Vijaya Bank - Andhra Pradesh

IFSC Codes of all branches of Vijaya Bank situated in Andhra Pradesh state of India.

Get details of all branches of Vijaya Bank with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Vijaya Bank has lot of branches in the state of ANDHRA PRADESH. All the branches of Vijaya Bank have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Vijaya Bank having branches in ANDHRA PRADESH.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Adoni Andhra Pradesh- Adoni VIJB0004001 518029004 Andhra Pradesh
2 Anantapur Andhra Pradesh- Anantapur VIJB0004002 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
3 Bank Street Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004003 500029003 Andhra Pradesh
4 Bhimavaram Andhra Pradesh- Bhimavaram VIJB0004004 534029402 Andhra Pradesh
5 Buttaigudem Andhra Pradesh- Buttaigudem VIJB0004005 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
6 Chilakaluripet Andhra Pradesh- Chilakaluripet VIJB0004006 522029402 Andhra Pradesh
7 Cuddapah Andhra Pradesh- Cuddapah VIJB0004007 516029002 Andhra Pradesh
8 West Marredpalli Secunderabad- Secunderabad Cantonment VIJB0004008 500029016 Andhra Pradesh
9 Eluru Andhra Pradesh- Eluru VIJB0004009 534029002 Andhra Pradesh
10 Gopalapuram Andhra Pradesh- Gopalapuram VIJB0004010 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
11 Guntur Andhra Pradesh- Guntur VIJB0004011 522029001 Andhra Pradesh
12 Hardikarbagh Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004012 500029006 Andhra Pradesh
13 Kakinada Andhra Pradesh- Kakinada VIJB0004013 533059001 Andhra Pradesh
14 Kothagudem Andhra Pradesh- Kothagudem VIJB0004014 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
15 Kovvur Andhra Pradesh- Kovur VIJB0004015 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
16 Nallakunta Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004016 500029011 Andhra Pradesh
17 Nellore Andhra Pradesh- Nellore VIJB0004017 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
18 Nizamabad Andhra Pradesh- Nizamabad VIJB0004018 503029002 Andhra Pradesh
19 Ongole Andhra Pradesh- Ongole VIJB0004019 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
20 Sarojini Devi Road Secunderabad- Secunderabad Cantonment VIJB0004020 500029008 Andhra Pradesh
21 Somajiguda Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004021 500029014 Andhra Pradesh
22 Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh- Srikakulam VIJB0004022 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
23 Tirupathi Andhra Pradesh- Tirupati VIJB0004023 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
24 Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh- Eluru VIJB0004024 520029001 Andhra Pradesh
25 Vijayanagar Colony Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004025 500029015 Andhra Pradesh
26 Vishakapatnam Andhra Pradesh- Visakhapatnam VIJB0004026 530029001 Andhra Pradesh
27 Bapatla Andhra Pradesh- Bapatla VIJB0004027 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
28 Guntakal Andhra Pradesh- Guntakal VIJB0004028 515029302 Andhra Pradesh
29 Khammam. Andhra Pradesh- Khammam VIJB0004029 507029002 Andhra Pradesh
30 Tanuku Andhra Pradesh- Tanuku VIJB0004030 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
31 Chandanagar Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004031 500029022 Andhra Pradesh
32 Nandyal Andhra Pradesh- Nandyal VIJB0004032 518029102 Andhra Pradesh
33 Sahebnagar Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004034 500029019 Andhra Pradesh
34 Rajamundry Andhra Pradesh- Rajahmundry VIJB0004035 533029102 Andhra Pradesh
35 Kolamuru Andhra Pradesh- Kolamuru VIJB0004036 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
36 Mukramjahi Road Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004037 500029010 Andhra Pradesh
37 Alamuru Andhra Pradesh- Alamuru VIJB0004038 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
38 Mori Andhra Pradesh- Mori VIJB0004039 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
39 Muramulla Andhra Pradesh- Muramulla VIJB0004040 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
40 Karapa Andhra Pradesh- Karapa VIJB0004041 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
41 Kamareddy Andhra Pradesh- Kamareddy VIJB0004042 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
42 Malakpet Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004043 500029009 Andhra Pradesh
43 Narsapur Andhra Pradesh- Narasapuram VIJB0004044 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
44 Ramchandrapuram A P- Ramachandrapuram VIJB0004045 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
45 Narayanguda Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004046 500029012 Andhra Pradesh
46 Peddamul Andhra Pradesh- Peddamul VIJB0004047 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
47 Public Garden Road Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004048 500029013 Andhra Pradesh
48 Deviapatnam Andhra Pradesh- Devipatnam VIJB0004049 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
49 Kurnool Andhra Pradesh- Kurnool VIJB0004050 518029002 Andhra Pradesh
50 Vemulawada Andhra Pradesh- Vemulawada VIJB0004051 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
51 Telkapalli Andhra Pradesh- Telkapally VIJB0004052 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
