United Bank of India - Orissa

IFSC Codes of all branches of United Bank of India situated in Orissa state of India.

Get details of all branches of United Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

United Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of ORISSA. All the branches of United Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of United Bank of India having branches in ORISSA.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Balasore- Balasore UTBI0BAL425 756027002 Orissa
2 Bhubaneswar- Bhubaneswar UTBI0BBS414 751027002 Orissa
3 Baldevjee Mandir- Baldevjee Mandir UTBI0BDM482 NON-MICR Orissa
4 Bargarh- Bargarh UTBI0BGA442 NON-MICR Orissa
5 Berhampur (Ganjum)- Brahmapur UTBI0BHG404 NON-MICR Orissa
6 Birmitrapur- Birmitrapur UTBI0BIR421 NON-MICR Orissa
7 Bolangir- Bolangir UTBI0BLNK21 NON-MICR Orissa
8 Bondamunda- Bondumunda UTBI0BON492 700027203 Orissa
9 Baripada- Mayurbhanj UTBI0BPD422 NON-MICR Orissa
10 Basundhara Area (Mcl)- Sundargarh UTBI0BSRK38 NON-MICR Orissa
11 Chandikhol- Chandikhol UTBI0CHO455 NON-MICR Orissa
12 Chandakka Industrial Estate- Bhubaneswar UTBI0CIEJ48 751027003 Orissa
13 Charampa- Charampa UTBI0CMP429 NON-MICR Orissa
14 Cuttack- Cuttack UTBI0CUT401 753027002 Orissa
15 Dhanupali- Dhanupali UTBI0DAPK25 NON-MICR Orissa
16 Dhenkanal- Dhenkanal UTBI0DHLJ33 NON-MICR Orissa
17 Nayapalli- Bhubaneswar UTBI0HDBJ02 751027005 Orissa
18 Heads Of Department Buildings (Bhubaneswar)- Bhubaneswar UTBI0HEAK32 751027008 Orissa
19 Hemgir- Hemgir UTBI0HEM495 NON-MICR Orissa
20 Hotel Kalinga (Ashoka)- Bhubaneswar UTBI0HKAK34 751027009 Orissa
21 Jagatsingpur- Jagatsinghapur UTBI0JGP428 NON-MICR Orissa
22 Jhirpani- Jhirpani UTBI0JPN497 NON-MICR Orissa
23 Jharsuguda- Sambalpur UTBI0JRDK17 NON-MICR Orissa
24 Jaleswar- Jaleswar UTBI0JSW426 NON-MICR Orissa
25 Keonjhar- Keonjhar UTBI0KEOJ12 NON-MICR Orissa
26 Khurda- Khurda UTBI0KHU441 NON-MICR Orissa
27 Kendrapara College- Kendrapara UTBI0KPCK33 NON-MICR Orissa
28 Kulad- Kulad UTBI0KULJ20 NON-MICR Orissa
29 Malisahi- Bhubaneswar UTBI0MSHK20 751027004 Orissa
30 Nayabazar- Cuttack UTBI0NAYJ03 753027003 Orissa
31 Orissa Legislative Assembly- Bhubaneswar UTBI0OSBK31 751027007 Orissa
32 Paradip- Paradeep UTBI0PAR467 754027002 Orissa
33 Puri- Puri UTBI0PUR418 752027002 Orissa
34 Ranihat- Cuttack UTBI0RNH444 753027005 Orissa
35 Raghunathpur (Orissa)- Raghunathpur UTBI0RNP452 NON-MICR Orissa
36 Rourkela- Raurkela UTBI0ROU412 NON-MICR Orissa
37 Sambalpur- Sambalpur UTBI0SBP439 NON-MICR Orissa
38 Saheednagar- Bhubaneswar UTBI0SDN468 751027006 Orissa
39 Swargadwar- Puri UTBI0SGDK40 NON-MICR Orissa
40 Sundargarh- Sundargarh UTBI0SUN461 NON-MICR Orissa
41 Talcher- Talcher UTBI0TAL479 NON-MICR Orissa
42 Thermal Power Station (Talcher)- Talcher UTBI0TPSJ16 NON-MICR Orissa
43 Tirtol- Tirtol UTBI0TRL433 NON-MICR Orissa
44 Uditnagar- Raurkela UTBI0UDI477 NON-MICR Orissa
45 Nuapatna- Bhubaneswar UTBI0NUAJ34 NON-MICR Orissa
46 Nimpur- Bhubaneswar UTBI0NIPJ22 NON-MICR Orissa
47 Jeypore- Bhubaneswar UTBI0JYPJ49 NON-MICR Orissa
48 Rambha- Puri UTBI0RMB458 NON-MICR Orissa
49 Baunsadiha- Balasore UTBI0BUD449 NON-MICR Orissa
50 Catholic Diocese Sambalpur- Sambalpur UTBI0CDSK24 NON-MICR Orissa
51 Fertilizer Township- Sambalpur UTBI0FTBK16 NON-MICR Orissa
52 Chandwa- Sambalpur UTBI0CHWJ18 NON-MICR Orissa
