Union Bank of India - Uttaranchal

IFSC Codes of all branches of Union Bank of India situated in Uttaranchal state of India.

Get details of all branches of Union Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Union Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of UTTARANCHAL. All the branches of Union Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Union Bank of India having branches in UTTARANCHAL.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Dehradun- Dehradun UBIN0530689 248026002 Uttaranchal
2 Rishikesh- Dehradun UBIN0530697 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
3 Landour (Mussoorie) - Landour UBIN0530701 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
4 Hardwar- Hardwar UBIN0534218 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
5 Sahaspur- Sahaspur UBIN0534251 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
6 Muni-Ki-Reti - Muni-Ki-Reti UBIN0534366 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
7 Chamma- Chamma UBIN0534374 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
8 Chham- Chamma UBIN0534382 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
9 Roorkee- Hardwar UBIN0534404 247026102 Uttaranchal
10 Tehri- Tehri UBIN0540200 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
11 Budna Lassya- Budna Lassya UBIN0540439 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
12 Haldwani- Haldwani UBIN0541168 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
13 Cheka- Cheka UBIN0544230 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
14 Kumalda- Kumalda UBIN0544281 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
15 Madannegi- Jakhanidar UBIN0545881 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
16 Tanakpur- Tanakpur UBIN0546569 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
17 Sherpur Khelmau- Sherpur Khelmau UBIN0548120 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
18 Forest Research Institute - Dehradun- Dehradun UBIN0549690 248026003 Uttaranchal
19 Waverly - Waverly ? UBIN0550329 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
20 M.K.P.College- Dehradun UBIN0550337 248026004 Uttaranchal
21 Rudrapur(Dist U S Nagar)- Rudrapur UBIN0550515 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
22 Chandrabani (Wild Life Inst)- Dehradun UBIN0551856 248026006 Uttaranchal
23 Wadia Inst.Of Himalayan Zlgy- Dehradun UBIN0551864 248026005 Uttaranchal
24 Khatima- Khatima UBIN0552101 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
25 Kashipur- Kashipur UBIN0552402 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
26 Srinagar - Pauri Garhwal- Srinagar UBIN0552607 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
27 Nainital- Nainital UBIN0553476 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
28 Kl Polytechnic Roorkee- Roorkee UBIN0553492 247026103 Uttaranchal
29 Survey Of India- Dehradun UBIN0553506 248026007 Uttaranchal
30 Pauri- Pauri UBIN0554162 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
31 Nagar Nigam- Dehradun UBIN0554391 248026008 Uttaranchal
32 Dav Public School- Haldwani UBIN0554405 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
33 Patel Nagar- Dehradun UBIN0554659 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
34 Patel Nagar Dehradun- Dehradun UBIN0556459 248026009 Uttaranchal
35 Goalpara- Guwahati UBIN0559075 783026202 Uttaranchal
36 Amroha- Meerut UBIN0559083 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
37 Laksar- Dehradun UBIN0560219 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
38 Kotdwar- Dehradun UBIN0560227 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
39 Gopeshwar- Dehradun UBIN0560235 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
40 Ladpur Dehradun- Dehradun UBIN0560243 NON MICR Uttaranchal
41 Vikas Nagar Dehradun- Vikas Nagar UBIN0560197 NON MICR Uttaranchal
42 Ajabpur- Dehradun UBIN0560251 NON MICR Uttaranchal
43 Sitarganj- Sitarganj UBIN0560154 NON MICR Uttaranchal
44 Prem Nagar- Dehradun UBIN0560260 NON MICR Uttaranchal
45 Bhagwanpur- Bhagwanpur UBIN0560201 NON MICR Uttaranchal
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