Vijaya Bank - Kerala

IFSC Codes of all branches of Vijaya Bank situated in Kerala state of India.

Get details of all branches of Vijaya Bank with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Vijaya Bank has lot of branches in the state of KERALA. All the branches of Vijaya Bank have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Vijaya Bank having branches in KERALA.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Alapuzha Kerala- Alappuzha VIJB0002001 NON-MICR Kerala
2 Bayar Muligadde Kerala- Bayar VIJB0002002 NON-MICR Kerala
3 Calicut (Kozhikode)- Calicut VIJB0002004 673029003 Kerala
4 Chattanchal Kerala- Thekkil VIJB0002005 NON-MICR Kerala
5 Cherutty Road Calicut- Calicut VIJB0002006 673029002 Kerala
6 Chottanikkara Kerala- Chottanikara VIJB0002007 682029011 Kerala
7 Kochi Kerala- Kochi VIJB0002008 682029002 Kerala
8 East Nadakkav Calicut- Calicut VIJB0002009 673029005 Kerala
9 Edakkad Kerala- Edakkad VIJB0002010 NON-MICR Kerala
10 Broadway Ernakulam- Kochi VIJB0002011 682029004 Kerala
11 New Mahe Kerala- Kallai VIJB0002012 NON-MICR Kerala
12 Kalpetta Kerala- Kalpetta VIJB0002013 NON-MICR Kerala
13 Kanhangad Kerala- Kanhangad VIJB0002014 NON-MICR Kerala
14 Kasargod Kerala- Kasaragod VIJB0002015 NON-MICR Kerala
15 Kizhakkencherry Kerala- Kizhakkencherry VIJB0002016 NON-MICR Kerala
16 Kottakkal Kerala- Kottakkal VIJB0002017 NON-MICR Kerala
17 Kottayam. Kerala- Kottayam VIJB0002018 NON-MICR Kerala
18 Kumbla Kerala- Kasaragod VIJB0002019 NON-MICR Kerala
19 Kundotty Kerala- Kundotty VIJB0002020 673029402 Kerala
20 Kuthuparamba Kerala- Kuthuparamba VIJB0002021 NON-MICR Kerala
21 Kochi Kerala- Kochi VIJB0002022 682029006 Kerala
22 Malappuram Kerala- Malappuram VIJB0002023 NON-MICR Kerala
23 Manjeri Kerala- Manjeri VIJB0002024 NON-MICR Kerala
24 Manjeshwar Kerala- Kasaragod VIJB0002025 NON-MICR Kerala
25 Mannarkkad Kerala- Mannarkad VIJB0002026 NON-MICR Kerala
26 Muvattupuzha Kerala- Muvattupuzha VIJB0002027 NON-MICR Kerala
27 Palakkad Kerala- Palakkad VIJB0002028 NON-MICR Kerala
28 Payyanur Kerala- Payyannur VIJB0002029 NON-MICR Kerala
29 Perintalmanna Kerala- Perintalmanna VIJB0002030 NON-MICR Kerala
30 Ponnani Kerala- Ponnani VIJB0002031 NON-MICR Kerala
31 Kollam Kerala- Kollam VIJB0002032 NON-MICR Kerala
32 Koyilandy Kerala- Quilandy(Pantalayini) VIJB0002033 673029152 Kerala
33 Cherthala Kerala- Cherthala VIJB0002034 NON-MICR Kerala
34 Taliparamba Kerala- Taliparamba VIJB0002035 NON-MICR Kerala
35 Tellicherry Kerala- Thalassery VIJB0002036 NON-MICR Kerala
36 Tirur Kerala- Tirur VIJB0002037 713029002 Kerala
37 Trishur Kerala- Thrissur VIJB0002038 680029002 Kerala
38 Trikarpur Kerala- Trikkarippur North VIJB0002039 NON-MICR Kerala
39 Kochi Kerala- Kochi VIJB0002040 682029005 Kerala
40 Thiruvananthapuram Main Kerala- Thiruvananthapuram VIJB0002041 695029001 Kerala
