S M Nagar Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007123 226029008 Uttar Pradesh
23 Mohiballapur Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007124 226029007 Uttar Pradesh
24 Rampur Uttar Pradesh- Rampur VIJB0007125 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
25 Noida Complex Noida- Noida VIJB0007126 110029017 Uttar Pradesh
26 B N Road Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007127 226029004 Uttar Pradesh
27 Jhansi Uttar Pradesh- Jhansi VIJB0007128 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
28 Modinagar U P- Modinagar VIJB0007129 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
29 S S I Noida- Noida VIJB0007132 110029023 Uttar Pradesh
30 Gomtinagar Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007134 226029009 Uttar Pradesh
31 Patel Nagar Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007135 226029010 Uttar Pradesh
32 Mljnk College Saharanpur U P- Saharanpur VIJB0007136 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
33 Vishalkhand Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007137 226029011 Uttar Pradesh
34 J V Jain College Saharanpur U P- Saharanpur VIJB0007138 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
35 Nehru Nagar Kanpur- Kanpur VIJB0007139 208029003 Uttar Pradesh
36 I.E.T Mohibullpur Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007141 226029012 Uttar Pradesh
37 Unnao- Unnao VIJB0007143 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
38 Mathura- Mathura VIJB0007144 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
39 Indira Puram Ghaziabad- Ghaziabad VIJB0007145 110029044 Uttar Pradesh
40 Civil Lines Allahabad- Allahabad VIJB0007146 211029005 Uttar Pradesh
41 Hapur Ghaziabad- Hapur VIJB0007147 245029001 Uttar Pradesh
42 Mirzapur U.P.- Mirzapur VIJB0007148 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
43 Shahjahanpur U.P.- Shahjahanpur VIJB0007149 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
44 Sitapur (U.P.)- Sitapur VIJB0007150 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
45 Sme Moradabad- Moradabad VIJB0007151 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
46 Faizabad Uttar Pradesh- Faizabad VIJB0007152 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
47 Taramandal Gorakhpur- Gorakhpur VIJB0007154 273029001 Uttar Pradesh
48 Farrukhabad Uttar Pradesh- Farrukhabad Fatehgarh VIJB0007156 209029001 Uttar Pradesh
49 Aliganj Lucknow- Aliganj VIJB0007157 NONMICR Uttar Pradesh
50 Rcd Extension Counter Allahabad- Allahabad VIJB0007181 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
51 Catc Extension Counter Allahabad- Allahabad VIJB0007182 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
52 Indian Section Theosophical Soceity Extention Counter Varanasi- Varanasi VIJB0007183 221029003 Uttar Pradesh
53 Mnnit Allahabad- Allahabad VIJB0007184 211029004 Uttar Pradesh
54 New Okhla Industrial Development Authority(Noida) Extention Counter Up- Noida VIJB0007185 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
55 Ghaziabad Devt Authority Extention Counter Ghaziabad- Ghaziabad VIJB0007186 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
56 Noida Golf Course Extention Counter U P- Noida VIJB0007187 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
57 Command Hospital Ext Counter Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007189 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
58 Extension Counter Bareilly U P- Bareilly VIJB0007190 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
59 Service Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0009209 226029001 Uttar Pradesh
60 Jankipuram Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007159 226029014 Uttar Pradesh
61 Regional Office. Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0009112 226029000 Uttar Pradesh
62 Vikas Nagar Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007166 226029017 Uttar Pradesh
63 Hathras Uttarapradesh- Hathras VIJB0007168 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
64 Pilibhit Uttarapradesh- Pilibhit VIJB0007169 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
65 Balaganj Chowk Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007162 226029015 Uttar Pradesh
66 Budaun Uttarapradesh- Budaun VIJB0007167 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
67 Hardoi Uttarapradesh- Hardoi VIJB0007165 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
68 Gokhale Marg Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007161 226029016 Uttar Pradesh
69 Fatehpur Uttarapradesh- Fatehpur VIJB0007164 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
70 Sultanpur Uttarapradesh- Sultanpur VIJB0007163 228029002 Uttar Pradesh
71 Ashiyana Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007158 226029018 Uttar Pradesh
72 Kannauj Uttarpradesh- Kannauj VIJB0007170 209029725 Uttar Pradesh
73 Lalitpur Up- Lalitpur VIJB0007172 284029403 Uttar Pradesh
74 Rajajipuram Lucknow- Lucknow VIJB0007171 226029019 Uttar Pradesh
75 Roza Uttar Pradesh- Roza VIJB0007174 NON MICR Uttar Pradesh
76 Barabanki Uttar Pradesh- Lucknow VIJB0007160 NON MICR Uttar Pradesh
77 Asha Modern School Saharanpur- Saharanpur VIJB0007191 NONMICR Uttar Pradesh
78 Khurja Uttarapradesh- Lucknow VIJB0007175 NOT ALLOTED Uttar Pradesh
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