Vijaya Bank - Karnataka

IFSC Codes of all branches of Vijaya Bank situated in Karnataka state of India.

Get details of all branches of Vijaya Bank with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Vijaya Bank has lot of branches in the state of KARNATAKA. All the branches of Vijaya Bank have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Vijaya Bank having branches in KARNATAKA.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Adugodi Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001001 560029002 Karnataka
2 Aldur Karnataka- Aldur VIJB0001002 NON-MICR Karnataka
3 Alpe Padil Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001003 575029002 Karnataka
4 Alur Karnataka- Alur VIJB0001004 NON-MICR Karnataka
5 Anagodu Karnataka- Hanagodu VIJB0001005 NON-MICR Karnataka
6 Annigeri Karnataka- Annigeri VIJB0001006 NON-MICR Karnataka
7 Ardi Karnataka- Ardi VIJB0001007 NON-MICR Karnataka
8 Arsikere Karnataka- Arsikere VIJB0001008 NON-MICR Karnataka
9 Ashoknagar Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001009 575029004 Karnataka
10 Athikaribettu Karnataka- Athikaribettu VIJB0001010 NONMICR Karnataka
11 Athradi Karnataka- Athradi VIJB0001011 NON-MICR Karnataka
12 B C Road Karnataka- B.C.Road VIJB0001012 575029029 Karnataka
13 Bableshwar Karnataka- Babaleshwar VIJB0001013 NON-MICR Karnataka
14 Baburayankoppal Karnataka- Baburayanakoppal VIJB0001014 NON-MICR Karnataka
15 Badaga Mijar Karnataka- Badga Mijar VIJB0001015 NON-MICR Karnataka
16 Badanidiyoor Karnataka- Badanidiyoor VIJB0001016 NON-MICR Karnataka
17 Bagalkot Karnataka- Bagalkot VIJB0001017 NON-MICR Karnataka
18 Balale Karnataka- Balele VIJB0001018 NON-MICR Karnataka
19 Ballupet Karnataka- Ballupet VIJB0001019 NON-MICR Karnataka
20 Banashankari Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001020 560029006 Karnataka
21 Banhatti Karnataka- Rabkavi Banhatti VIJB0001021 NON-MICR Karnataka
22 Basavapatna Karnataka- Basavapatna VIJB0001022 NON-MICR Karnataka
23 Bejjavalli Karnataka- Bejjavalli VIJB0001023 NON-MICR Karnataka
24 Belagur Karnataka- Belagur VIJB0001024 NON-MICR Karnataka
25 Belgaum Main- Belgaum VIJB0001025 590029002 Karnataka
26 Bellare Karnataka- Bellare VIJB0001026 NON-MICR Karnataka
27 Bellary Karnataka- Bellary VIJB0001027 583029102 Karnataka
28 Belmannu Karnataka- Belman VIJB0001028 NON-MICR Karnataka
29 Belthangadi Karnataka- Belthangady VIJB0001029 NON-MICR Karnataka
30 Bendoor Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001030 575029005 Karnataka
31 Besagarahalli Karnataka- Besagarahalli VIJB0001031 NONMICR Karnataka
32 B H Road Bhadravathi- Bhadravati VIJB0001032 NON-MICR Karnataka
33 Bhatkal Karnataka- Bhatkal VIJB0001033 NON-MICR Karnataka
34 Bijapur Karnataka- Bijapur VIJB0001034 586029002 Karnataka
35 Birur Karnataka- Birur VIJB0001035 NON-MICR Karnataka
36 Bondel Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001036 575029008 Karnataka
37 Brahmavar Karnataka- Brahmavara VIJB0001037 NON-MICR Karnataka
38 Brigade Road Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001038 560029004 Karnataka
39 Broadway Hubli- Hubli-Dharwad VIJB0001039 580029003 Karnataka
40 Byatarayanapura Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001040 560029025 Karnataka
41 Byndoor Karnataka- Byndoor VIJB0001041 NON-MICR Karnataka
42 Chachadi Karnataka- Chachadi VIJB0001042 NONMICR Karnataka
43 Chamarajnagar Karnataka- Chamarajnagar VIJB0001043 571029352 Karnataka
44 Channapatna Karnataka- Channapatna VIJB0001044 NON-MICR Karnataka
45 Changadihalli Karnataka- Sakleshpur VIJB0001045 NON-MICR Karnataka
46 Chickmagalur Karnataka- Chikmagalur VIJB0001046 NON-MICR Karnataka
47 City Mangalore Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001047 575029010 Karnataka
48 Kundapur Karnataka- Udupi VIJB0001048 NON-MICR Karnataka
49 Dabaspet Karnataka- Nelamangala VIJB0001049 560029078 Karnataka
50 Daddi Karnataka- Daddi VIJB0001050 NONMICR Karnataka
51 Lamington Road Hubli- Hubli-Dharwad VIJB0001051 250029001 Karnataka
52 Damaskatta Karnataka- Damasakatta VIJB0001052 NON-MICR Karnataka
53 Darbe Puttur Karnataka- Puttur VIJB0001053 575029037 Karnataka
54 Dasarahalli Bangalore- Dasarahalli VIJB0001054 560029029 Karnataka
55 Davangere Karnataka- Davangere VIJB0001055 NON-MICR Karnataka
56 Devangi Karnataka- Devangi VIJB0001056 NON-MICR Karnataka
57 Dharmasthala Karnataka- Dharmsthala VIJB0001057 NON-MICR Karnataka
58 Dharwar Main Karnataka- Hubli-Dharwad VIJB0001058 580029302 Karnataka