53 Bhutmundei- Bhutmundei UTBI0BHD465 NON-MICR Orissa
54 Kanikapada- Kanikapada UTBI0KKPJ55 NON-MICR Orissa
55 Rupsa- Rupsa UTBI0RUP493 NON-MICR Orissa
56 Ersama- Dhihasahi(Ersama) UTBI0ERS484 NON-MICR Orissa
57 Osakana- Osakana UTBI0OSAJ56 NON-MICR Orissa
58 Dura- Dura UTBI0DURJ19 NON-MICR Orissa
59 Tauntara- Tauntara UTBI0TAUJ76 NON -MICR Orissa
60 Chhamouza- Balasore UTBI0CMZK15 NON -MICR Orissa
61 Kusupur- Kusupur UTBI0KUS476 NON -MICR Orissa
62 Mangalpur- Mangalpur UTBI0MGPJ21 NON -MICR Orissa
63 Balia- Balia UTBI0BAO469 NON -MICR Orissa
64 Bilaimunda- Bilaimunda UTBI0BILJ35 NON -MICR Orissa
65 Rasgobindapur- Rasgovindapur UTBI0RGV451 NON -MICR Orissa
66 Deuli- Deuli UTBI0DEUJ24 NON -MICR Orissa
67 Barapada- Barapada UTBI0BRDJ36 NON -MICR Orissa
68 Dhihasahi- Dhihasahi(Ersama) UTBI0DSHK13 NON -MICR Orissa
69 Berhampur (Balasore)- Berhampur UTBI0BHBJ84 NON -MICR Orissa
70 Jagganath Area (Mcl)- Jagannathpur UTBI0JGAK37 NON -MICR Orissa
71 Balimunda- Balimunda UTBI0BMDJ28 NON -MICR Orissa
72 Chhatrapada Chhak- Chhatrapada UTBI0CCKJ70 NON -MICR Orissa
73 B D Pur- Bijaya Dhanurjaya Pur UTBI0BDPJ30 NON -MICR Orissa
74 Angulei- Angulai UTBI0ANG483 NON -MICR Orissa
75 Gosani- Gosani UTBI0GOSK02 NON -MICR Orissa
76 Badakodanda- Badakodanda UTBI0BADJ15 NON -MICR Orissa
77 Padmabati- Padmabati UTBI0PADJ52 NON -MICR Orissa
78 Dhansara- Dhansara UTBI0DHSJ53 NON -MICR Orissa
79 Talabasta- Talabasta UTBI0TLBJ59 NON -MICR Orissa
80 Lanjiberna- Lanjiberna UTBI0LJB478 NON -MICR Orissa
81 Mathakargola- Mathakargola UTBI0MKGJ31 NON -MICR Orissa
82 Gadia- Gadia UTBI0GADJ25 NON -MICR Orissa
83 Kulundi- Kulundi UTBI0KLIJ96 NON -MICR Orissa
84 Kuliana- Kuliana UTBI0KIA491 NON -MICR Orissa
85 Basipitha- Basipitha UTBI0BPHJ23 NON -MICR Orissa
86 Nalagaja- Nalagaja UTBI0NALJ26 NON -MICR Orissa
87 Gopalpur- Gopalpur UTBI0GPPJ32 NON -MICR Orissa
88 Manada- Manada UTBI0MNDK01 NON -MICR Orissa
89 Ghagarbeda- Ghargarbeda UTBI0GGBJ27 NON -MICR Orissa
90 Alligonda- Alligonda UTBI0ALGK11 NON -MICR Orissa
91 Mohana- Mohana UTBI0MOHJ01 NON -MICR Orissa
92 Nadigan- Nadigaon UTBI0NADJ95 NON -MICR Orissa
93 Naligunda- Nalgunda UTBI0NLGK12 NON -MICR Orissa
94 Nischinta- Nischinta UTBI0NSTK08 NON -MICR Orissa
95 Potlampur- Potlampur UTBI0POTJ29 NON -MICR Orissa
96 Daruha- Daruha UTBI0DRAK14 NON -MICR Orissa
97 Bandalo- Bandalo UTBI0BDLJ83 NON -MICR Orissa
98 Budamara- Budamara UTBI0BUMK10 NON -MICR Orissa
99 Betnoti- Betnoti UTBI0BTT432 NON -MICR Orissa
100 Dhamara- Dhamara UTBI0DHMJ38 NON -MICR Orissa
101 Gandala-Belgaon- Gandala Belgaon UTBI0GNB475 NON -MICR Orissa
102 Mahakalpada- Mahakalpada UTBI0MKP485 NON -MICR Orissa
103 Motto- Motto UTBI0MOT498 NON -MICR Orissa
104 Hingula- Kalamchhuin UTBI0HNLK55 NON-MICR Orissa
105 Nayagarh- Nayagarh UTBI0NYHK57 NON MICR Orissa
106 Service Bhubaneswar- Bhubaneswar UTBI0SEBK62 NON MICR Orissa
107 Phulbani- Phulbani UTBI0PHIK61 NON MICR Orissa
108 Boudh- Boudh UTBI0BOUK63 NON MICR Orissa
109 Jajpur- Jajpur Town UTBI0JJPK69 NON MICR Orissa
110 Paralakhemundi- Parlakhemundi UTBI0PMUK70 NON MICR Orissa
111 Chandrasekharpur- Khurda UTBI0CDPK64 NON MICR Orissa
112 Nabarangpur- Nabarangapur UTBI0NAPK74 NON MICR Orissa
113 Angul- Angul UTBI0ANLK54 NON MICR Orissa
114 Rayagada- Rayagada UTBI0RGAK73 NON MICR Orissa
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