United Bank of India - West Bengal

IFSC Codes of all branches of United Bank of India situated in West Bengal state of India.

Get details of all branches of United Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

United Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of WEST BENGAL. All the branches of United Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of United Bank of India having branches in WEST BENGAL.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Amarabati Defence Colony- Durgapur UTBI0ADCF48 713027209 West Bengal
2 Andal- Burdwan UTBI0ADLF67 NON-MICR West Bengal
3 Anandapur- Kolkata UTBI0ADPA50 700027240 West Bengal
4 Agarpara Railway Station- North 24 Parganas UTBI0AGSC85 700027192 West Bengal
5 Ahmedpur- Amadpur UTBI0AHP273 NON-MICR West Bengal
6 Akaipur- Akaipur UTBI0AKAD81 NON-MICR West Bengal
7 Alambazar- North 24 Parganas UTBI0ALB157 700027002 West Bengal
8 Alipur- Kolkata UTBI0ALP150 700027003 West Bengal
9 Alloy Steel Project- Durgapur UTBI0ALS237 713027202 West Bengal
10 Amtala- Amtala UTBI0AMA296 700027185 West Bengal
11 Amdanga- Kamdevpur UTBI0AMD954 NON-MICR West Bengal
12 Amarkanan- Amarkanan UTBI0AMK907 NON-MICR West Bengal
13 Amtala (Murshidabad)- Amtala UTBI0AMMC33 NON-MICR West Bengal
14 Amta- Amta UTBI0AMT253 700027216 West Bengal
15 Andul- Haora UTBI0AND258 700027216 West Bengal
16 Apcar Garden (Asansol)- Asansol UTBI0APC988 713027002 West Bengal
17 Aranghata- Aranghata UTBI0ARG910 NON-MICR West Bengal
18 Ariadaha- Kamarhati UTBI0ARI977 781027009 West Bengal
19 Arambagh- Hugli UTBI0ARM950 700027011 West Bengal
20 Asansol Hutton Road- Asansol UTBI0ASHC54 713027003 West Bengal
21 Ashoknagar Kalyangarh- Ashoknagar UTBI0ASKF55 700027309 West Bengal
22 Asansol- Barddhaman UTBI0ASL202 713027001 West Bengal
23 Asansol Ushagram- Asansol UTBI0ASUC41 713027004 West Bengal
24 Azimganj- Jiaganj-Azimganj UTBI0AZIC83 NON-MICR West Bengal
25 Bagdah- Bagdah UTBI0BAH010 NON-MICR West Bengal
26 Bagjola- Bagjola UTBI0BAJC18 NON-MICR West Bengal
27 Barakar- Barakar UTBI0BAK071 NON-MICR West Bengal
28 Bagmundi- Baghmundi UTBI0BAM089 NON-MICR West Bengal
29 Bagnan- Bagnan UTBI0BAN966 700027207 West Bengal
30 Basoa- Andal UTBI0BAS070 NON-MICR West Bengal
31 Baguiati- North 24 Parganas UTBI0BAT266 700027006 West Bengal
32 Barmondia Colliery- Baramondia UTBI0BAYC21 NON-MICR West Bengal
33 Baghbazar- Kolkata UTBI0BAZ101 700027005 West Bengal
34 Bansberia- Bansberia UTBI0BBA246 700027016 West Bengal
35 Barrackpore Bar Court- North 24 Parganas UTBI0BBCD29 700027230 West Bengal
36 Bartanbad- Bartanabad UTBI0BBDE61 NON-MICR West Bengal
37 Baidyabati- Baidyabati UTBI0BBI962 700027207 West Bengal
38 Baruipur Chowdhury Bazar- South 24 Parganas UTBI0BCB934 700027010 West Bengal
39 Belgachia- Kolkata UTBI0BCH181 700027014 West Bengal
40 Bidhan Chandra Krishi Vid- Mohanpur UTBI0BCKC16 NON-MICR West Bengal
41 Barrackpore- Barrackpur UTBI0BCP228 700027212 West Bengal
42 Baidyapur- Baidyapur UTBI0BDY957 NON-MICR West Bengal
43 B.E.College- Howrah UTBI0BEC135 700027011 West Bengal
44 Behala- Kolkata UTBI0BEH132 700027012 West Bengal
45 Belur Math- Howrah UTBI0BEM958 700027017 West Bengal
46 Beonta- Beonta UTBI0BEOD82 NON-MICR West Bengal
47 Berachampa- Berachampa UTBI0BER902 NON-MICR West Bengal
48 Beliatore- Beliatore UTBI0BET929 NON-MICR West Bengal
49 Belur- Haora UTBI0BEU205 700027017 West Bengal
50 Benachity- Durgapur UTBI0BEYC86 713027205 West Bengal
51 Bhagwangola- Bhagwangola UTBI0BGG920 NON-MICR West Bengal
52 Bagaria- Bagaria UTBI0BGIE45 NON-MICR West Bengal
53 Baishnabghata Patuli- South 24 Parganas UTBI0BGPD10 700027165 West Bengal
54 Belgharia- North 24 Parganas UTBI0BGR956 700027015 West Bengal
55 Bhagirathi- Murshidabad UTBI0BGTF64 NON-MICR West Bengal
56 Bhawanipur- Kolkata UTBI0BHN104 700027018 West Bengal
57 Bhangur- Bhangore UTBI0BHR972 NON-MICR West Bengal
58 Bhadreswar- Bhadreswar UTBI0BHS236 700027222 West Bengal
59 Berhampore (W.B.)- Baharampur UTBI0BHW206 NON-MICR West Bengal
60 Gorabazar (Berhampore)- Baharampur UTBI0BHZC40 NON-MICR West Bengal
61 Birpara- Birpara UTBI0BIA009 NON-MICR West Bengal
62 Bidhannagar- Durgapur UTBI0BIDC74 713027206 West Bengal
63 Birohi Hat- Birohi Hat UTBI0BIHC13 NON-MICR West Bengal
64 Bijoygarh College- Kolkata UTBI0BIJ177 700027020 West Bengal
65 Bidhan Sarani- Kolkata UTBI0BIS158 700027019 West Bengal
66 Bajkul- Bajkul UTBI0BJK058 NON-MICR West Bengal
67 Burdwan Kanchan Nagar Rathtala- Barddhaman UTBI0BKNF20 713027104 West Bengal
68 Balichak- Balichak UTBI0BLC289 NON-MICR West Bengal
69 Beldanga- Beldanga UTBI0BLD260 NON-MICR West Bengal
70 Beltali- Palpur UTBI0BLID89 NON-MICR West Bengal
71 Balarampur (Purulia)- Balarampur UTBI0BLP013 NON-MICR West Bengal
72 Balurghat- Balurghat UTBI0BLU261 733027102 West Bengal
73 Bally- Haora UTBI0BLY203 700027007 West Bengal
74 Burdwan Medical College- Burdwan UTBI0BMCF39 713027106 West Bengal
75 Baranagar- North 24 Parganas UTBI0BNG102 700027008 West Bengal
76 Banarhat- Banarhat UTBI0BNH995 NON-MICR West Bengal
77 Bankura- Bankura UTBI0BNK204 722027002 West Bengal
78 Bongaon- North 24 Parganas UTBI0BNN256 NON-MICR West Bengal
79 Basanti- Basanti UTBI0BNT989 NON-MICR West Bengal
80 Bolepur-Bhubandanga- Bolpur UTBI0BOBC42 NON-MICR West Bengal
81 Bohru- Bohru UTBI0BOHC26 NON-MICR West Bengal
82 Bolepur- Bolpur UTBI0BOL207 731027001 West Bengal
83 Borjora- Borjora UTBI0BOR984 NON-MICR West Bengal
84 Bosepukur Rajdanga- Kolkata UTBI0BOSC90 700027167 West Bengal
85 Bowbazar- Kolkata UTBI0BOW105 700027021 West Bengal
86 Bhatpara- Bhatpara UTBI0BPA232 700027231 West Bengal