59 Doddaballapur Karnataka- Doddaballapur VIJB0001060 560029088 Karnataka
60 Domlur Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001061 560029008 Karnataka
61 Falnir Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001062 575029011 Karnataka
62 Gadag Karnataka- Gadag VIJB0001063 582029002 Karnataka
63 Gaddehalla Karnataka- Suntikoppa VIJB0001064 NON-MICR Karnataka
64 Ganganagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001065 560029030 Karnataka
65 Sanjaynagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001066 560029031 Karnataka
66 Gendehalli Karnataka- Gendehalli VIJB0001067 NON-MICR Karnataka
67 Gonikoppal Karnataka- Gonikoppal VIJB0001069 NON-MICR Karnataka
68 Gowdagere Karnataka- Gowdagere VIJB0001070 NON-MICR Karnataka
69 Gudeangadi Karnataka- Gudeangadi VIJB0001071 NONMICR Karnataka
70 Gulbarga Karnataka- Gulbarga VIJB0001072 NON-MICR Karnataka
71 Halady Karnataka- Halady VIJB0001073 NON-MICR Karnataka
72 Halebudanur Karnataka- Halebudanur VIJB0001074 NON-MICR Karnataka
73 Hamsabhavi Karnataka- Hirekerur VIJB0001075 NON-MICR Karnataka
74 Hanumantnagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001076 560029009 Karnataka
75 Harnahalli Karnataka- Haranahalli VIJB0001077 NON-MICR Karnataka
76 Malavathi Karnataka- Siddapur VIJB0001078 NON-MICR Karnataka
77 Hassan Main Karnataka- Hassan VIJB0001079 NON-MICR Karnataka
78 Hebri Karnataka- Hebri VIJB0001080 NON-MICR Karnataka
79 Hebsur Karnataka- Hebsur VIJB0001081 NON-MICR Karnataka
80 Hegdekatta Karnataka- Hegdekatta VIJB0001082 NONMICR Karnataka
81 Hirebyle Karnataka- Hirebyle VIJB0001083 NON-MICR Karnataka
82 Hiriyur Karnataka- Hiriyur VIJB0001084 NON-MICR Karnataka
83 Hiriadka Karnataka- Hiriadka VIJB0001085 NON-MICR Karnataka
84 Holalkere Karnataka- Holalkere VIJB0001086 NON-MICR Karnataka
85 Hosabettu Karnataka- Mangalore VIJB0001087 575029015 Karnataka
86 Hosaholalu Karnataka- Hosaholalu VIJB0001088 NON-MICR Karnataka
87 Hospet Karnataka- Hospet VIJB0001089 NON-MICR Karnataka
88 Hulgur Karnataka- Hulgur VIJB0001090 NON-MICR Karnataka
89 Hunsur Karnataka- Hunsur VIJB0001091 571029052 Karnataka
90 Industrial Suburb Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001092 575029005 Karnataka
91 Infantry Road Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001093 560029012 Karnataka
92 Jakribettu Karnataka- Jakribettu VIJB0001094 NON-MICR Karnataka
93 Javagal Karnataka- Javagal VIJB0001095 NON-MICR Karnataka
94 Jayanagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001096 560029013 Karnataka
95 Cox Town Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001097 560029005 Karnataka
96 Jeppu Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001098 575029016 Karnataka
97 J L B Road Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001099 570029006 Karnataka
98 J C Road Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001100 560029033 Karnataka
99 Kaggalipura Karnataka- Kaggalipura VIJB0001101 NON-MICR Karnataka
100 Kaikamba Karnataka- Kaikamba VIJB0001102 575029017 Karnataka
101 Kaladgi Karnataka- Kaladgi VIJB0001103 NON-MICR Karnataka
102 Kalathur Karnataka- Kalthoor VIJB0001104 NON-MICR Karnataka
103 Kalladka Karnataka- Kalladka VIJB0001105 NON-MICR Karnataka
104 Kambadakone Karnataka- Kambadakone VIJB0001106 NON-MICR Karnataka
105 Kanakapura Karnataka- Kanakapura VIJB0001107 NON-MICR Karnataka
106 Kandlur Karnataka- Kandlur VIJB0001108 NON-MICR Karnataka
107 Kanoor Karnataka- Kanur VIJB0001109 NON-MICR Karnataka
108 Kansur Karnataka- Kansur VIJB0001110 NONMICR Karnataka
109 Karkala Karnataka- Karkala VIJB0001111 575029038 Karnataka
110 Mulki Karnataka- Mulki VIJB0001112 575029027 Karnataka
111 Kasarakod Karnataka- Kasarkod VIJB0001113 NONMICR Karnataka
112 Kateel Karnataka- Kateel VIJB0001114 575029032 Karnataka
113 Kathalgere Karnataka- Kathalgere VIJB0001115 NON-MICR Karnataka
114 Kaup Karnataka- Udupi VIJB0001116 NON-MICR Karnataka
115 Kavu Karnataka- Kavu VIJB0001117 NON-MICR Karnataka
116 K G Road Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001118 560029034 Karnataka
117 Kesthur Karnataka- Kesthur VIJB0001119 NONMICR Karnataka
118 Kinnigoli Karnataka- Kinnigoli VIJB0001120 575029039 Karnataka
119 Kolar Karnataka- Kolar VIJB0001121 NON-MICR Karnataka
120 Koliwad Karnataka- Koliwad VIJB0001122 NON-MICR Karnataka
121 Kollegal Karnataka- Kollegal VIJB0001123 571029452 Karnataka
122 Konaje Mangalore- Konaje VIJB0001124 575029018 Karnataka
