Union Bank of India - Punjab

IFSC Codes of all branches of Union Bank of India situated in Punjab state of India.

Get details of all branches of Union Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Union Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of PUNJAB. All the branches of Union Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Union Bank of India having branches in PUNJAB.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Ferozpur- Ferozpur UBIN0530816 NON-MICR Punjab
2 Amritsar Main- Amritsar UBIN0530824 143026002 Punjab
3 Jalandhar Main- Jalandhar UBIN0530832 144026002 Punjab
4 Rourka Kalan- Rourka Kalan UBIN0530841 NON-MICR Punjab
5 Barapind- Barapind UBIN0530859 NON-MICR Punjab
6 Bilga (Dist. Jullunder)- Bilga UBIN0530867 NON-MICR Punjab
7 Boparai- Boparai UBIN0530875 NON-MICR Punjab
8 Jandiala- Jundiala UBIN0530883 NON-MICR Punjab
9 Shankar- Shankar UBIN0530891 NON-MICR Punjab
10 Ludhiana Main- Ludhiana UBIN0530905 141026001 Punjab
11 Adampur Doaba- Adampur UBIN0534021 NON-MICR Punjab
12 Mukatsar- Mukatsar UBIN0535494 NON-MICR Punjab
13 Sangrur- Sangrur UBIN0535532 NON-MICR Punjab
14 Bhatinda- Bhatinda UBIN0537276 151026002 Punjab
15 Patiala Main- Patiala UBIN0537926 NON-MICR Punjab
16 Purhiran- Phagwara UBIN0538132 NON-MICR Punjab
17 Phullanwala- Phullanwala UBIN0538566 141026005 Punjab
18 Faridkot- Faridkot UBIN0538639 NON-MICR Punjab
19 Noor Mahal- Noor Mahal UBIN0538671 NON-MICR Punjab
20 Nawanshahar Doaba- Nawanshahar UBIN0538710 NON-MICR Punjab
21 Mussapur- Mussapur UBIN0538728 NON-MICR Punjab
22 Pathankot- Pathankot UBIN0538795 NON-MICR Punjab
23 Gobindgarh Mandi- Gobind Garh UBIN0538914 NON-MICR Punjab
24 Batala- Batala UBIN0538965 NON-MICR Punjab
25 Jassowal- Jassowal UBIN0538973 NON-MICR Punjab
26 Mahilpur- Mahalpur UBIN0539007 NON-MICR Punjab
27 Khanna- Khanna UBIN0539015 NON-MICR Punjab
28 Nakodar- Nakodar UBIN0539040 NON-MICR Punjab
29 Moga- Moga UBIN0539058 NON-MICR Punjab
30 Jullandhar- Jalandhar UBIN0539066 144 026 003 Punjab
31 Khanpur - Kharar- Kharar UBIN0539228 160026014 Punjab
32 Hoshiarpur- Hoshiarpur UBIN0539252 NON-MICR Punjab
33 Majith Mandi - Amritsar- Amritsar UBIN0539724 143026005 Punjab
34 G T Road - Ludhiana- Ludhiana UBIN0539732 141026002 Punjab
35 Buttaran- Buttaran UBIN0540471 NON-MICR Punjab
36 Mustafapur- Mustafapur UBIN0540480 NON-MICR Punjab
37 Akhara- Akhara UBIN0540498 NON-MICR Punjab
38 Latala- Latala UBIN0540587 NON-MICR Punjab
39 Ghawadi- Ghawadi UBIN0540609 NON-MICR Punjab
40 Harraipur- Harraipur UBIN0540706 NON-MICR Punjab
41 Bajwara- Bajwara UBIN0540846 NON-MICR Punjab
42 Dharampura Bazaar-Patiala- Patiala UBIN0542741 NON-MICR Punjab
43 Kot Santokh Rai- Kot Santokh Rai UBIN0544108 NON-MICR Punjab
44 Bhumbli- Bhumbli UBIN0544124 NON-MICR Punjab
45 S.A.S. Nagar - Mohali- Sas Nagar(Mohali) UBIN0544442 160026008 Punjab
46 Village Chugatti - Jalandhar- Jalandhar UBIN0545210 144026004 Punjab
47 Lawrence Road - Amritsar- Amritsar UBIN0545317 143026004 Punjab
48 Nandgarh - Bandi- Bandi UBIN0546453 NON-MICR Punjab