87 Beniapur Bazar- Benipur UTBI0BPBE51 NON-MICR West Bengal
88 Bhupatinagar- Bhupatinagar UTBI0BPG059 NON-MICR West Bengal
89 Bara-Andulia- Bara Andulia UTBI0BRA049 NON-MICR West Bengal
90 B.R.B.B.Road (Canning Street)- Kolkata UTBI0BRB182 700027022 West Bengal
91 Baruipur Rail Gate- Baruipur UTBI0BRLF52 713027101 West Bengal
92 Broad Street- Kolkata UTBI0BRS190 700027023 West Bengal
93 Birati- Kolkata UTBI0BRTF60 700027250 West Bengal
94 Barisha- South 24 Parganas UTBI0BSAA21 700027009 West Bengal
95 Basirhat- North 24 Parganas UTBI0BSH251 NON-MICR West Bengal
96 Baisakhi- Kolkata UTBI0BSKA46 700027203 West Bengal
97 Bishnupur- Bishnupur UTBI0BSN288 NON-MICR West Bengal
98 Barasat- Barasat UTBI0BST242 700027164 West Bengal
99 Bakreswar T.P.P.- Bakreswar UTBI0BSWF47 NON-MICR West Bengal
100 Beleghata- Kolkata UTBI0BTA103 700027013 West Bengal
101 Bethuadahari- Bethuadahari UTBI0BTD275 NON-MICR West Bengal
102 Batanagar- Batanagar UTBI0BTN279 700027181 West Bengal
103 B.T.Road- Kolkata UTBI0BTR176 700027024 West Bengal
104 Burdwan Station Bazar- Barddhaman UTBI0BUBD03 713027102 West Bengal
105 Budge Budge- South 24 Parganas UTBI0BUE235 700027180 West Bengal
106 Buro Shibtala- Kolkata UTBI0BUOA18 700027025 West Bengal
107 Burnpur- Burnpur UTBI0BUPC55 700027030 West Bengal
108 Besus- Howrah UTBI0BUSF63 700027304 West Bengal
109 Burdwan- Barddhaman UTBI0BUW208 713027101 West Bengal
110 Burrabazar- Kolkata UTBI0BUZ106 700027026 West Bengal
111 Byabarttahat- Naradari UTBI0BYAD33 NON-MICR West Bengal
112 Calcutta- Kolkata UTBI0CAL107 700027150 West Bengal
113 Canning- Canning UTBI0CAN245 NON-MICR West Bengal
114 Chowringhee- Kolkata UTBI0CGE188 700027034 West Bengal
115 Chengail- Chengail UTBI0CGLD04 700027224 West Bengal
116 Chakrabaria- Kolkata UTBI0CHB184 700027029 West Bengal
117 Champadanga- Champadanga UTBI0CHD272 700027223 West Bengal
118 Chelod- Chelod UTBI0CHED37 NON-MICR West Bengal
119 Champahati- Champahali UTBI0CHH298 700027175 West Bengal
120 St. John's Diocesan School- Kolkata UTBI0CHNA38 700027178 West Bengal
121 Chaipat- Chanipat UTBI0CHPE03 NON-MICR West Bengal
122 Chatra Serampore- Serampore UTBI0CHSC61 700027030 West Bengal
123 Chanditala- Barij Hatty UTBI0CHT286 700027039 West Bengal
124 Chittaranjan Avenue- Kolkata UTBI0CHV199 700027032 West Bengal
125 City Centre (Durgapur)- Durgapur UTBI0CIC980 713027204 West Bengal
126 C.I.T.Road- Kolkata UTBI0CIT137 700027035 West Bengal
127 Chatterjeehat (Howrah)- Howrah UTBI0CJH192 700027030 West Bengal
128 Chandernagar- Chandannagar UTBI0CNR209 700027218 West Bengal
129 Contai- Contai UTBI0CNT240 NON-MICR West Bengal
130 Coke-Oven- Durgapur UTBI0COK231 713027203 West Bengal
131 College Street- Kolkata UTBI0COL108 700027037 West Bengal
132 Cooch Behar- Koch Behar UTBI0COO211 736027002 West Bengal
133 Cossipur Road- Kolkata UTBI0COSA02 700027038 West Bengal
134 Chandpara- Chandpara UTBI0CPA297 NON-MICR West Bengal
135 Chapra- Chapra UTBI0CPR940 NON-MICR West Bengal
136 Cancer Research Institute- Kolkata UTBI0CRIF49 700027301 West Bengal
137 Chowrasta (Behala)- Kolkata UTBI0CRTA22 700027033 West Bengal
138 Chinsurah- Hugli-Chinsurah UTBI0CSH210 700027224 West Bengal
139 Chetla- Kolkata UTBI0CTL155 700027031 West Bengal
140 Chowki- Chowki UTBI0CWKE41 NON-MICR West Bengal
141 Dakshin Chatra- Dakshin Chatra UTBI0DAKC17 NON-MICR West Bengal
142 Dalhousie Square- Kolkata UTBI0DAL196 700027039 West Bengal
143 Dantan- Dantan UTBI0DAN293 NON-MICR West Bengal
144 Dasspur- Dasspur UTBI0DAS295 NON-MICR West Bengal
145 Dattapukur- Duttapukur UTBI0DAT278 700027225 West Bengal
146 Dhubulia- Dhubulia UTBI0DBL012 NON-MICR West Bengal
147 Dum Dum Park- Southdumdum UTBI0DDPD21 700027151 West Bengal
148 Debinagar- Debinagar UTBI0DEBD56 NON-MICR West Bengal
149 Deganga- Deganga UTBI0DEG903 NON-MICR West Bengal
150 Deshopriya Park- Kolkata UTBI0DES110 700027041 West Bengal
151 Durgachwak- Durga Chowk UTBI0DGCC62 721027002 West Bengal
152 Digha- Digha UTBI0DGHC81 721027002 West Bengal
153 Durgapur- Durgapur UTBI0DGP226 713027201 West Bengal
154 Darga Road- Kolkata UTBI0DGR173 700027040 West Bengal
155 Dankuni Govt. Housing Complex- Dankuni UTBI0DHCF35 700027215 West Bengal
156 Dhakuria- Kolkata UTBI0DHK138 700027042 West Bengal
157 Dharamtala- Kolkata UTBI0DHR111 700027044 West Bengal
158 Diamond Harbour- Diamond Harbour UTBI0DIA283 NON-MICR West Bengal
159 Dienan- Dienan UTBI0DIED36 NON-MICR West Bengal
160 Dhaniakhali- Dhaniakhali UTBI0DKL269 700027126 West Bengal
161 Dunlop Bridge- Kolkata UTBI0DLB140 700027046 West Bengal
162 Dalkhola- Dalkhola UTBI0DLK982 NON-MICR West Bengal
163 Demo Main Colliery- Sitarampur UTBI0DMCC46 NON-MICR West Bengal
164 Dharmada- Dharmada UTBI0DMDE25 NON-MICR West Bengal
165 Domjur- Domjur UTBI0DOM247 700027217 West Bengal
166 Dosha- Dosha UTBI0DOSC31 NON-MICR West Bengal
167 Darjeeling- Darjiling UTBI0DRJ020 734027102 West Bengal
168 Dakshin Raipur- Dakshin Raypur UTBI0DRPE24 NON-MICR West Bengal
169 Dhakuria Station Road- Kolkata UTBI0DSR166 700027043 West Bengal
170 Dubra- Dubra UTBI0DUB015 NON-MICR West Bengal
171 Dum Dum- Kolkata UTBI0DUM129 700027045 West Bengal
172 Dunigram- Durgapur UTBI0DUND12 NON-MICR West Bengal
173 East Beliaghata- Kolkata UTBI0EBG164 700027047 West Bengal
174 Egra- Egra UTBI0EGR276 110027007 West Bengal
175 Ekdalia- Kolkata UTBI0EKD171 700027048 West Bengal
176 Em Bypass- Kolkata UTBI0EMSF61 700027307 West Bengal
177 Entally- Kolkata UTBI0ENT131 700027049 West Bengal
178 Sahararhat- Falta UTBI0FAL918 NON-MICR West Bengal
179 Fariapukur- Kolkata UTBI0FAR195 700027126 West Bengal