123 Konnur Karnataka- Konnur VIJB0001125 NON-MICR Karnataka
124 Koppa Karnataka- Koppa VIJB0001126 NON-MICR Karnataka
125 Korangrapady Karnataka- Korangrapady VIJB0001127 NON-MICR Karnataka
126 Krishnarajpet Karnataka- Krishnarajapet VIJB0001128 NON-MICR Karnataka
127 Kukkundoor Karnataka- Kukkundoor VIJB0001129 NON-MICR Karnataka
128 Kumta Karnataka- Kumta VIJB0001130 NON-MICR Karnataka
129 Kuppepadavu Karnataka- Kuppe-Padavu VIJB0001131 NON-MICR Karnataka
130 Founder's Br Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001132 575029012 Karnataka
131 Machina Karnataka- Machina VIJB0001133 NON-MICR Karnataka
132 Maddur Karnataka- Maddur VIJB0001134 571029402 Karnataka
133 Magadi Karnataka- Magadi VIJB0001135 NON-MICR Karnataka
134 Magundi Karnataka- Magundi VIJB0001136 NON-MICR Karnataka
135 Mahalingpur Karnataka- Mahalingpur VIJB0001137 NON-MICR Karnataka
136 Malavalli Karnataka- Malavalli VIJB0001138 NON-MICR Karnataka
137 Malleshwaram Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001139 560029035 Karnataka
138 Mandarthi Karnataka- Mandarthi VIJB0001140 NONMICR Karnataka
139 Mandya Main Karnataka- Mandya VIJB0001141 571029504 Karnataka
140 Mandi Mohalla Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001142 570029007 Karnataka
141 Mani Karnataka- Mani VIJB0001143 NON-MICR Karnataka
142 Maragodu Karnataka- Maragodu VIJB0001144 NON-MICR Karnataka
143 Maskal Karnataka- Maskal VIJB0001145 NON-MICR Karnataka
144 Mayo Hall Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001146 560029015 Karnataka
145 Madikeri Karnataka- Madikeri VIJB0001147 571029152 Karnataka
146 Moodabettu Karnataka- Moodabettu VIJB0001148 NON-MICR Karnataka
147 Moodabidri Karnataka- Moodabidri VIJB0001149 575029033 Karnataka
148 Morab Karnataka- Morab VIJB0001150 NONMICR Karnataka
149 Mudigere Karnataka- Mudigere VIJB0001151 NON-MICR Karnataka
150 Mundaje Karnataka- Mundaje VIJB0001152 NON-MICR Karnataka
151 Mysore Road Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001153 560029037 Karnataka
152 Nada Karnataka- Nada VIJB0001154 NON-MICR Karnataka
153 Nagappa Block Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001155 560029038 Karnataka
154 Nagroor Karnataka- Nagroor VIJB0001156 NON-MICR Karnataka
155 Nallur Karnataka- Nallur VIJB0001157 NON-MICR Karnataka
156 Nanjangud Karnataka- Nanjangud VIJB0001158 571029302 Karnataka
157 Narasapur Karnataka- Narsapur VIJB0001159 NON-MICR Karnataka
158 Navalgund Karnataka- Navalgund VIJB0001160 NON-MICR Karnataka
159 Nelamangala Karnataka- Nelamangala VIJB0001161 560029080 Karnataka
160 Nettana Karnataka- Nettana VIJB0001162 NON-MICR Karnataka
161 Niddodi Karnataka- Niddodi VIJB0001163 NON-MICR Karnataka
162 Nippani Karnataka- Nipani VIJB0001164 NON-MICR Karnataka
163 Nirebailur Karnataka- Nirebailur VIJB0001165 NON-MICR Karnataka
164 Nitte Karnataka- Nitte VIJB0001166 NON-MICR Karnataka
165 Padubidri Karnataka- Udupi VIJB0001167 NON-MICR Karnataka
166 Pakshikere Karnataka- Pakshikere VIJB0001168 NON-MICR Karnataka
167 Panambur Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001170 575029021 Karnataka
168 Pandavapura Karnataka- Pandavapura VIJB0001171 NON-MICR Karnataka
169 Pangala Karnataka- Pangala VIJB0001172 NON-MICR Karnataka
170 Peenya Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001173 560029041 Karnataka
171 Perdoor Karnataka- Perdoor VIJB0001174 NON-MICR Karnataka
172 Polali Karnataka- B.C.Road VIJB0001175 NONMICR Karnataka
173 Polibetta Karnataka- Virajpet VIJB0001176 NON-MICR Karnataka
174 Puttur Main Karnataka- Puttur VIJB0001177 575029036 Karnataka
175 R C Road Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001178 560029016 Karnataka
176 Rajajinagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001179 560029043 Karnataka
177 Ramanagaram Karnataka- Ramanagaram VIJB0001180 NON-MICR Karnataka
178 Ranebennur Karnataka- Ranebennur VIJB0001181 NON-MICR Karnataka
179 Rangenahalli Karnataka- Rangenahalli VIJB0001182 NON-MICR Karnataka
180 Ravandur Karnataka- Ravandur VIJB0001183 NON-MICR Karnataka
181 Residency Road Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001184 560029017 Karnataka
182 Saibarkatta Karnataka- Saibarakatte VIJB0001185 NONMICR Karnataka
183 Sakleshpur Karnataka- Sakleshpur VIJB0001186 NON-MICR Karnataka
184 Salvady Karnataka- Salvady VIJB0001187 NON-MICR Karnataka
185 Sangameshwarpet Karnataka- Sangameshwarpet VIJB0001188 NON-MICR Karnataka