49 Bhagwangarh- Bhagwangarh UBIN0546461 NON-MICR Punjab
50 Chandan Nagar - Jalandhar- Nagar UBIN0548553 144026005 Punjab
51 Phagwara- Phagwara UBIN0549827 NON-MICR Punjab
52 Ludhiana - Ssi Finance- Ludhiana UBIN0550132 141026006 Punjab
53 Jalandhar - Overseas- Jalandhar UBIN0550141 144026006 Punjab
54 Shivala Bagh(Govt.Girls Hss)- Amritsar UBIN0550647 143026006 Punjab
55 Daimganj-Amritsar- Amritsar UBIN0550655 143026003 Punjab
56 Gill Road - Ludhiana- Ludhiana UBIN0550795 141026009 Punjab
57 Dugri Road- Ludhiana UBIN0550809 141026007 Punjab
58 Jalandhar- Ludhiana UBIN0550817 144 026 001 Punjab
59 Jalandhar - Ssi Finance- Jalandhar UBIN0550868 144026007 Punjab
60 Goraya- Goraya UBIN0551031 NON-MICR Punjab
61 Jagraon- Jagraon UBIN0551783 NON-MICR Punjab
62 Gtb Sahib Cha.Hospital- Ludhiana UBIN0552054 141026010 Punjab
63 Sdp Higher Secondary School- Ludhiana UBIN0552062 141026003 Punjab
64 Punjab Hsg. And Dev. Board Puda Mohali- Mohali UBIN0552917 160026009 Punjab
65 Banga- Banga UBIN0553441 NON-MICR Punjab
66 Dhariwal- Dhariwal UBIN0553581 NON-MICR Punjab
67 Kalanaur- Gurdaspur UBIN0553590 NON-MICR Punjab
68 Urban Estate Phase Jallandhar- Jallandhar UBIN0553962 NON-MICR Punjab
69 Urban Estate Phase Ii - Jalandhar- Jallandhar UBIN0553964 144026008 Punjab
70 Gurdaspur- Gurdaspur UBIN0553972 NON-MICR Punjab
71 Ranjit Avenue - Amritsar- Amritsar UBIN0553981 143026007 Punjab
72 Civil Lines - Ludhiana- Ludhiana UBIN0554421 141026012 Punjab
73 Bhatinda Kendra Vidyalaya- Bathinda UBIN0555541 NON-MICR Punjab
74 Shri S.D. Senior Sec. School - Moga- Moga UBIN0555550 NON-MICR Punjab
75 Rab Ludhiana- Ludhiana UBIN0556572 141026013 Punjab
76 Mansa- Mansa UBIN0557595 NON-MICR Punjab
77 Doaba Aryan Senior S- Nawanshahar UBIN0558460 NON-MICR Punjab
78 Union Loan Point Jalandhar- Jalandhar UBIN0558966 NON-MICR Punjab
79 Service Jalandhar Civil Lines Jalandhar- Jalandhar UBIN0559849 144026001 Punjab
80 Rajpura- Ludhiana UBIN0560383 140026002 Punjab
81 Abohar- Abohar UBIN0560391 NON-MICR Punjab
82 Ghudda- Bhatinda UBIN0560626 NON-MICR Punjab
83 Sultanpur Lodhi- Ludhiana UBIN0560715 NON-MICR Punjab
84 Rama Mandi Jalandhar- Jalandhar UBIN0560723 144026010 Punjab
85 Phillaur- Jalandhar UBIN0561525 NONMICR Punjab
86 Fateh Garh Sahib- Ludhiana UBIN0560405 NONMICR Punjab
87 Focal Point Ludhiana- Ludhiana UBIN0560413 141026014 Punjab
88 New Grain Market Pha- Kapur UBIN0561541 NONMICR Punjab
89 Shahkot- Jalandhar UBIN0561550 NONMICR Punjab
90 Airport Rd Amritsar- Amritsar UBIN0561533 NONMICR Punjab
91 Model Town Jalandhar- Jalandhar UBIN0561568 NONMICR Punjab
92 Dhuri- Dhuri UBIN0562351 NON MICR Punjab
93 Barnala- Barnala UBIN0562343 NON MICR Punjab
94 Tarn Taran- Tarn Taran UBIN0562611 NON-MICR Punjab
95 Barnala- Barnala UBIN0562343 NON MICR Punjab
96 Service Amritsar- Amritsar UBIN0559857 NON MICR Punjab
97 Patti- Patti UBIN0560731 NON MICR Punjab
98 Malerkotla- Malerkotla UBIN0562360 NON MICR Punjab
99 Sunam- Sunam UBIN0562947 NON MICR Punjab
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