52 Sirikonda Andhra Pradesh- Sirikonda VIJB0004053 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
53 Hukkumpeta Andhra Pradesh- Hukkumpet VIJB0004054 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
54 Vinukonda Andhra Pradesh- Vinukonda VIJB0004055 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
55 Dupalli Andhra Pradesh- Dupalli VIJB0004056 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
56 Kothapalli Andhra Pradesh- Kothapally VIJB0004057 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
57 Charminar Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004058 500029004 Andhra Pradesh
58 Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh- Vizianagaram VIJB0004059 535029002 Andhra Pradesh
59 Ulindakonda Andhra Pradesh- Ullindakonda VIJB0004060 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
60 Yerragunta Andhra Pradesh- Yerragunta VIJB0004061 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
61 Mittapalli Andhra Pradesh- Mittapalli VIJB0004062 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
62 Hanamkonda Andhra Pradesh- Warangal VIJB0004064 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
63 Madanpalle Andhra Pradesh- Madanapalle VIJB0004065 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
64 Sattenapalli Andhra Pradeshe- Sattenapalle VIJB0004066 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
65 Chinnatekur Andhra Pradesh- Chinnatekur VIJB0004067 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
66 Basheerbagh Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004068 500029007 Andhra Pradesh
67 Tenali Andhra Pradesh- Tenali VIJB0004069 520029202 Andhra Pradesh
68 Gudiwada Andhra Pradesh- Gudivada VIJB0004070 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
69 I Polavaram Andhra Pradesh- I.Polavaram VIJB0004071 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
70 Tirumala Andhra Pradesh- Chittoor VIJB0004072 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
71 Mahboobnagar Andhra Pradesh- Mahbubnagar VIJB0004073 509029002 Andhra Pradesh
72 Chittoor Andhra Pradesh- Chittoor VIJB0004074 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
73 Karimnagar Andhra Pradesh- Karimnagar VIJB0004075 505029002 Andhra Pradesh
74 A R M B Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004076 500029017 Andhra Pradesh
75 Motinagar Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004077 500029021 Andhra Pradesh
76 Scpb Ameerpet Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004079 500029020 Andhra Pradesh
77 Benz Circle Vijayawada- Vijayawada VIJB0004080 520029002 Andhra Pradesh
78 Chirala- Chirala VIJB0004081 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
79 Dwaraka Nagar Visakhapatnam- Visakhapatnam VIJB0004082 530029002 Andhra Pradesh
80 Kukatpally Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004083 500029024 Andhra Pradesh
81 Jubilee Hills Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004084 500029023 Andhra Pradesh
82 Gandhinagar Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004085 500029025 Andhra Pradesh
83 Banjara Hills - Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004086 500029051 Andhra Pradesh
84 Mantralayam Andhra Pradesh- Mantralayam VIJB0004087 518029001 Andhra Pradesh
85 Amalapuram Andhra Pradesh- Amalapuram VIJB0004088 533029001 Andhra Pradesh
86 Warangal- Warangal VIJB0004089 506029001 Andhra Pradesh
87 Proddatur Andhra Pradesh- Proddatur VIJB0004090 516029049 Andhra Pradesh
88 Ecil X Road Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004091 500029027 Andhra Pradesh
89 Mehdipatnam Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004092 500029028 Andhra Pradesh
90 Hindupur Andhrapradesh- Hindupur VIJB0004093 515029102 Andhra Pradesh
91 Shamshabad Andhrapradesh- Shamshabad VIJB0004094 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
92 Habsiguda Andhrapradesh- Habshiguda VIJB0004095 500029031 Andhra Pradesh
93 L I C Extn Counter Vishakapatnam- Visakhapatnam VIJB0004801 530029003 Andhra Pradesh
94 Govt General Hospital Extention Counter Kakinada- Kakinada VIJB0004802 533029002 Andhra Pradesh
95 Rajiv Gandhi Intl Airport Extention Counter Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004803 500029029 Andhra Pradesh
96 Service Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0009206 500029000 Andhra Pradesh
97 Madhapur Hydearabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004097 500029032 Andhra Pradesh
98 Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0004096 500029033 Andhra Pradesh
99 Regional Office. Hyderabad- Hyderabad VIJB0009111 500029001 Andhra Pradesh
100 Regional Office. Vijayawada- Vijayawada VIJB0009119 520029020 Andhra Pradesh
101 Machilipatnam- Machilipatnam VIJB0004098 NON-MICR Andhra Pradesh
102 Adilabad Andhra Pradesh- Adilabad VIJB0004099 504029002 Andhra Pradesh
103 Sangareddy Andhrapradesh- Sangareddy VIJB0004101 NON MICR Andhra Pradesh
104 Thumkunta Andhrapradesh- Thumkunta VIJB0004100 NON MICR Andhra Pradesh
105 Medchal Andhrapradesh- Medchal VIJB0004102 500029036 Andhra Pradesh
106 Nustulapur Andhrapradesh- Karimnagar VIJB0004103 505029662 Andhra Pradesh
107 Tadipatri Andhra Pradesh- Tadpatri VIJB0004104 515029402 Andhra Pradesh
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