186 Sankey Road Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001189 560029044 Karnataka
187 Sanoor Karnataka- Sanoor VIJB0001190 NON-MICR Karnataka
188 Santhepet Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001191 570029002 Karnataka
189 Saunshi Karnataka- Saunshi VIJB0001192 NONMICR Karnataka
190 Shanthinagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001193 560029019 Karnataka
191 B H Road Shimoga- Shimoga VIJB0001194 NON-MICR Karnataka
192 Shirali Karnataka- Shirali VIJB0001195 NON-MICR Karnataka
193 Shirol Karnataka- Shirol VIJB0001196 NON-MICR Karnataka
194 Shirva Karnataka- Shirva VIJB0001197 NON-MICR Karnataka
195 Siddakatte Karnataka- Siddakatte(Bantwal Taluk VIJB0001198 NON-MICR Karnataka
196 Siddapur Karnataka- Siddapura VIJB0001199 NON-MICR Karnataka
197 Sirsi Karnataka- Sirsi VIJB0001200 581029402 Karnataka
198 West Of Chord Road Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001201 560029046 Karnataka
199 South End Road Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001202 560029022 Karnataka
200 Suratkal Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001203 575029023 Karnataka
201 Tadas Karnataka- Tadas VIJB0001204 NON-MICR Karnataka
202 Talapady Mangalore- Talpady VIJB0001205 575029024 Karnataka
203 Thottam Karnataka- Udupi VIJB0001206 NON-MICR Karnataka
204 Thumbe Karnataka- Thumbe VIJB0001207 575029030 Karnataka
205 Tilavalli Karnataka- Tilavalli VIJB0001208 NON-MICR Karnataka
206 Tumkur Main Karnataka- Tumkur VIJB0001209 572029003 Karnataka
207 Uchila Karnataka- Uchila VIJB0001210 NON-MICR Karnataka
208 Udupi Main Karnataka- Udupi VIJB0001211 576029001 Karnataka
209 Puttur Udupi Karnataka- Puttur VIJB0001212 NON-MICR Karnataka
210 Ujire Karnataka- Ujre VIJB0001213 NON-MICR Karnataka
211 Ulavi Karnataka- Ulavi VIJB0001214 NON-MICR Karnataka
212 Ullal Mangalore- Ullal VIJB0001215 575029026 Karnataka
213 Ulsoor Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001216 560029021 Karnataka
214 Vanivilas Road Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001217 560029023 Karnataka
215 Vidyanagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001218 560029061 Karnataka
216 Vidyanagar Hubli- Hubli-Dharwad VIJB0001219 580029007 Karnataka
217 Vijayanagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001220 560029036 Karnataka
218 Virajpet Karnataka- Virajpet VIJB0001221 NON-MICR Karnataka
219 Vittal Karnataka- Vittal VIJB0001222 NON-MICR Karnataka
220 Vamanjoor Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001223 575029025 Karnataka
221 Vontiangadi Karnataka- Vontiangadi VIJB0001224 NON-MICR Karnataka
222 Hattargi Karnataka- Belgaum VIJB0001225 NON-MICR Karnataka
223 Yellapur Karnataka- Yellapur VIJB0001226 NON-MICR Karnataka
224 Yellur Karnataka- Yellur VIJB0001227 NON-MICR Karnataka
225 Yeshwanthpur Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001228 560029047 Karnataka
226 Lingsugur Karnataka- Lingsugur VIJB0001229 NON-MICR Karnataka
227 Arlikatti Karnataka- Arlikatti VIJB0001230 NON-MICR Karnataka
228 Bettampady Karnataka- Bettampady VIJB0001231 NON-MICR Karnataka
229 Bhandiwad Karnataka- Bhandiwad VIJB0001232 NON-MICR Karnataka
230 Devarayasamudra Karnataka- Devaraya Samudra VIJB0001233 NON-MICR Karnataka
231 H.D.Kote Mysore- H.D.Kote VIJB0001234 NON-MICR Karnataka
232 Ishwaramangala Karnataka- Iswaramangila VIJB0001235 NON-MICR Karnataka
233 Kodimbala Karnataka- Kodimbila VIJB0001236 NON-MICR Karnataka
234 Kukkikatte Karnataka- Udupi VIJB0001237 NON-MICR Karnataka
235 Neermarga Karnataka- Neermarga VIJB0001238 575029020 Karnataka
236 Udane Karnataka- Udane VIJB0001239 NONMICR Karnataka
237 Venkatayyana Chatra Karnataka- Chikmagalur VIJB0001240 NON-MICR Karnataka
238 Gulwadi Karnataka- Gulwadi VIJB0001241 NON-MICR Karnataka
239 Kumbra Karnataka- Kumbra VIJB0001242 NON-MICR Karnataka
240 Thallur Karnataka- Tallur VIJB0001243 NON-MICR Karnataka
241 Thogarsi Karnataka- Thogarsi VIJB0001244 NON-MICR Karnataka
242 Bannerghatta Bangalore- Bannerghatta VIJB0001245 560029057 Karnataka
243 Katur Karnataka- Katur VIJB0001247 NONMICR Karnataka
244 City Market Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001248 560029028 Karnataka
245 Doddathota Karnataka- Doddathota VIJB0001249 NONMICR Karnataka
246 Nagnoor Karnataka- Nagnoor VIJB0001250 NON-MICR Karnataka
247 Doddamagge Karnataka- Doddamagge VIJB0001251 NON-MICR Karnataka
248 Avathi Karnataka- Avathi VIJB0001252 NON-MICR Karnataka
249 Gejjalagere Karnataka- Gejjalagere VIJB0001253 NON-MICR Karnataka