180 Falta Free Trade Zone- Ramnagar UTBI0FFZD78 NON-MICR West Bengal
181 Fatesinghpur- Fatesinghpur UTBI0FGPD48 NON-MICR West Bengal
182 Farrakka Barrage- Murshidabad UTBI0FKBC67 NON-MICR West Bengal
183 Fulbari- Binnaguri UTBI0FULC73 NON-MICR West Bengal
184 Gabbaria- Gabberia UTBI0GABD92 NON-MICR West Bengal
185 Galia- Galia UTBI0GALC82 NON-MICR West Bengal
186 Gazole- Gajol UTBI0GAZ008 NON-MICR West Bengal
187 Garbeta- Garbeta UTBI0GBT991 NON-MICR West Bengal
188 Ghordourchatti- Ghoudourchati UTBI0GDCD20 713027105 West Bengal
189 Gorabazar (Dum Dum)- North 24 Parganas UTBI0GDD996 700027061 West Bengal
190 Gobardanga- Gobardanga UTBI0GDG267 NON-MICR West Bengal
191 Garden Reach- Kolkata UTBI0GDR046 700027052 West Bengal
192 Garifa- Deulpara UTBI0GFAC89 700027234 West Bengal
193 Ghungumari- Ghughumari UTBI0GGMC66 NON-MICR West Bengal
194 Golf Green- Kolkata UTBI0GGNA24 700027060 West Bengal
195 Gaighata- Gaighata UTBI0GGT004 NON-MICR West Bengal
196 Ghasiara- Rajpur-Sonarpur UTBI0GHAF59 700027302 West Bengal
197 G.H.Colony (Behala)- South 24 Parganas UTBI0GHC981 700027058 West Bengal
198 Gangajalghati- Gangajalghati UTBI0GJG935 NON-MICR West Bengal
199 Garkamalpur- Garkamalpur UTBI0GKPD31 NON-MICR West Bengal
200 Gadamarahat- Gadamara Hat UTBI0GMHC14 NON-MICR West Bengal
201 Gol Park- Kolkata UTBI0GOP172 700027059 West Bengal
202 Gouripur- Gouripur UTBI0GPAD91 700027067 West Bengal
203 Gopalnagar- Gopalnagar UTBI0GPN917 NON-MICR West Bengal
204 Garpar- Kolkata UTBI0GPR180 700027057 West Bengal
205 Godapiasal- Godapiasal UTBI0GPS063 NON-MICR West Bengal
206 Garia- South 24 Parganas UTBI0GRA144 700027054 West Bengal
207 Garfa- Kolkata UTBI0GRF257 500027002 West Bengal
208 Gariahat- Kolkata UTBI0GRH112 700027055 West Bengal
209 Gangarampur- Gangarampur UTBI0GRP924 400027005 West Bengal
210 Garia Station Road- South 24 Parganas UTBI0GSDC59 700027056 West Bengal
211 Ghutiary Shariff- Bansra UTBI0GSFD08 NON-MICR West Bengal
212 Gramsalika- Gramsalika UTBI0GSK037 NON-MICR West Bengal
213 Ghatal- Ghatal UTBI0GTL274 NON-MICR West Bengal
214 Garulia- North 24 Parganas UTBI0GUA285 700027235 West Bengal
215 Guriahati- Chhat Guriahati UTBI0GURE27 NON-MICR West Bengal
216 Ganguly Bagan- Kolkata UTBI0GYB170 700027051 West Bengal
217 Habra- North 24 Parganas UTBI0HAB248 700027236 West Bengal
218 Haldia- Haldia UTBI0HAL993 721027003 West Bengal
219 Hanskhali- Hanskhali UTBI0HAN096 NON-MICR West Bengal
220 Haroa- Haroa UTBI0HAR081 NON-MICR West Bengal
221 Hasnabad- Hasnabad UTBI0HAS904 NON-MICR West Bengal
222 Hazra Road- Kolkata UTBI0HAZ115 700027065 West Bengal
223 Howrah Bridge Approach- Howrah UTBI0HBAC11 700027068 West Bengal
224 Habibpur(Nadia)- Habibpur UTBI0HBNC65 NON-MICR West Bengal
225 Habibpur (Malda)- Habibpur UTBI0HBP925 NON-MICR West Bengal
226 H.B.Town (Sodepur)- North 24 Parganas UTBI0HBT029 700027194 West Bengal
227 High Court- Kolkata UTBI0HCT116 700027066 West Bengal
228 Haldia Township- Haldia UTBI0HDTC37 721027004 West Bengal
229 Haringhata Hat- Haringhata Hat UTBI0HGHC15 NON-MICR West Bengal
230 Keota Latbagan- Hugli-Chinsurah UTBI0HKL017 700027220 West Bengal
231 Halisahar- Halisahar UTBI0HLS011 700027200 West Bengal
232 Harish Mukherjee Road- Kolkata UTBI0HMR145 700027062 West Bengal
233 Hanspur- Hanspur UTBI0HNPE22 NON-MICR West Bengal
234 Howrah- Howrah UTBI0HOW117 700027067 West Bengal
235 Harirampur- Harirampur UTBI0HRP960 NON-MICR West Bengal
236 Hridaypur Railway Station- North 24 Parganas UTBI0HRSF38 700027213 West Bengal
237 Hatibagan- Kolkata UTBI0HTB113 700027063 West Bengal
238 Hatkhola- Kolkata UTBI0HTK114 831027002 West Bengal
239 Islampur (West Dinajpur)- Islampur UTBI0ISL994 NON-MICR West Bengal
240 Itahar- Itahar UTBI0ITAD77 NON-MICR West Bengal
241 Jadavpur- Kolkata UTBI0JAD133 700027070 West Bengal
242 Jagachha- Haora UTBI0JAG292 700027071 West Bengal
243 Jalpaiguri- Jalpaiguri UTBI0JAL212 NON-MICR West Bengal
244 Jaynagar Mazilpur- Jaynagar Majilpur UTBI0JAYF46 NON-MICR West Bengal
245 Jadurhati- Jadurhati UTBI0JDHC95 NON-MICR West Bengal
246 Jodhpur Park- Kolkata UTBI0JDPA25 700027074 West Bengal
247 Jadavpur Vidyapith- Kolkata UTBI0JDVF51 110027010 West Bengal
248 Jetia- Jetia UTBI0JETD02 NON-MICR West Bengal
249 Jaguli(Haringhata)- Jaguli(Haringhata) UTBI0JGH280 NON-MICR West Bengal
250 Jhalda- Jhalda UTBI0JHD284 NON-MICR West Bengal
251 Jhargram- Jhargram UTBI0JHG300 781027011 West Bengal
252 Jiaganj- Jiaganj-Azimganj UTBI0JIA942 NON-MICR West Bengal
253 Joykrishna Bazar- Tarakeswar UTBI0JKBF36 700027076 West Bengal
254 Jalangi- Jalangi UTBI0JLG911 NON-MICR West Bengal
255 Jalalpur (Wb)- Jalalpur UTBI0JLPC63 NON-MICR West Bengal
256 James Long Sarani- Kolkata UTBI0JLSF21 700027200 West Bengal
257 Jatindra Mohon Avenue- Kolkata UTBI0JMAA03 700027072 West Bengal
258 Jengra Hatiara- Kolkata UTBI0JNHA52 700027239 West Bengal
259 Jawharlal Nehru Road- Kolkata UTBI0JNR200 700027073 West Bengal
260 Jorasanko- Kolkata UTBI0JOR118 700027075 West Bengal
261 Jotkamal- Jotkamal UTBI0JOTD58 NON-MICR West Bengal
262 Joypur (Purulia)- Joypur UTBI0JOY978 NON-MICR West Bengal
263 Joyrambati- Jayrambati UTBI0JRBF40 NON-MICR West Bengal
264 Kalibazar- Kolkata UTBI0KABF58 700027249 West Bengal
265 Kachuberia- Kachubaria UTBI0KACD15 NON-MICR West Bengal
266 Kadamtala- Howrah UTBI0KAD259 700027076 West Bengal
267 Kaikhali- Rajarhat-Gopalpur UTBI0KAID49 700027188 West Bengal
268 Kandi- Kandi UTBI0KAN963 NON-MICR West Bengal
269 Karimpur- Karimpur UTBI0KAR290 NON-MICR West Bengal
270 Kasba- Kolkata UTBI0KAS151 700027079 West Bengal
271 Katwa- Katwa UTBI0KAT223 NON-MICR West Bengal
