United Bank of India - Jharkhand

IFSC Codes of all branches of United Bank of India situated in Jharkhand state of India.

Get details of all branches of United Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

United Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of JHARKHAND. All the branches of United Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of United Bank of India having branches in JHARKHAND.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Bistupur- Jamshedpur UTBI0BIUJ46 831027003 Jharkhand
2 Bank Mor- Dhanbad UTBI0BKM481 826027003 Jharkhand
3 Bokaro Steel City- Bokaro Steel City UTBI0BOC424 827027002 Jharkhand
4 Bokaro Steel City Industrial Estate- Bokaro Steel City UTBI0BOE448 NON-MICR Jharkhand
5 Bhowra- Bhowra UTBI0BWR460 NON-MICR Jharkhand
6 Central Coalfields- Ranchi UTBI0CCLK28 834027008 Jharkhand
7 Charhi- Charhi(Sadar) UTBI0CHIJ99 NON-MICR Jharkhand
8 Chas Bazar- Dhanbad UTBI0CHZ417 700027225 Jharkhand
9 Deoghar- Deoghar UTBI0DEOJ11 NON-MICR Jharkhand
10 Dhanbad- Dhanbad UTBI0DHB403 826027002 Jharkhand
11 Daltonganj- Daltonganj UTBI0DLTJ08 NON-MICR Jharkhand
12 Delhi Public School- Dhanbad UTBI0DPDK27 826027004 Jharkhand
13 D.V.C. Hazaribagh- Hazaribagh UTBI0DVHK26 700027302 Jharkhand
14 Giridih College- Giridih UTBI0GCLK30 NON-MICR Jharkhand
15 Giridih- Giridih UTBI0GDH406 815027002 Jharkhand
16 Ghatsila- Ghatsila UTBI0GHS420 NON-MICR Jharkhand
17 Hatia- Ranchi UTBI0HAT415 834027004 Jharkhand
18 Hazaribagh- Hazaribagh UTBI0HZB407 825027002 Jharkhand
19 Irba- Irba Village UTBI0IRBK35 834027007 Jharkhand
20 Jaridih Bazar- Janta Jaridih UTBI0JDB430 NON-MICR Jharkhand
21 Jhumritelaiya- Jhumritilaiya UTBI0JHU408 NON-MICR Jharkhand
22 Jamshedpur- Jamshedpur UTBI0JSD423 831027002 Jharkhand
23 Kanke- Kanke UTBI0KKE434 221027003 Jharkhand
24 Lohardaga- Lohardaga UTBI0LDG419 NON-MICR Jharkhand
25 Morabadi- Ranchi UTBI0MBD437 834027006 Jharkhand
26 Maithan- Maithon UTBI0MHNK29 700027209 Jharkhand
27 Mandar- Mandar UTBI0MNR440 NON-MICR Jharkhand
28 Madhupur- Madhupur UTBI0MPRK39 NON-MICR Jharkhand
29 Namkum- Namkum UTBI0NKM435 834027006 Jharkhand
30 Ranchi- Ranchi UTBI0RAN411 834027002 Jharkhand
31 Ramgarh- Ramgarh UTBI0RMG466 NON-MICR Jharkhand
32 Sandhya Bazar- Hazaribagh UTBI0SBZD16 NON-MICR Jharkhand
33 St. Columba's College- Hazaribagh UTBI0SCCJ17 NON-MICR Jharkhand
34 Tupudana- Ranchi UTBI0TPDK41 NON-MICR Jharkhand
35 R.K.Mission Vidyapith(Deogarh)- Deoghar UTBI0RKVK23 NON-MICR Jharkhand
36 Birni- Dhanbad UTBI0BIN490 NON-MICR Jharkhand
37 Amlabad- Amlabad UTBI0AMLJ43 NON-MICR Jharkhand
38 Kolebira- Kolebira UTBI0KLB454 NON-MICR Jharkhand
39 Kedla- Kedla UTBI0KED459 NON-MICR Jharkhand
40 Nawatoli- Nawatoli UTBI0NWT472 NON -MICR Jharkhand
41 Torpa- Torpa UTBI0TOR453 NON -MICR Jharkhand
42 Basia- Basia UTBI0BSI470 NON -MICR Jharkhand
43 Larikalan- Larikalan UTBI0LARJ82 NON -MICR Jharkhand
44 Kalubathan- Kalubathan UTBI0KBTJ44 NON -MICR Jharkhand
45 Soso- Soso UTBI0SOSJ81 NON -MICR Jharkhand
46 Rania- Rania UTBI0RNAJ14 NON -MICR Jharkhand
47 Parsabad- Parsabad UTBI0PBD489 NON -MICR Jharkhand
48 Dumri- Dumri Kala UTBI0DMRJ75 NON -MICR Jharkhand
49 Ojhadih- Katania-Ojhadih UTBI0OJHJ69 NON -MICR Jharkhand
50 Chanho- Chanho UTBI0CNO487 NON -MICR Jharkhand
51 Kamdara- Kamdara UTBI0KDR473 NON -MICR Jharkhand
52 Kuru- Kuru UTBI0KUR438 NON -MICR Jharkhand
53 Tapkara- Tapkara UTBI0TPK471 NON -MICR Jharkhand
54 Tundi- Tundi UTBI0TUN488 NON -MICR Jharkhand
55 Gumla- Gumla UTBI0GMAK44 NON MICR Jharkhand
56 Jamtara- Jamtara UTBI0JTRK47 NON MICR Jharkhand
57 Chatra- Chatra UTBI0CTAK43 NON MICR Jharkhand
58 Godda- Godda UTBI0GDAK46 NON MICR Jharkhand
59 Saraikela- Seraikela UTBI0SKAK58 NON MICR Jharkhand
60 Khunti- Khunti UTBI0KUTK59 NON MICR Jharkhand
61 Chaibasa- Chaibasa UTBI0CIAK60 NON MICR Jharkhand
62 Garhwa- Garhwa UTBI0GWAK78 NON MICR Jharkhand
63 Latehar- Latehar UTBI0LERK77 NON MICR Jharkhand
64 Sahibganj- Sahibganj UTBI0SHGK79 NON MICR Jharkhand
65 Simdega- Simdega UTBI0SMAK45 NON MICR Jharkhand
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