250 Aranthodu Karnataka- Aranthodu VIJB0001254 NON-MICR Karnataka
251 Chinya Karnataka- Chinya VIJB0001255 NON-MICR Karnataka
252 Bidarkote Karnataka- Bidarakote VIJB0001256 NON-MICR Karnataka
253 Donderangadi Karnataka- Donderangadi VIJB0001257 NON-MICR Karnataka
254 Aigoor Karnataka- Aigur VIJB0001258 NON-MICR Karnataka
255 Mandagere Karnataka- Mandagere VIJB0001259 NON-MICR Karnataka
256 Venkatapura Karnataka- Venkatapura VIJB0001260 NON-MICR Karnataka
257 Gandhi Bazar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001261 560029011 Karnataka
258 Bharatinagar Karnataka- Maddur VIJB0001262 NON-MICR Karnataka
259 Nidaghatta Karnataka- Nidaghatta VIJB0001264 NONMICR Karnataka
260 Boothanahosur Karnataka- Boothanahosur VIJB0001265 NON-MICR Karnataka
261 Karwar Karnataka- Karwar VIJB0001266 581029202 Karnataka
262 Halevoor Karnataka- Kunigal VIJB0001267 NON-MICR Karnataka
263 Santhebachehalli Karnataka- Santhebachahalli VIJB0001268 NONMICR Karnataka
264 Arkula Karnataka- Arkula VIJB0001269 575029028 Karnataka
265 Devalapura Karnataka- Devalapura VIJB0001270 NON-MICR Karnataka
266 Konanakatte Karnataka- Konanakatte VIJB0001271 NONMICR Karnataka
267 Harihar Karnataka- Harihar VIJB0001272 NON-MICR Karnataka
268 Guledgud Karnataka- Guledagudda VIJB0001273 NON-MICR Karnataka
269 Devaldakere Karnataka- Devaladakere VIJB0001274 NON-MICR Karnataka
270 Shahapur Belgaum- Belgaum VIJB0001275 590029003 Karnataka
271 Chikkaballapur Karnataka- Chikballapur VIJB0001276 NON-MICR Karnataka
272 Kowdle Karnataka- Kowdley VIJB0001278 NON-MICR Karnataka
273 Tekal Karnataka- Tekkal VIJB0001279 NON-MICR Karnataka
274 Balichakkur Karnataka- Balichakkur VIJB0001280 NON-MICR Karnataka
275 Alake Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001281 575029003 Karnataka
276 Asangi Karnataka- Assangi VIJB0001282 NON-MICR Karnataka
277 Badaga Karnataka- Badaga VIJB0001283 NON-MICR Karnataka
278 Farhatabad Karnataka- Farhatabad VIJB0001284 NON-MICR Karnataka
279 N R Road Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001285 560029039 Karnataka
280 Palace Orchards Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001286 560029042 Karnataka
281 Keregodu Karnataka- Keregodu VIJB0001287 NON-MICR Karnataka
282 Keshwapur Hubli- Hubli-Dharwad VIJB0001288 610029002 Karnataka
283 Siddaganga Mutt Tumkur Karnataka- Tumkur VIJB0001289 NON-MICR Karnataka
284 Kalkeri Karnataka- Kalkeri VIJB0001290 NON-MICR Karnataka
285 Kukkujadka Karnataka- Kukkujadka VIJB0001291 NONMICR Karnataka
286 Whitefield Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001292 560029049 Karnataka
287 Teggi Karnataka- Teggi VIJB0001293 NON-MICR Karnataka
288 Dhumwad Karnataka- Dhummawad VIJB0001294 NONMICR Karnataka
289 Pavagada Karnataka- Pavagada VIJB0001295 NON-MICR Karnataka
290 New Saraswathipuram Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001296 570029008 Karnataka
291 Kalghatgi Karnataka- Kalghatgi VIJB0001298 NON-MICR Karnataka
292 S R Raste Shimoga- Shimoga VIJB0001299 577029001 Karnataka
293 Bijai Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001300 575029006 Karnataka
294 Indiranagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001301 560029010 Karnataka
295 Ballolli Karnataka- Ballolli VIJB0001302 NONMICR Karnataka
296 Old Town Bhadravathi- Bhadravati VIJB0001303 NON-MICR Karnataka
297 Sarakki Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001304 560029018 Karnataka
298 Gunjur Bangalore- Gunjur VIJB0001305 560029062 Karnataka
299 Madanagere Karnataka- Madangeri VIJB0001306 NONMICR Karnataka
300 Shishila Karnataka- Shishila VIJB0001307 NONMICR Karnataka
301 Sooda Karnataka- Sooda VIJB0001308 NON-MICR Karnataka
302 Kaniyoor Karnataka- Kaniyur VIJB0001309 NON-MICR Karnataka
303 Sarapady Karnataka- Sarapady VIJB0001310 NON-MICR Karnataka
304 Kollamogaru Karnataka- Kollamogru VIJB0001311 NONMICR Karnataka
305 Srinivasapura Karnataka- Srinivasapura VIJB0001312 NON-MICR Karnataka
306 Hanakere Karnataka- Hanakere VIJB0001313 NON-MICR Karnataka
307 Gokulam Extn Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001314 570029010 Karnataka
308 Bannangadi Karnataka- Bannangadi VIJB0001315 NONMICR Karnataka
309 Devanoor Karnataka- Devanoor VIJB0001316 NON-MICR Karnataka
310 Kakotuparambu Karnataka- Kakotuparambu VIJB0001317 NON-MICR Karnataka
311 Karada Karnataka- Karada VIJB0001318 NON-MICR Karnataka
312 Bittangala Karnataka- Bittangala VIJB0001320 NONMICR Karnataka