272 Kamarhati Bazar- Kamarhati UTBI0KBZD22 700027153 West Bengal
273 Kanchrapara- Kanchrapara UTBI0KCP233 NON-MICR West Bengal
274 Kadmaghati (Bikna)- Kadamghati UTBI0KDGD18 NON-MICR West Bengal
275 Kidderpore- Kolkata UTBI0KDP119 700027080 West Bengal
276 Kerulia- Kerulia UTBI0KERE38 700027078 West Bengal
277 Kataganj G.G.Colony- Kataganj&Gokulpur UTBI0KGC299 NON-MICR West Bengal
278 Golbazar (Kharagpur)- Kharagpur UTBI0KGG999 NON-MICR West Bengal
279 Kharagpur- Kharagpur UTBI0KGP230 NON-MICR West Bengal
280 Kharagpur I.I.T.- Kharagpur UTBI0KGTD28 NON-MICR West Bengal
281 Khagra (Berhampore)- Baharampur UTBI0KHG992 NON-MICR West Bengal
282 Khiragram- Khiragram UTBI0KHIE39 NON-MICR West Bengal
283 Khatra- Khatra UTBI0KHR913 NON-MICR West Bengal
284 Khejuria- Khejuria UTBI0KJAC69 NON-MICR West Bengal
285 Kakdwip- Kakdwip UTBI0KKD036 NON-MICR West Bengal
286 Kaliachak- Kaliachak UTBI0KLC927 NON-MICR West Bengal
287 Kuldiha- Kuldiha UTBI0KLDD26 NON-MICR West Bengal
288 Kaliaganj- Kaliaganj UTBI0KLG946 NON-MICR West Bengal
289 Koley Market- Kolkata UTBI0KLM149 700027081 West Bengal
290 Kalindi West- Southdumdum UTBI0KLWA43 700027201 West Bengal
291 Kalna- Kalna UTBI0KNA255 NON-MICR West Bengal
292 Krishnapur Bazar- Rajarhat-Gopalpur UTBI0KNBC77 700027159 West Bengal
293 Kananadi- Kananadi UTBI0KNDD69 700027219 West Bengal
294 Krishnagar (Hooghly)- Krishnanagar UTBI0KNND70 NON-MICR West Bengal
295 Kolaghat- Kolaghat UTBI0KOG270 NON-MICR West Bengal
296 Kotulpur- Kotulpur UTBI0KOT024 NON-MICR West Bengal
297 Kulpi- Kulpi UTBI0KPIC29 NON-MICR West Bengal
298 Kamarpukur- Kamarpukur UTBI0KPK936 NON-MICR West Bengal
299 Krishnagar- Krishnagar UTBI0KRI213 NON-MICR West Bengal
300 Kharoon- Kharun UTBI0KRND71 NON-MICR West Bengal
301 Kumartooly- Kolkata UTBI0KRT169 700027083 West Bengal
302 Kalas Bazar- Kalas Bazar UTBI0KSBE55 NON-MICR West Bengal
303 Khalisani- Khalisani UTBI0KSNC02 700027220 West Bengal
304 Kashipur- Kashipur UTBI0KSP932 NON-MICR West Bengal
305 Kailashahar- Kastara UTBI0KSR262 NON-MICR West Bengal
306 Kultali- Kultali UTBI0KTLC32 NON-MICR West Bengal
307 Kali Temple Road- Kolkata UTBI0KTR160 700027078 West Bengal
308 Karulia- Kurulia UTBI0KUAE19 NON-MICR West Bengal
309 Kudghat- Kolkata UTBI0KUD174 700027082 West Bengal
310 Kumardihi- Kumardihi UTBI0KUMD30 NON-MICR West Bengal
311 Kuntighat- Kuntighat UTBI0KUNC51 NON-MICR West Bengal
312 Kalyani- Kalyani UTBI0KYI030 700027303 West Bengal
313 Lalbagh- Murshidabad UTBI0LBG055 NON-MICR West Bengal
314 Lalbazar- Kolkata UTBI0LBZA16 700027086 West Bengal
315 Lalgola- Lalgola UTBI0LGL973 NON-MICR West Bengal
316 Lake Gardens- Kolkata UTBI0LKG146 700027084 West Bengal
317 Lakhanpur- Lakhanpur UTBI0LKP066 NON-MICR West Bengal
318 Lake Road- Kolkata UTBI0LKR163 700027085 West Bengal
319 Lakshmipur- Lakshmipur UTBI0LMPD95 NON-MICR West Bengal
320 Lokepara- Barddhaman UTBI0LPRF15 NON-MICR West Bengal
321 Lohapatty- Kolkata UTBI0LPT120 700027089 West Bengal
322 Lansdowne- Kolkata UTBI0LSD153 700027087 West Bengal
323 Madanpur- Madanpur UTBI0MAD915 NON-MICR West Bengal
324 Mahesh- Serampore UTBI0MAH928 700027205 West Bengal
325 Majdiah- Majdiah UTBI0MAJ906 NON-MICR West Bengal
326 Makhla- Makhla UTBI0MAK952 700027205 West Bengal
327 Malancha (Panchabati)- Rajpur-Sonarpur UTBI0MALE65 700027197 West Bengal
328 Mathurapur (Malda)- Mathurapur UTBI0MAM987 NON-MICR West Bengal
329 Matia- Matia UTBI0MATC01 NON-MICR West Bengal
330 May Fair- Kolkata UTBI0MAYA30 700027154 West Bengal
331 Mayukh Bhavan- Kolkata UTBI0MBHD62 700027155 West Bengal
332 Muktarambabu Street- Kolkata UTBI0MBSA08 700027095 West Bengal
333 Mahabirsthan- Siliguri UTBI0MBTC44 400027008 West Bengal
334 Medical College Hospital- Kolkata UTBI0MCHA13 700027092 West Bengal
335 Matchandipur- English Bazar UTBI0MCP057 NON-MICR West Bengal
336 Malda- Malda UTBI0MDA214 732027102 West Bengal
337 Mechua Bazar- Kolkata UTBI0MEC162 700027091 West Bengal
338 Memari- Memari UTBI0MEM249 NON-MICR West Bengal
339 Metiabruz- Kolkata UTBI0MET194 700027093 West Bengal
340 Mograhat- Magrahat UTBI0MGH922 NON-MICR West Bengal
341 Madhyamgram- Madhyamgram UTBI0MGMF45 700027245 West Bengal
342 Midnapur- Medinipur UTBI0MID215 NON-MICR West Bengal
343 Milki- Milki UTBI0MILC64 NON-MICR West Bengal
344 Minakhan- Minakhan UTBI0MIN001 NON-MICR West Bengal
345 Maskalaibari- Jalpaiguri UTBI0MKBC35 NON-MICR West Bengal
346 Manicktala- Kolkata UTBI0MKT121 700027090 West Bengal
347 Maliara- Maliara UTBI0MLR939 NON-MICR West Bengal
348 Mamudpur- Mamudpur UTBI0MMPE44 NON-MICR West Bengal
349 Manbazar- Manbazar UTBI0MNZ007 NON-MICR West Bengal
350 Mogra- Mogra UTBI0MOG244 700027196 West Bengal
351 Mominpur- Kolkata UTBI0MOM161 700027094 West Bengal
352 Moudi- Doulatabad UTBI0MOUE18 NON-MICR West Bengal
353 Moyna- Moyna UTBI0MOY072 NON-MICR West Bengal
354 Madhupurdham- Matikata UTBI0MPDE53 NON-MICR West Bengal
355 Mejia Thermal Power Station- Mejhia UTBI0MPSF56 NON-MICR West Bengal
356 Mathurapur (24 Pgs)- Mathurapur UTBI0MRP930 NON-MICR West Bengal
357 Maheshtala- Maheshtala UTBI0MTL961 700027176 West Bengal
358 Mecheda (T.Plant)- Mecheda UTBI0MTP025 NON-MICR West Bengal
359 Matiary- Matiari UTBI0MTY041 NON-MICR West Bengal
360 Muchia- Muchia UTBI0MUCC87 NON-MICR West Bengal
361 Mayabazar (D.T.P.S.)- Mayabazar(D.T.P.S) UTBI0MYB019 713027207 West Bengal
362 Moynagudi- Moynagudi UTBI0MYGD24 700027227 West Bengal
363 Nabadwip- Nabadwip UTBI0NAB216 NON-MICR West Bengal
364 Nagar- Nagar UTBI0NAG974 NON-MICR West Bengal
365 Nazat- Nazat UTBI0NAZ002 NON-MICR West Bengal
366 Nabagram- Nabagram UTBI0NBG265 700027196 West Bengal