41 Vandazhy Kerala- Vandazhi VIJB0002042 NON-MICR Kerala
42 Vellarada Kerala- Thiruvananthapuram VIJB0002043 NON-MICR Kerala
43 Mulinje Kerala- Uppala VIJB0002044 NON-MICR Kerala
44 Meppadi Kerala- Meppadi VIJB0002045 NON-MICR Kerala
45 Olavacode Kerala- Palakkad VIJB0002046 NON-MICR Kerala
46 Puthiyakavu Kerala- Kochi VIJB0002047 682029007 Kerala
47 Karimba Kerala- Karimba VIJB0002048 NON-MICR Kerala
48 Nettoor Kerala- Nettor VIJB0002049 682029008 Kerala
49 Nedumpuram Kerala- Nedumpuram VIJB0002050 NON-MICR Kerala
50 Trivandrum Kerala- Thiruvananthapuram VIJB0002051 695029003 Kerala
51 Katukukke Kerala- Kasaragod VIJB0002052 NON-MICR Kerala
52 Nellaya Kerala- Nellaya VIJB0002053 NON-MICR Kerala
53 Madikai Kerala- Madikkai VIJB0002054 NON-MICR Kerala
54 Thootha Kerala- Thootha VIJB0002055 NON-MICR Kerala
55 Karaparamba Kerala- Calicut VIJB0002056 673029004 Kerala
56 Mukkoor Kerala- Pathanamthitta VIJB0002057 NON-MICR Kerala
57 Tiruvalla Kerala- Thiruvalla VIJB0002058 NON-MICR Kerala
58 Vadagara Kerala- Vadakara VIJB0002059 NON-MICR Kerala
59 Changancherry Kerala- Changanassery VIJB0002060 NON-MICR Kerala
60 Nedumpuramchal Kerala- Cannur VIJB0002061 NON-MICR Kerala
61 Vavannur Kerala- Pattambi VIJB0002062 NON-MICR Kerala
62 Kochi Kerala- Kochi VIJB0002063 682029003 Kerala
63 Kalichamaram Kerala- Karindalam VIJB0002064 NON-MICR Kerala
64 Guruvayur Kerala- Guruvayur VIJB0002065 680029052 Kerala
65 Badiadka Kerala- Badiadka VIJB0002066 NONMICR Kerala
66 Chavakkad Kerala- Chavakkad VIJB0002067 680029102 Kerala
67 Kozhencherry Kerala- Kozhencherry VIJB0002068 NON-MICR Kerala
68 Aluva Kerala- Aluva VIJB0002069 682029009 Kerala
69 Kochi Kerala- Kochi VIJB0002070 682029010 Kerala
70 Trivandrum Kerala- Thiruvananthapuram VIJB0002071 695029004 Kerala
71 Vidyanagar Kasargod- Kasaragod VIJB0002072 NON-MICR Kerala
72 Vizhinjam Kerala- Vizhinjam VIJB0002073 695029008 Kerala
73 Kazhakuttom Kerala- Kazhakuttam VIJB0002074 695029007 Kerala
74 Peroorkada Kerala- Thiruvananthapuram VIJB0002075 695029006 Kerala
75 Piravam Kerala- Piravom VIJB0002076 NONMICR Kerala
76 Thodupuzha Kerala- Thodupuzha VIJB0002077 NONMICR Kerala
77 Mundakkayam Kerala- Mundakayam VIJB0002078 NONMICR Kerala
78 Kottarakkara Kerala- Kottarakkara VIJB0002079 NONMICR Kerala
79 Pathanamthitta Kerala- Pathanamthitta VIJB0002080 NONMICR Kerala
80 Airport Extn Counter Kondotty- Kundotty VIJB0002801 NON-MICR Kerala
81 Christnagar High School Extention Counter Trivandrum- Thiruvananthapuram VIJB0002802 695029002 Kerala
82 Service Kochi- Kochi VIJB0009211 682029000 Kerala
83 Regional Office. Kochi- Kochi VIJB0009127 682029020 Kerala
84 Karunagapally Kollam Dt- Karunagapally VIJB0002081 NON MICR Kerala
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