313 K.Honnalagere Karnataka- K.Honnalagere VIJB0001321 NON-MICR Karnataka
314 Akkihebbal Karnataka- Akkihebbal VIJB0001322 NON-MICR Karnataka
315 Yellambalse Karnataka- Yellambalse VIJB0001323 NON-MICR Karnataka
316 Tiptur Karnataka- Tiptur VIJB0001324 NON-MICR Karnataka
317 Abburkatte Karnataka- Abburkatte VIJB0001325 NON-MICR Karnataka
318 K R Puram Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001326 560029014 Karnataka
319 Kuppagadde Karnataka- Kuppagadde VIJB0001327 NON-MICR Karnataka
320 Saraswatpur Dharwar- Hubli-Dharwad VIJB0001328 226029008 Karnataka
321 Mathigatta Karnataka- Mathigatta VIJB0001329 NON-MICR Karnataka
322 Tilakwadi Belgaum- Belgaum VIJB0001330 590029004 Karnataka
323 Trinity Circle Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001331 560029020 Karnataka
324 Chickpet Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001332 560029027 Karnataka
325 Moodlupalya Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001333 560029045 Karnataka
326 Sayyajirao Road Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001334 570029009 Karnataka
327 Bankapur Chowk Hubli- Hubli-Dharwad VIJB0001335 580029005 Karnataka
328 Ankola Karnataka- Ankola VIJB0001336 NON-MICR Karnataka
329 Jalahalli Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001337 560029032 Karnataka
330 Channarayapatna Karnataka- Channarayapattana VIJB0001338 NON-MICR Karnataka
331 Ravindranagar Hassan- Hassan VIJB0001339 573029002 Karnataka
332 Gangavathi Karnataka- Gangavathi VIJB0001340 NON-MICR Karnataka
333 Madhugiri Karnataka- Madhugiri VIJB0001341 NON-MICR Karnataka
334 Gauribidanur Karnataka- Gauribidanur VIJB0001342 561029202 Karnataka
335 Kuloor Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001343 575029019 Karnataka
336 Gundlupet Karnataka- Gundlupet VIJB0001344 571029111 Karnataka
337 K R Nagar Karnataka- Krishnarajanagar VIJB0001345 NON-MICR Karnataka
338 Chikkodi Karnataka- Chikodi VIJB0001346 591029202 Karnataka
339 Tarihal Karnataka- Tarihal VIJB0001347 580029008 Karnataka
340 Hal Iii Stage Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001348 560029051 Karnataka
341 Ullagaddi Khanapur Karnataka- Khanapur VIJB0001349 NON-MICR Karnataka
342 Kotur Karnataka- Kotur VIJB0001350 NON-MICR Karnataka
343 Vanagur Handpost Karnataka- Vanagoor VIJB0001351 NON-MICR Karnataka
344 Ujjani Karnataka- Ujjani VIJB0001352 NON-MICR Karnataka
345 Nivargi Karnataka- Nivargi VIJB0001353 NONMICR Karnataka
346 Nazarbad Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001354 570029011 Karnataka
347 Bugudanahalli Karnataka- Bugudanahalli Amanikere VIJB0001355 NON-MICR Karnataka
348 Turuvekere Karnataka- Turuvekere VIJB0001356 NON-MICR Karnataka
349 Chindanahalligate Karnataka- Arsikere VIJB0001357 NON-MICR Karnataka
350 Juttanahalli Karnataka- Juttanahalli VIJB0001358 NON-MICR Karnataka
351 Hosur Karnataka- Hosur VIJB0001359 NON-MICR Karnataka
352 Tirumale Karnataka- Tirumale VIJB0001360 NON-MICR Karnataka
353 Ganjigatti Karnataka- Ganjigatti VIJB0001361 NONMICR Karnataka
354 Chitrahalli Karnataka- Chitrahalli VIJB0001362 NON-MICR Karnataka
355 Doddakodihalli Karnataka- Doddakodihalli VIJB0001363 NON-MICR Karnataka
356 Kulagana Karnataka- Kulagana VIJB0001364 NONMICR Karnataka
357 Chillahalli Karnataka- Chillahalli VIJB0001365 NON-MICR Karnataka
358 Sasalu Karnataka- Sasalu VIJB0001366 NON-MICR Karnataka
359 Muddenahalli Karnataka- Muddenahalli VIJB0001367 NON-MICR Karnataka
360 Karadahalli Karnataka- Karadahalli VIJB0001368 NON-MICR Karnataka
361 Kanthapura Karnataka- Kanthapura VIJB0001369 NONMICR Karnataka
362 Keeranagi Karnataka- Kiranagi VIJB0001370 NON-MICR Karnataka
363 Chikkakuntur Karnataka- Chikkakunthur VIJB0001371 NON-MICR Karnataka
364 Managundi Karnataka- Managundi VIJB0001372 580029304 Karnataka
365 Tandaga Karnataka- Tandaga VIJB0001373 NON-MICR Karnataka
366 Sunkasal Karnataka- Sunkasal VIJB0001374 NONMICR Karnataka
367 Hiremagadur Karnataka- Hiremagadur VIJB0001375 NON-MICR Karnataka
368 Herur Karnataka- Herur VIJB0001376 NONMICR Karnataka
369 Raichur Karnataka- Raichur VIJB0001377 584029002 Karnataka
370 Sullia Karnataka- Sullia VIJB0001378 NON-MICR Karnataka
371 Yelahanka Bangalore- Yelahanka VIJB0001380 560029052 Karnataka
372 Haveri Karnataka- Haveri VIJB0001381 581029052 Karnataka
373 Tirthahalli Karnataka- Tirthahalli VIJB0001382 NON-MICR Karnataka
374 Hoskote Karnataka- Hoskote VIJB0001384 NON-MICR Karnataka