367 New Barrackpore- Barrackpur UTBI0NBK241 700027191 West Bengal
368 North Bowali- Budge Budge UTBI0NBWE23 NON-MICR West Bengal
369 Narendrapur- Narendrapur UTBI0NDP923 700027096 West Bengal
370 New Market- Kolkata UTBI0NEM123 700027100 West Bengal
371 Netaji Market- English Bazar UTBI0NET082 NON-MICR West Bengal
372 New Alipore- Kolkata UTBI0NEW134 700027098 West Bengal
373 Nagar Ukhra- Nagar Ukhra UTBI0NGU028 NON-MICR West Bengal
374 Naihati- Naihati UTBI0NHT229 700027232 West Bengal
375 Niamatpur- Niamatpur UTBI0NIAC06 NON-MICR West Bengal
376 Nilganj- Nilganj UTBI0NIL005 700027228 West Bengal
377 Nimta- Nimta UTBI0NIMC22 700027189 West Bengal
378 Nischintapur- Nischintapur UTBI0NISD50 NON-MICR West Bengal
379 Namkhana- Namkhana UTBI0NKN014 NON-MICR West Bengal
380 Naktala- Kolkata UTBI0NKTF37 700027209 West Bengal
381 New Manicktala- Kolkata UTBI0NMT147 700027099 West Bengal
382 Nona Chandanpukur- New Barrackpur UTBI0NOCC38 700027229 West Bengal
383 Nimpura- Nimpura UTBI0NPRC60 NON-MICR West Bengal
384 Netaji Subhas Road- Kolkata UTBI0NSR122 700027097 West Bengal
385 Nimtala-Chunakhali- Nimtala UTBI0NTC094 NON-MICR West Bengal
386 Nimtala- Kolkata UTBI0NTL154 700027101 West Bengal
387 Nutanganj- Barddhaman UTBI0NUT018 713027103 West Bengal
388 Nazirpur- Nazirpur UTBI0NZP944 NON-MICR West Bengal
389 Old Court House Street- Kolkata UTBI0OCH175 700027103 West Bengal
390 Old Ballygunge- Kolkata UTBI0OLD156 700027102 West Bengal
391 Old Malda- Old Malda UTBI0OLM955 NON-MICR West Bengal
392 Overseas (Kolkata)- Kolkata UTBI0OVEA15 700027069 West Bengal
393 Pailan- Pailan UTBI0PAI045 700027186 West Bengal
394 Pakapole- Pakapole UTBI0PAKD45 NON-MICR West Bengal
395 Purbachal- Kolkata UTBI0PBLA44 700027202 West Bengal
396 Pillkhana Bazar- Howrah UTBI0PBZD72 700027160 West Bengal
397 Peerless Hospital- Kolkata UTBI0PHLF54 700027308 West Bengal
398 Panuhat- Panuhat UTBI0PHTD75 NON-MICR West Bengal
399 Park Circus- Kolkata UTBI0PKC128 700027105 West Bengal
400 Paikpara- Kolkata UTBI0PKP130 700027104 West Bengal
401 Park Street- Kolkata UTBI0PKS183 700027106 West Bengal
402 Polerhat- Polerhat UTBI0PLHC23 NON-MICR West Bengal
403 Palashipara- Plasseypara UTBI0PLP022 NON-MICR West Bengal
404 Panihati- Panihati UTBI0PNHC78 700027214 West Bengal
405 Panpur- Panpur UTBI0PNPD67 NON-MICR West Bengal
406 Panskura- Panskura UTBI0PNS264 NON-MICR West Bengal
407 Posta- Kolkata UTBI0POS193 700027110 West Bengal
408 Patharpratima- Patharpratima UTBI0PPAC50 NON-MICR West Bengal
409 Patipukur- Southdumdum UTBI0PPK141 700027109 West Bengal
410 Paschim Putiary- Kolkata UTBI0PPUC58 700027108 West Bengal
411 Parbelia- Parbelia UTBI0PRB084 NON-MICR West Bengal
412 Purulia- Puruliya UTBI0PRL410 723027002 West Bengal
413 Pradhan Nagar- Siliguri UTBI0PRND39 NON-MICR West Bengal
414 Panskura Railway Station- Panskura UTBI0PRSC68 NON-MICR West Bengal
415 Parnasree Palli- Kolkata UTBI0PSPC57 700027107 West Bengal
416 Panchthupi- Panchthufi UTBI0PTP039 NON-MICR West Bengal
417 Pandua- Pandua UTBI0PUA243 700027160 West Bengal
418 Puinan- Puinan UTBI0PUIC09 700027182 West Bengal
419 Rabindra Sarobar- Kolkata UTBI0RABA14 700027111 West Bengal
420 Radhamonihat- Raghunathganj UTBI0RAD088 NON-MICR West Bengal
421 Raghunathganj- Raghunathganj UTBI0RAG985 NON-MICR West Bengal
422 Rahara (Khardah)- Khardah UTBI0RAH949 700027195 West Bengal
423 Rajpur- Rajpur-Sonarpur UTBI0RAJ239 700027177 West Bengal
424 Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road- Kolkata UTBI0RAK167 700027112 West Bengal
425 Ramrajatala- Howrah UTBI0RAMD59 700027182 West Bengal
426 Ratua- Ratua UTBI0RAT998 NON-MICR West Bengal
427 Rai Bahadur Road- Kolkata UTBI0RBRD07 700027161 West Bengal
428 Raichak- Raichak UTBI0RCKC20 NON-MICR West Bengal
429 Raidighee- Raidighi UTBI0RDG968 NON-MICR West Bengal
430 Regent Park- Kolkata UTBI0REG143 700027116 West Bengal
431 Raiganj- Raiganj UTBI0RGJ941 733027202 West Bengal
432 Raghunathpur (W.B.)- Raghunathpur UTBI0RGP263 NON-MICR West Bengal
433 Rainagar- Kolkata UTBI0RGRC12 700027113 West Bengal
434 Ranaghat- Ranaghat UTBI0RGT224 NON-MICR West Bengal
435 Rishra- Rishra UTBI0RIS234 700027210 West Bengal
436 Rajarhat- Rajarhat-Gopalpur UTBI0RJH914 700027190 West Bengal
437 Royal Exchange- Kolkata UTBI0RLX124 700027117 West Bengal
438 Ramnagar (Nadia)- Aistala UTBI0RMND96 NON-MICR West Bengal
439 Rishra Morepukur- Rishra UTBI0RMPC56 700027125 West Bengal
440 Rampurhat- Rampurhat UTBI0RMT252 NON-MICR West Bengal
441 Raniganj- Raniganj UTBI0RNJC05 713027302 West Bengal
442 Ramnagar (Midnapur)- Ramnagar UTBI0RNR931 NON-MICR West Bengal
443 New Town Rajarhat- Rajarhat-Gopalpur UTBI0RNTA53 700027242 West Bengal
444 Rampurhat-Nischintapur- Nischintapur UTBI0RPND13 NON-MICR West Bengal
445 Rathtala- Kolkata UTBI0RTLF65 700027305 West Bengal
446 Ratanpur More- Singur UTBI0RTMD68 700027243 West Bengal
447 Syed Amir Ali Avenue- Kolkata UTBI0SAAA06 700027140 West Bengal
448 Sabang- Sabang UTBI0SAB969 NON-MICR West Bengal
449 Sadhanpara- Sadhanpara UTBI0SADD97 NON-MICR West Bengal
450 Sahanpur- Sahanpur UTBI0SAHC76 700027119 West Bengal
451 Sainthia- Sainthia UTBI0SAI277 NON-MICR West Bengal
452 Saktinagar- Krishnanagar UTBI0SAK023 NON-MICR West Bengal
453 Salkia- Howrah UTBI0SAL125 700027162 West Bengal
454 Samsi- Samsi UTBI0SAM048 NON-MICR West Bengal
455 Santipur- Santipur UTBI0SAN222 NON-MICR West Bengal
456 Sarsuna- Kolkata UTBI0SAR168 700027122 West Bengal
457 S.B.Gorai Road (Asansol)- Sarbari UTBI0SBGF22 713027005 West Bengal
458 Sarbari- Sarbari UTBI0SBI083 NON-MICR West Bengal
