United Bank of India - Tripura

IFSC Codes of all branches of United Bank of India situated in Tripura state of India.

Get details of all branches of United Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

United Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of TRIPURA. All the branches of United Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of United Bank of India having branches in TRIPURA.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Agartala- Agartala UTBI0AGT201 799027002 Tripura
2 Ambassa- Bilashpur UTBI0AMS032 NON-MICR Tripura
3 Badarghat- Badarghat UTBI0BARC04 NON-MICR Tripura
4 Belonia- Belonia UTBI0BEN294 NON-MICR Tripura
5 Battala- Agartala UTBI0BLA372 799027003 Tripura
6 Baromura (Gas T.P.)- Baromura UTBI0BMAD79 799027005 Tripura
7 Dharmanagar- Dharmanagar UTBI0DHN951 NON-MICR Tripura
8 G.B.Hospital- Agartala UTBI0GBHF57 700027055 Tripura
9 Kanchanpur- Kanchanpur UTBI0KAPE90 NON-MICR Tripura
10 Kaman Choumohani- Agartala UTBI0KCHD17 799027007 Tripura
11 Khowai- Khowai UTBI0KHO905 NON-MICR Tripura
12 Kamalpur- Kamalpur UTBI0KMP921 NON-MICR Tripura
13 Ramnagar (Tripura)- Agartala UTBI0RMR052 799027004 Tripura
14 Sabroom- Sabroom UTBI0SBR967 NON-MICR Tripura
15 Sonamura- Sonamura UTBI0SNR901 NON-MICR Tripura
16 Santir Bazar- Paschim Bagafa UTBI0STB971 NON-MICR Tripura
17 Teliamura- Teliamura UTBI0TEL909 NON-MICR Tripura
18 Udaipur (Tripura)- Udaipur UTBI0UDA983 NON-MICR Tripura
19 Usha Market- Usha Market UTBI0USH053 NON-MICR Tripura
20 Battala Super Market- Agartala UTBI0BSMD84 NON-MICR Tripura
21 Manu- Manughat UTBI0MNU034 NON-MICR Tripura
22 Halhali- Halhali UTBI0HHL033 NON-MICR Tripura
23 Amarpur- Amarpur UTBI0AMP912 NON-MICR Tripura
24 Nutan Bazar (Tripura)- Nutanbazar UTBI0CLGF13 NON-MICR Tripura
25 Chakmaghat- Chakmaghat Mogbari UTBI0CHGD83 NON-MICR Tripura
26 Karbook- Karbok UTBI0KBKE57 NON -MICR Tripura
27 Melaghar- Melaghar UTBI0MEL054 NON -MICR Tripura
28 Ranirbazar- Ranirbazar UTBI0RBZ997 NON -MICR Tripura
29 Salgarh- Salgarah UTBI0SGHE56 NON -MICR Tripura
30 Sikaribari- Sikaribari Upanagari UTBI0SIKE30 NON -MICR Tripura
31 Chaumanu- Manughat UTBI0CHUE15 NON -MICR Tripura
32 Bachaibari- Bachaibari UTBI0BACE13 NON -MICR Tripura
33 Vanmun- Vanmun UTBI0VMNE89 NON -MICR Tripura
34 Gour Nagar- Gournagar UTBI0GNRE92 NON -MICR Tripura
35 Mohanbhog- Mohanbhog UTBI0MBGE58 NON -MICR Tripura
36 Jatanbari- Jatanbari UTBI0JTBC07 NON -MICR Tripura
37 Killa- Udaipur UTBI0KILE14 NON -MICR Tripura
38 Siddinagar- Siddinagar UTBI0SIDE16 NON -MICR Tripura
39 Jirania- Jirania UTBI0JIR986 NON -MICR Tripura
40 Machmara- Machmara UTBI0MCAE91 NON -MICR Tripura
41 Maharanipur- Krishnapur UTBI0MNPF14 NON -MICR Tripura
42 Chandrapur- Agartala UTBI0CDRF82 NON MICR Tripura
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