375 M U D A Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001385 570029012 Karnataka
376 Chitradurga Karnataka- Chitradurga VIJB0001386 NON-MICR Karnataka
377 A R M B Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001387 560029050 Karnataka
378 Victoria Road Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001388 560029056 Karnataka
379 C M S B Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001389 560029055 Karnataka
380 S M E Hubli- Hubli-Dharwad VIJB0001391 580029006 Karnataka
381 S S I Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001392 560029058 Karnataka
382 Bidar Karnataka- Bidar VIJB0001393 NON-MICR Karnataka
383 Koramangala Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001394 560029059 Karnataka
384 Toranagallu Karnataka- Toranagallu VIJB0001395 NON-MICR Karnataka
385 S M E Baikampady Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001396 575029022 Karnataka
386 Corporate Banking Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001398 560029060 Karnataka
387 Bilekahalli Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001399 560029063 Karnataka
388 H B R Layout Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001400 560029064 Karnataka
389 Overseas Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001401 560029066 Karnataka
390 Vidyanagar Mandya- Mandya VIJB0001404 NON-MICR Karnataka
391 H S R Layout Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001405 560029067 Karnataka
392 B T M Layout Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001406 560029068 Karnataka
393 Giri Nagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001407 560029069 Karnataka
394 Kumbhashi Karnataka- Kumbhashi VIJB0001408 NON-MICR Karnataka
395 Subramanya Karnataka- Subramanya VIJB0001409 NON-MICR Karnataka
396 Oxford School Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001410 560029072 Karnataka
397 Dayanand Sagar Engg.Compus Br- Bangalore VIJB0001411 560029071 Karnataka
398 M S Ramaih Institute Of Technology- Bangalore VIJB0001412 560029070 Karnataka
399 Vidyaranyapura Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001414 560029073 Karnataka
400 Vijayanagar Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001415 570029013 Karnataka
401 R.T.Nagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001416 560029075 Karnataka
402 J.P.Nagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001418 627029001 Karnataka
403 Saraswathipuram Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001419 570029015 Karnataka
404 Kankanady Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001420 575029031 Karnataka
405 Navanagar Hubli- Hubli-Dharwad VIJB0001421 400029028 Karnataka
406 Rajarajeswarinagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001422 560029999 Karnataka
407 Koppa Karnataka.- Koppa VIJB0001423 NON-MICR Karnataka
408 Tarikere Karnataka- Tarikere VIJB0001424 NON-MICR Karnataka
409 Sdm Ayurvedic College Hassan- Hassan VIJB0001425 NON-MICR Karnataka
410 Madikeri Gt Road Karnataka- Madikeri VIJB0001426 NON-MICR Karnataka
411 Koppal Karnataka- Koppal VIJB0001427 583029402 Karnataka
412 Kollur Karnataka- Kollur VIJB0001428 576029002 Karnataka
413 Sagar Shimoga Dist- Sagar VIJB0001429 NON-MICR Karnataka
414 Bidadi Bangalore- Bidadi VIJB0001430 560029079 Karnataka
415 Varthur Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001431 560029081 Karnataka
416 Devanahalli Bangalore- Devanahalli VIJB0001432 560029082 Karnataka
417 L B S Nagar Shimoga- Shimoga VIJB0001433 NON-MICR Karnataka
418 Mulki Sundaram Shetty Nagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001434 560029083 Karnataka
419 Bhavanthi Street Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001435 579029034 Karnataka
420 Bajpe Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0001436 575029035 Karnataka
421 Srirampura Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001437 570029016 Karnataka
422 Manvi Karnataka- Manvi VIJB0001438 584029066 Karnataka
423 Jeevargi Colony Gulbarga- Gulbarga VIJB0001439 NON-MICR Karnataka
424 Solur Karnataka- Solur VIJB0001440 NON-MICR Karnataka
425 Sunkadakatte Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001441 560029095 Karnataka
426 Malur Karnataka- Malur VIJB0001442 563029001 Karnataka
427 Kengeri Bangalore- Kengeri VIJB0001443 560029087 Karnataka
428 Manipal Karnataka- Manipal(Shivalli) VIJB0001444 NON-MICR Karnataka
429 Honnavara Karnataka- Honavar VIJB0001445 NON-MICR Karnataka
430 Chandapura Bangalore- Chandapura VIJB0001446 560029089 Karnataka