459 Sat Bankura- Sat Bankura UTBI0SBK933 NON-MICR West Bengal
460 Shyambazar Market (Evening)- Kolkata UTBI0SBMA39 700027183 West Bengal
461 S.B.D.O. (Dum Dum)- Dum Dum UTBI0SBO095 700027124 West Bengal
462 Srichandahat- Srichandahat UTBI0SCHE43 NON-MICR West Bengal
463 S.B.D.O. (Howrah)- Howrah UTBI0SDO975 700027125 West Bengal
464 Sradhananda Park- Kolkata UTBI0SDP198 700027136 West Bengal
465 Sashibhusan Dey Street- Kolkata UTBI0SDS185 700027123 West Bengal
466 Sealdah- Kolkata UTBI0SEA136 700027127 West Bengal
467 Service (Kolkata)- Kolkata UTBI0SERA31 700027001 West Bengal
468 Safanagar- Safanagar UTBI0SFRE99 NON-MICR West Bengal
469 Siliguri- Siliguri UTBI0SGR220 NON-MICR West Bengal
470 Shibpur- Howrah UTBI0SHB126 700027129 West Bengal
471 Sheakhala- Sheakhala UTBI0SHK945 700027211 West Bengal
472 Shyamnagar- Shyamnagar UTBI0SHNC97 700027233 West Bengal
473 Shyampukur- Kolkata UTBI0SHPA20 700027131 West Bengal
474 Shakespeare Sarani- Kolkata UTBI0SHSA07 700027128 West Bengal
475 Shyambazar- Kolkata UTBI0SHY127 700027130 West Bengal
476 Singur- Singur UTBI0SIN254 700027241 West Bengal
477 Sirakole- Sirakole UTBI0SIR035 700027187 West Bengal
478 Sankrail- Howrah UTBI0SKRF43 700027198 West Bengal
479 Salboni- Salboni UTBI0SLB948 NON-MICR West Bengal
480 Salgachia- Tamluk UTBI0SLGD34 NON-MICR West Bengal
481 Salt Lake- Kolkata UTBI0SLK047 700027120 West Bengal
482 Saltora- Saltora UTBI0SLT947 NON-MICR West Bengal
483 Sector V (Salt Lake)- Kolkata UTBI0SLVA51 700027238 West Bengal
484 Sonamukhi- Sonamukhi UTBI0SMK271 NON-MICR West Bengal
485 Simurali- Simurali UTBI0SMRC43 NON-MICR West Bengal
486 Subodh Mullick Square- Kolkata UTBI0SMS186 700027139 West Bengal
487 Sonargaon- Rajpur-Sonarpur UTBI0SNGF53 700027246 West Bengal
488 Sahabonchak- Baishnabnagar UTBI0SNKE93 NON-MICR West Bengal
489 Sonarpur- Rajpur-Sonarpur UTBI0SNP919 700027166 West Bengal
490 Sohaihat- Sohai UTBI0SOHD94 NON-MICR West Bengal
491 Somra- Somra UTBI0SOMC48 700027221 West Bengal
492 South Sinthee- Kolkata UTBI0SOU152 700027133 West Bengal
493 Sovabazar- Kolkata UTBI0SOV197 700027135 West Bengal
494 Sepai Bazar- Medinipur UTBI0SPBC34 NON-MICR West Bengal
495 Simlapal- Simlapal UTBI0SPL979 NON-MICR West Bengal
496 Santoshpur- Santoshpur UTBI0SPR250 700027121 West Bengal
497 Sreebhumi- Kolkata UTBI0SRBA17 700027137 West Bengal
498 Sarsuna College- Kolkata UTBI0SRCF50 700027248 West Bengal
499 Strand Road- Kolkata UTBI0SRD165 700027138 West Bengal
500 Serampore- Serampore UTBI0SRP217 700027198 West Bengal
501 South Suburbs (Behala)- Kolkata UTBI0SSB087 700027134 West Bengal
502 Sarisha (Wb)- Sarisha UTBI0SSH044 NON-MICR West Bengal
503 Santaldih- Saontaldih T.P.P.Town UTBI0STD908 NON-MICR West Bengal
504 Sutahata- Sutahata UTBI0STHC10 NON-MICR West Bengal
505 Suri- Suri UTBI0SUR219 731027302 West Bengal
506 Survey Park- Kalibazar UTBI0SVPF66 NON-MICR West Bengal
507 Sevoke Road- Siliguri UTBI0SVR021 NON-MICR West Bengal
508 Taherpur- Taherpur UTBI0TAH287 NON-MICR West Bengal
509 Tamluk- Tamluk UTBI0TAM281 NON-MICR West Bengal
510 Tantipara- Tantipara UTBI0TAND35 NON-MICR West Bengal
511 Tapan- Tapan UTBI0TAP964 NON-MICR West Bengal
512 Taratala- Kolkata UTBI0TAR191 700027141 West Bengal
513 Chakdah- Chakdah UTBI0TAT268 NON-MICR West Bengal
514 Tentulia- Tentulia UTBI0TENC19 NON-MICR West Bengal
515 Tarangapur- Tarangapur UTBI0TGPE06 NON-MICR West Bengal
516 Thakurnagar- Thakurnagar UTBI0THKD25 NON-MICR West Bengal
517 Titagarh- Titagarh UTBI0TIT238 700027193 West Bengal
518 Thakurpukur- Kolkata UTBI0TKP282 700027142 West Bengal
519 Tematha Chandernagar- Chandannagar UTBI0TMC970 700027199 West Bengal
520 Tollygunge- Kolkata UTBI0TOL109 700027145 West Bengal
521 Topsia- Kolkata UTBI0TOPA23 700027143 West Bengal
522 Tollygunge Tram Depot- Kolkata UTBI0TTDA04 700027146 West Bengal
523 Tivoli Park- Kolkata UTBI0TVP142 700027144 West Bengal
524 Ultadanga- Kolkata UTBI0ULT148 700027147 West Bengal
525 Unique Park- Kolkata UTBI0UPKD40 700027158 West Bengal
526 Uttarpara- Uttarpara Kotrung UTBI0UTT221 700027199 West Bengal
527 Vip Road (Ultadanga)- Kolkata UTBI0VIPA11 700027148 West Bengal
528 Vivekanandanagar- Vivekananda Nagar UTBI0VIVC08 NON-MICR West Bengal
529 Watgunj- Kolkata UTBI0WATA05 700027149 West Bengal
530 Woodburn Road- Nabadwip UTBI0WBR976 NON-MICR West Bengal
531 Uluberia- Howrah UTBI0UUAF68 NON-MICR West Bengal
532 Islampur - Murshidabad- Murshidabad UTBI0ISMC36 NON-MICR West Bengal
533 Patikabari- Murshidabad UTBI0PKBC84 NON-MICR West Bengal
534 Central Hospital (Kalla)- Burdwan UTBI0CCMF41 NON-MICR West Bengal
535 Burapat- Keshpur UTBI0BURD86 NON-MICR West Bengal
536 Dhadika- Garbeta UTBI0DHAD42 NON-MICR West Bengal
537 Krishnagar-Mirik- Gangtok UTBI0KRMD55 NON-MICR West Bengal
538 Patlakhawa- Coochbehar UTBI0PLKD43 NON-MICR West Bengal
539 Nauda Jadupur- Malda UTBI0NDJC96 NON-MICR West Bengal
540 Babupur- Malda UTBI0BBRE94 NON-MICR West Bengal
541 Raipur (West Dinajpur)- Malda UTBI0RWDF18 NON-MICR West Bengal
542 Pataspur (Kasba)- Purba Medinipur UTBI0PPR937 NON-MICR West Bengal
543 Dhulauri- Dhulauri UTBI0DLRC99 NON-MICR West Bengal
544 Hariharpara- Hariharpara UTBI0HHP943 NON-MICR West Bengal
545 Beniagram- Srirampur UTBI0BNME31 NON-MICR West Bengal
546 Khakurda- Khakurda UTBI0KRD077 NON-MICR West Bengal
547 Belda- Belda UTBI0BEL291 NON-MICR West Bengal
548 Mughalmari- Mughalmari UTBI0MUGE04 NON-MICR West Bengal
549 Chelyama- Chelyama UTBI0CYM086 NON-MICR West Bengal
550 Sutragarh- Sutragarh UTBI0STGC47 NON-MICR West Bengal
551 Panutia (Murshidabad)- Panutia UTBI0PTM040 NON-MICR West Bengal
