United Bank of India - Bihar

IFSC Codes of all branches of United Bank of India situated in Bihar state of India.

Get details of all branches of United Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

United Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of BIHAR. All the branches of United Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of United Bank of India having branches in BIHAR.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Bir Chand Patel Marg- Patna UTBI0BCMK42 800027008 Bihar
2 Begusarai- Begusarai UTBI0BEG464 NON-MICR Bihar
3 Bhagalpur- Bhagalpur UTBI0BHL456 NON-MICR Bihar
4 Bihar Sharif- Bihar Sharif UTBI0BIFJ10 NON-MICR Bihar
5 Barauni- Barauni UTBI0BNI413 NON-MICR Bihar
6 Bar Council- Patna UTBI0BRCK22 800027009 Bihar
7 Darbhanga- Darbhanga UTBI0DAR402 NON-MICR Bihar
8 Gaya- Gaya UTBI0GYA405 NON-MICR Bihar
9 Katihar- Katihar UTBI0KIR431 NON-MICR Bihar
10 Kankarbagh- Patna UTBI0KKB463 800027004 Bihar
11 Longertoli- Patna UTBI0LGT443 800027003 Bihar
12 Mohiuddinnagar- Mohiuddi Nagar UTBI0MHD496 NON-MICR Bihar
13 Munger- Munghyr UTBI0MON446 NON-MICR Bihar
14 Motijheel- Muzaffarpur UTBI0MTJJ07 NON-MICR Bihar
15 Patna- Patna UTBI0PAT409 800027002 Bihar
16 Purnea- Purnea UTBI0PNA427 NON-MICR Bihar
17 Pataliputra Colony- Patna UTBI0PPCJ50 800027007 Bihar
18 Rajendra Path- Patna UTBI0RDPJ09 800027005 Bihar
19 Srikrishnapuri- Patna UTBI0SKP462 800027006 Bihar
20 Samastipur- Samastipur UTBI0STP447 NON-MICR Bihar
21 Kishanganj- Purnea UTBI0KIS445 NON-MICR Bihar
22 Baheri- Darbhanga UTBI0BAE480 NON-MICR Bihar
23 Muzaffarpur- Saryagunge UTBI0MUZ416 NON-MICR Bihar
24 English- Mairwa UTBI0ENGJ74 NON-MICR Bihar
25 Dehri- Dehri-On-Sone UTBI0DEH457 NON-MICR Bihar
26 Jalalpur (Bihar)- Jalalpur UTBI0JPRJ45 NON-MICR Bihar
27 Bhagwanpur- Bhagwanpur UTBI0BWP450 NON-MICR Bihar
28 Kanti- Kanti UTBI0KTIJ13 NON-MICR Bihar
29 Bharwara- Bharwara UTBI0BWA494 NON-MICR Bihar
30 Korha- Korha UTBI0KOR436 NON-MICR Bihar
31 Kolasi- Kolasi UTBI0KOLJ51 NON -MICR Bihar
32 Usrishikarpur- Usri UTBI0USRJ37 NON -MICR Bihar
33 Alapur- Alapur UTBI0ALRJ64 NON -MICR Bihar
34 Balarampur(Katihar)- Balarampur UTBI0BLKJ06 NON -MICR Bihar
35 Minapur- Minapur UTBI0MIPJ04 NON -MICR Bihar
36 Radhanagar- Radhanagar UTBI0RNGJ87 NON -MICR Bihar
37 Gokula- Gokula Rupouli UTBI0GKLJ63 NON -MICR Bihar
38 Narghoghi- Narghoghi UTBI0NGGJ73 NON -MICR Bihar
39 Purushottampur- Purushottampur UTBI0POPJ57 NON -MICR Bihar
40 Kheria- Kheria UTBI0KHEJ41 NON -MICR Bihar
41 Mustafapur- Mustafapur UTBI0MUSJ65 NON -MICR Bihar
42 Mankauli- Manikauli UTBI0MKLJ58 NON -MICR Bihar
43 Dhibar- Dhiber UTBI0DHIJ71 NON -MICR Bihar
44 Mahaddipur- Mahaddipur UTBI0MDPJ91 NON -MICR Bihar
45 Machhipur- Machhipur UTBI0MACJ77 NON -MICR Bihar
46 Bishanpur- Bishunpur UTBI0BIPJ79 NON -MICR Bihar
47 Karsar- Karsar UTBI0KRSJ88 NON -MICR Bihar
48 Gouspur- Gauspur UTBI0GSPJ92 NON -MICR Bihar
49 Chachraha- Chachraha UTBI0CHRJ93 NON -MICR Bihar
50 Bangawan- Bangawan UTBI0BGWJ94 NON -MICR Bihar
51 Belwa- Belwa UTBI0BEWJ62 NON -MICR Bihar
52 Nawadih- Nawadih UTBI0NAWJ67 NON -MICR Bihar
53 Lagmahat- Lagmahat UTBI0LAGJ47 NON -MICR Bihar
54 Bhogaon- Bhogaon UTBI0BHOJ72 NON -MICR Bihar
55 Jairampur- Jairampur UTBI0JRPJ42 NON -MICR Bihar
56 Rupauli- Rupauli UTBI0RPLK04 NON -MICR Bihar
57 Bedaul Asli- Bedaul Asli UTBI0BEDJ60 NON -MICR Bihar
58 Basantpur Patti- Basantpur Patti UTBI0BSPJ89 NON -MICR Bihar
59 Dharhara- Dharhara UTBI0DHHJ78 NON -MICR Bihar
60 Kusheswarasthan- Kusheswar Asthan UTBI0KWTJ05 NON -MICR Bihar
61 Nawabganj (Bihar)- Nawabganj UTBI0NWGJ68 NON -MICR Bihar
62 Bahdinpur- Bahdinpur UTBI0BAIJ61 NON -MICR Bihar
63 Belsandi Tara- Belsandi Tara UTBI0BLTJ66 NON -MICR Bihar
64 Dawan- Danwan UTBI0DAWJ86 NON -MICR Bihar
65 Mirchaibari- Mirchaibari UTBI0MIRJ40 NON -MICR Bihar
66 Naur- Naur UTBI0NAUJ85 NON -MICR Bihar
67 Araria- Araria UTBI0ARRK51 NON-MICR Bihar
68 Hajipur- Hajipur UTBI0HJRK50 NON MICR Bihar
69 Ara- Aer UTBI0ARAK48 NON MICR Bihar
70 Buxar- Buxar UTBI0BXRK49 NON MICR Bihar
71 Motihari- Motihari UTBI0MHIK67 NON MICR Bihar
72 Sasaram- Sasaram UTBI0SSMK68 NON MICR Bihar
73 Madhubani- Madhubani UTBI0MAIK66 NON MICR Bihar
74 Banka- Banka UTBI0BKAK52 NON MICR Bihar
75 Aurangabad (Bihar)- Aurangabad UTBI0AUDK65 NON MICR Bihar
76 Saharsa- Saharsa UTBI0SRSK71 NON MICR Bihar
77 Supaul- Supaul UTBI0SULK72 NON MICR Bihar
78 Bari Balia- Begusarai UTBI0BBLK81 NON MICR Bihar
79 Jhanjharpur- Jhanjharpur UTBI0JJRK82 NON MICR Bihar
80 Siwan- Siwan UTBI0SWNK80 NON MICR Bihar
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