431 Marathahalli Bangalore- Marathahalli VIJB0001448 NOT ALLOTTED Karnataka
432 Hosadurga Karnataka- Hosadurga VIJB0001449 NONMICR Karnataka
433 Challakere Karnataka- Challakere VIJB0001450 NONMICR Karnataka
434 Chikkanayakanahalli Karnataka- Chiknayakanahalli VIJB0001451 NONMICR Karnataka
435 Dasanpura Bangalore- Dasanapura VIJB0001452 NONMICR Karnataka
436 Shahapur Karnataka- Shahapur VIJB0001453 NONMICR Karnataka
437 Nagamangala Karnataka- Nagamangala VIJB0001454 NONMICR Karnataka
438 S D M College Extention Counter Ujire- Mangalore VIJB0001802 NON-MICR Karnataka
439 Stjit Ec Ranebennur Karnataka- Ranebennur VIJB0001804 NON-MICR Karnataka
440 Bangalore Airport Extention Counter- Bangalore VIJB0001805 NON-MICR Karnataka
441 J T Matt College Gadag- Gadag VIJB0001806 NON-MICR Karnataka
442 Baldwin Boys School Ec - Brg.Rd Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001807 NON-MICR Karnataka
443 Bishop Cotton Boys School Extention Counter Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001808 NON-MICR Karnataka
444 Baldwin Girls High School Extention Counter Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001809 NON-MICR Karnataka
445 Basaveshwarnagar Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001810 560029086 Karnataka
446 Huda Extension Counter Hassan- Hassan VIJB0001812 NON-MICR Karnataka
447 Mysore Sales Intl Ltd(Mayo Hall) Extention Counter Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001814 560029084 Karnataka
448 Bmc Extension Counter-Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001815 560029090 Karnataka
449 East-West Group Of Institutions Extention Counter Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001817 NON-MICR Karnataka
450 Oxford Engineering Collge Extention Counter Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001818 NON-MICR Karnataka
451 Kannur Kerala- Kannur VIJB0002003 NON-MICR Karnataka
452 Sagar Madhya Pradesh- Sagar VIJB0007610 470029001 Karnataka
453 General Admn Dept Head Office- Bangalore VIJB0009017 NON-MICR Karnataka
454 Credit Card Dept Ho Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0009020 NON-MICR Karnataka
455 Treasury Management Department Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0009023 NON-MICR Karnataka
456 Service Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0009201 560029001 Karnataka
457 Service Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0009207 575029000 Karnataka
458 Service Mysore- Mysore VIJB0009210 570029000 Karnataka
459 Service Hubli- Hubli-Dharwad VIJB0009212 580029001 Karnataka
460 Jigani Karnataka- Jigani VIJB0001455 560029093 Karnataka
461 Jyoti Nivas College Ec Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001801 560029002 Karnataka
462 Vidyavardaka Engg Collage Exten- Mysore VIJB0001819 NON-MICR Karnataka
463 Konandur Karnataka- Konandur VIJB0001456 NON-MICR Karnataka
464 Regional Office Hassan- Hassan VIJB0009109 NOT ALLOTTED Karnataka
465 Regional Office. Hubli- Hubli-Dharwad VIJB0009110 580029001 Karnataka
466 Regional Office. Mangalore- Mangalore VIJB0009114 575029135 Karnataka
467 Regional Office. Mysore- Mysore VIJB0009115 570029025 Karnataka
468 Regional Office. Udupi- Udupi VIJB0009118 576029000 Karnataka
469 Regional Office. Shimoga- Shimoga VIJB0009122 577029007 Karnataka
470 Regional Office. Bangalore North- Bangalore VIJB0009124 560029101 Karnataka
471 Regional Office. Bangalore South- Bangalore VIJB0009125 NOT ALLOTTED Karnataka
472 Basava Kalyana Karnataka- Basavakalyan VIJB0001458 NON MICR Karnataka
473 Uppinangady Karnataka- Uppinangady VIJB0001459 NON MICR Karnataka
474 Siddhartha Nagar Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001457 570029017 Karnataka
475 Hootagalli Mysore- Mysore VIJB0001460 NON MICR Karnataka
476 Madanayakanahalli Karnataka- Bangalore VIJB0001462 560029094 Karnataka
477 Balehonnur Karnataka- Hassan VIJB0001461 Karnataka
478 Pension And Provident Fund Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0009031 NON MICR Karnataka
479 Mylanahalli Karnataka- Mylanahally VIJB0001463 560029149 Karnataka
480 Al Ameen Edu Society Extn Counter Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0001820 NOT ALLOTTED Karnataka
481 Central Accounts Department Head Office Bangalore- Bangalore VIJB0009001 NOT ALLOTED Karnataka
482 Visveshvaraya Grameena Bank- Mandya VIJB0009999 NOT APPLICABLE Karnataka
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