552 Balirghat- Balirghat UTBI0BGHC28 NON-MICR West Bengal
553 Jalchak- Jalchak UTBI0JLCC25 NON-MICR West Bengal
554 Anandapur (Medinipur)- Anandapur UTBI0ANP064 NON-MICR West Bengal
555 Onda- Onda UTBI0OND006 NON-MICR West Bengal
556 Bikrampur- Bikrampur UTBI0BKRE81 NON-MICR West Bengal
557 Puncha- Puncha UTBI0PNC026 NON-MICR West Bengal
558 Sonachara- Sonachara UTBI0SNCE37 NON-MICR West Bengal
559 Kumardahaghat- Kumardahaghat UTBI0KDTF11 NON -MICR West Bengal
560 Daulatabad- Daulatabad UTBI0DAUC27 NON -MICR West Bengal
561 Jitpur- Murshidabad UTBI0JITE64 NON -MICR West Bengal
562 Pirtola- Dahapara UTBI0PIRE32 NON -MICR West Bengal
563 Hamirpur- Hamirpur UTBI0HMPE11 NON -MICR West Bengal
564 Loada- Loada UTBI0LDA073 NON -MICR West Bengal
565 Gopiballavpur- Gopiballavpur UTBI0GVPC52 NON -MICR West Bengal
566 Suisa- Suisa UTBI0SUI093 NON -MICR West Bengal
567 Kantadi- Kantadi UTBI0KTD090 NON -MICR West Bengal
568 Hutmura- Hutmura UTBI0HUT065 NON -MICR West Bengal
569 Mondalkuli- Mandalkuli UTBI0MNLE75 NON -MICR West Bengal
570 Gouria- Gauria UTBI0GIAC88 NON -MICR West Bengal
571 Debipur- Debipur UTBI0DBRE96 NON -MICR West Bengal
572 Dandabelbani- Danda-Belbani UTBI0DDBE54 NON -MICR West Bengal
573 Gopinathpur- Gopinathpur UTBI0GORE70 NON -MICR West Bengal
574 Depal Sasanbarh- Depal Sasanbarh UTBI0DEPD76 NON -MICR West Bengal
575 Balia (Murshidabad)- Balia UTBI0BAWD90 NON -MICR West Bengal
576 Andiron- Andiron UTBI0ADNF09 NON -MICR West Bengal
577 Ghoshpara- Muradpur Arazi(J.L.No.26) UTBI0GHOE36 NON -MICR West Bengal
578 Swaruppur- Swaruppur UTBI0SWPF12 NON -MICR West Bengal
579 Umarpur- Umarpur UTBI0UMRF16 NON -MICR West Bengal
580 Rajarampur- Rajarampur UTBI0RJRD11 NON -MICR West Bengal
581 Gantar- Gantar UTBI0GAND19 NON -MICR West Bengal
582 Pingla- Pingla UTBI0PGL074 NON -MICR West Bengal
583 Goaltor- Goaltor UTBI0GLT061 NON -MICR West Bengal
584 Khajuri (Dasagram)- Khajra UTBI0KJRD01 NON -MICR West Bengal
585 Silda- Silda UTBI0SIL926 NON -MICR West Bengal
586 Joteghanashyam- Jot Ghanashyam UTBI0JGSE50 NON -MICR West Bengal
587 Marutala- Marutola UTBI0MRT075 NON -MICR West Bengal
588 Puyan- Puyan UTBI0PUNE68 NON -MICR West Bengal
589 Kharika Mathani- Kharika Mathani UTBI0KMTC49 NON -MICR West Bengal
590 Bagasti- Keshiary UTBI0BHI080 NON -MICR West Bengal
591 Sasra- Sasra UTBI0SASD63 NON -MICR West Bengal
592 Balarampur(Midnapur)- Sabang UTBI0BLMD60 NON -MICR West Bengal
593 Sreebara- Sree Bara UTBI0SREE33 NON -MICR West Bengal
594 Golegram- Golegram UTBI0GOMD85 NON -MICR West Bengal
595 Beliabera- Beliabera UTBI0BEBC53 NON -MICR West Bengal
596 Banshidharpur- Banshidharpur UTBI0BNRE69 NON -MICR West Bengal
597 Netura- Netura UTBI0NTRD65 NON -MICR West Bengal
598 Sandhipur- Sandhipur UTBI0SNDE49 NON -MICR West Bengal
599 Narayangarh- Narayangarh UTBI0NYG079 NON -MICR West Bengal
600 Barampura- Barampura UTBI0BMPE05 NON -MICR West Bengal
601 Nathwahat- Nathwahat UTBI0NATC79 NON -MICR West Bengal
602 Manikganj- Manickganj UTBI0MGJD52 NON -MICR West Bengal
603 Gitaldaha- Dalgobinda(Harirhat) UTBI0GLAE88 NON -MICR West Bengal
604 Chikliguri- Chikliguri UTBI0CKGD51 NON -MICR West Bengal
605 Kustaran- Kustaran UTBI0KTN068 NON -MICR West Bengal
606 Charrah- Chharrah UTBI0CRRD98 NON -MICR West Bengal
607 Babugram- Babugram UTBI0BAGD38 NON -MICR West Bengal
608 Pairaguri- Pairaguri UTBI0PRGE40 NON -MICR West Bengal
609 Jargo- Jargo UTBI0JGOD99 NON -MICR West Bengal
610 Jorehira- Jorhira UTBI0JHRE01 NON -MICR West Bengal
611 Kankurdanga More- Krishnanagar UTBI0KDME02 NON -MICR West Bengal
612 Ranipur (Purulia)- Ranipur UTBI0RPR085 NON -MICR West Bengal
613 Arsha- Arsha UTBI0ARS067 NON -MICR West Bengal
614 Raybandh- Raybandh UTBI0RBHE80 NON -MICR West Bengal
615 Baksi- Baksi UTBI0BKSE48 NON -MICR West Bengal
616 Kastora- Kastara UTBI0KSTC94 NON -MICR West Bengal
617 Kantalia- Kanthalia UTBI0KHLE10 NON -MICR West Bengal
618 Swarupganj- Swarupganj UTBI0SWA916 NON -MICR West Bengal
619 Malipota- Malipota UTBI0MPT050 NON -MICR West Bengal
620 Ballavpara- Ballavpara UTBI0BAV042 NON -MICR West Bengal
621 Bhajanghat- Bhajanghat UTBI0BHJE28 NON -MICR West Bengal
622 Kumarganj (Malda)- Kumarganj UTBI0KUJC72 NON -MICR West Bengal
623 Jalalpur (Hazarat)- Hazrat Jalalpur UTBI0JLHE17 NON -MICR West Bengal
624 Sukdebpur- Sukhdebpur UTBI0SDRE97 NON -MICR West Bengal
625 Haptiagach- Haptiagach UTBI0HAPE07 NON -MICR West Bengal
626 Mojlespur- Majlispur UTBI0MOJC75 NON -MICR West Bengal
627 Alinagar- Alinagar UTBI0ALNC71 NON -MICR West Bengal
628 Brajaballavpur- Brajaballavpur UTBI0BJRE72 NON -MICR West Bengal
629 Gholemaguri- Gholmaguri UTBI0GOIE73 NON -MICR West Bengal
630 Bansgora- Bansgora UTBI0BSGD64 NON -MICR West Bengal
631 Panchrol- Panchrole UTBI0PCRD74 NON -MICR West Bengal
632 Labanya Bazar- Banamalipur UTBI0LBBE08 NON -MICR West Bengal
633 Argoal- Argoal UTBI0AGLE71 NON -MICR West Bengal
634 Namaldiha- Namaldiha UTBI0NMDE63 NON -MICR West Bengal
635 Bishnupur (Midnapur)- Bishnupur UTBI0BIMF05 NON -MICR West Bengal
636 Burda- Burda UTBI0BUAE84 NON -MICR West Bengal
637 Chanchal- Chanchal UTBI0CHC003 NON -MICR West Bengal
638 Ergoda- Ergoda UTBI0ERGE52 NON -MICR West Bengal
639 Jamboni- Jambani UTBI0JAMD41 NON -MICR West Bengal
640 Khariduara- Khariduara UTBI0KDAE76 NON -MICR West Bengal
641 Nohari- Nohari UTBI0NHIF02 NON -MICR West Bengal
642 Satpati- Satpati UTBI0SATD73 NON -MICR West Bengal
643 Malkanihat- Malkanihat UTBI0MLTE87 NON -MICR West Bengal
644 Panikauri- Panikauri UTBI0PNKD53 NON -MICR West Bengal
645 Kharigeria- Kharigaria UTBI0KRAE82 NON -MICR West Bengal
646 Urma- Urma UTBI0URM091 NON -MICR West Bengal
647 Durgu- Durgu UTBI0DRUE79 NON -MICR West Bengal
648 Goas- Goas UTBI0GASE46 NON -MICR West Bengal
649 Pugliganj- Pugliganj UTBI0PUGD54 NON -MICR West Bengal
650 Pakuahat- Pakuahat UTBI0PKTE62 NON -MICR West Bengal
651 Naipur- Naipur UTBI0NAID46 NON -MICR West Bengal
652 Kharika- Kharika UTBI0KHKF03 NON -MICR West Bengal
653 Kunarpur- Kunarpur UTBI0KNRE66 NON -MICR West Bengal
654 Aurangabad(Murshidabad)- Aurangabad UTBI0ABMF62 NON -MICR West Bengal
655 Ramchandrapur- Ramchandrapur UTBI0RCRE95 NON -MICR West Bengal
656 Bhalas- Bhalas UTBI0BHAD27 NON -MICR West Bengal
657 Damogoria Colliery- Barddhaman UTBI0DACD23 NON -MICR West Bengal
658 Chandri- Chandri UTBI0CNDE59 NON -MICR West Bengal
659 Rautmani- Rautmani UTBI0RAUE60 NON -MICR West Bengal
660 Baranegoi- Baranegoi UTBI0BRGF01 NON -MICR West Bengal
661 Chandabila- Chandabila UTBI0CDBD47 NON -MICR West Bengal
662 Dhumsai- Dhumsai UTBI0DMSD66 NON -MICR West Bengal
663 Patina- Patina UTBI0PTAF06 NON -MICR West Bengal
664 Krishnanagar (Bankura)- Krishnanagar UTBI0KBGE85 NON -MICR West Bengal
665 Aharra- Aharra UTBI0AHA069 NON -MICR West Bengal
666 Barrah- Barrah UTBI0BRHE77 NON -MICR West Bengal
667 Simulia- Simulia UTBI0SIAE21 NON -MICR West Bengal
668 Kushkari- Kushkari UTBI0KSKE26 NON -MICR West Bengal
669 Dikul- Dikul UTBI0DILE98 NON -MICR West Bengal
670 Asnan- Asnan UTBI0ASNE47 NON -MICR West Bengal
671 Alipurduar- Alipur Duar UTBI0ALD225 NON -MICR West Bengal
672 Akriganj- Baligram UTBI0AKRC39 NON -MICR West Bengal
673 Aladarput- Faridpur UTBI0ALAC80 NON -MICR West Bengal
674 Bhabanipur (Purulia)- Bhabanipur UTBI0BBP092 NON -MICR West Bengal
675 Bhimpur- Bhimpur UTBI0BHU959 NON -MICR West Bengal
676 Chandrapara- Chandrapara UTBI0CNPF17 NON -MICR West Bengal
677 Damdim- Damdim Hat UTBI0DAMD93 NON -MICR West Bengal
678 Gunanandabati- Gunandabati UTBI0GNIF07 NON -MICR West Bengal
679 Khejuri- Khejuri UTBI0KHJ060 NON -MICR West Bengal
680 Katlamari- Katlamari UTBI0KMID57 NON -MICR West Bengal
681 Khepal- Khepal UTBI0KPLF04 NON -MICR West Bengal
682 Kalinarayanpur- Kalinarayanpur UTBI0KYPE12 NON -MICR West Bengal
683 Malbazar- Mal UTBI0MBZC45 NON -MICR West Bengal
684 Mohanpur- Mohanpur UTBI0MHP078 NON -MICR West Bengal
685 Matha- Matha UTBI0MTAE83 NON -MICR West Bengal
686 Narghat- Narghat UTBI0NARD32 NON -MICR West Bengal
687 Palpara- Palpara UTBI0PALD44 NON -MICR West Bengal
688 Pukhuria- Pukhuria UTBI0PKAE74 NON -MICR West Bengal
689 Rampura-Mokrampur- Rampura Mokrampur UTBI0RPM076 NON -MICR West Bengal
690 Sangramgarh Colliery- Samidh UTBI0SGCC24 NON -MICR West Bengal
691 Sahashpur- Sahaspur UTBI0SHRE67 NON -MICR West Bengal
692 Adra- Adra UTBI0ADR938 NON -MICR West Bengal
693 Bagnapara- Bagnapara UTBI0BAPD80 NON -MICR West Bengal
694 Berada- Berada UTBI0BEAE78 NON -MICR West Bengal
695 Bhaduriapara- Bhaduriapara UTBI0BHPD61 NON -MICR West Bengal
696 Bhutni- Chandpur UTBI0BUIC70 NON -MICR West Bengal
697 Hesla- Hesla UTBI0HSAE86 NON -MICR West Bengal
698 Juranpur- Juranpur UTBI0JAR043 NON -MICR West Bengal
699 Kumarganj (West Dinajpur)- Gopalganj UTBI0KMJ965 NON -MICR West Bengal
700 Lalgarh- Lalgarh UTBI0LGR062 NON -MICR West Bengal
701 Lillooah- Bally UTBI0LIL227 NON -MICR West Bengal
702 Marisda- Marisda UTBI0MSD056 NON -MICR West Bengal
703 Panchswa- Panchswa UTBI0PSWD14 NON -MICR West Bengal
704 Sheoraphully- Baidyabati UTBI0SHE218 NON -MICR West Bengal
705 Sahajpur- Sahajpur UTBI0SJPE42 NON -MICR West Bengal
706 Jangipur- Jangipur UTBI0JNPF69 NON-MICR West Bengal
707 Corporate Accounts- Kolkata UTBI0HOD100 NON MICR West Bengal
708 Durgapur Project- Durgapur UTBI0DPLF74 NON-MICR West Bengal
709 Basirhat College- Basirhat UTBI0BSCF70 NON-MICR West Bengal
710 Barrackpore Municipality- Barrackpur UTBI0BRMF72 NON-MICR West Bengal
711 Sree Chaitanya College- Habra UTBI0SCGF71 NON-MICR West Bengal
712 Galsi- Galsi UTBI0GSIF76 NON-MICR West Bengal
713 Haldia Dock Complex- Haldia UTBI0HDCF75 NON-MICR West Bengal
714 Mathabhanga- Mathabhanga UTBI0MHGF78 NON MICR West Bengal
715 Mithipur- Murshidabad UTBI0MHRF85 NON MICR West Bengal
716 Asansol Station Bazar- Asansol UTBI0ASBF73 NON MICR West Bengal
717 West Benal State University- Nabapally UTBI0WBUF84 NON MICR West Bengal
718 Chandrakona Town- Chandrakona UTBI0CKTF80 NON MICR West Bengal
719 Satkui- Kharagpur UTBI0SKIF81 NON MICR West Bengal
720 University Of Gour Banga- Malda UTBI0GBVF88 NON MICR West Bengal
721 R.K.Mission Seva Pratisthan- Kolkata UTBI0RSPA57 NON MICR West Bengal
722 Krishnapur- Bandel UTBI0KSUF89 NON MICR West Bengal
723 Haroa- Murshidabad UTBI0HRAF87 NON MICR West Bengal
724 Palsanda- Palsanda UTBI0PSDF92 NON MICR West Bengal
725 Malancha- Murshidabad UTBI0MLAF86 NON MICR West Bengal
726 Banerjeehat- Maheshtala UTBI0BJTF93 NON MICR West Bengal
727 Anandapur (Nadia)- Jaguli(Haringhata) UTBI0ANRF90 NON MICR West Bengal
728 Nimtouri- Tamluk UTBI0NIIF95 NON MICR West Bengal
729 Ichapur- Ichapur UTBI0ICPF98 NON MICR West Bengal
730 Tufanganj- Tufanganj UTBI0TFGF79 NON MICR West Bengal
731 Mahata - Dauradanga- Barddhaman UTBI0MHTF97 NON MICR West Bengal
732 M L Gupta Road- Kolkata UTBI0MGRF99 NON MICR West Bengal
733 Badalpur- Ramnagar UTBI0BDRW02 NON MICR West Bengal
734 Karunamoyee-Bidhannagar- Bidhannagar UTBI0KUBF94 NON MICR West Bengal
735 Ghoradal- Mathurapur UTBI0GHDW03 NON MICR West Bengal
736 Sagardighi- Sagardighi UTBI0SGIF91 NON MICR West Bengal
737 Dinhata- Dinhata UTBI0DHTF96 NON MICR West Bengal
738 Dakbanglow More- Ratanpur(Samserganj) UTBI0DBMW01 NON MICR West Bengal
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