Union Bank of India - Orissa

IFSC Codes of all branches of Union Bank of India situated in Orissa state of India.

Get details of all branches of Union Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Union Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of ORISSA. All the branches of Union Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Union Bank of India having branches in ORISSA.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Cuttack Main- Cuttack UBIN0530204 753026002 Orissa
2 Rourkela Main- Raurkela UBIN0530212 NON-MICR Orissa
3 Kotagarh- Malkangiri UBIN0530964 171026003 Orissa
4 Jharsuguda - Jharsuguda UBIN0535401 NON-MICR Orissa
5 Angul- Angul UBIN0535885 NON-MICR Orissa
6 Bhubaneshwar- Sambalpur UBIN0536521 NON-MICR Orissa
7 Bargarh- Bargarh UBIN0536539 NON-MICR Orissa
8 Jajpur- Jajpur UBIN0537080 NON-MICR Orissa
9 Kendrapara- Kendrapada UBIN0537268 NON-MICR Orissa
10 Bhubaneshwar Main- Bhubaneswar UBIN0538086 751026002 Orissa
11 Berhampur- Berhampur UBIN0538582 NON-MICR Orissa
12 Bhadrak- Bhadrak UBIN0538591 NON-MICR Orissa
13 Jeypore- Jeypore UBIN0539139 NON-MICR Orissa
14 Puri- Puri UBIN0539449 NON-MICR Orissa
15 Paralakhmundi- Paralakhmundi UBIN0540692 NON-MICR Orissa
16 College Square - Cuttack- Cuttack UBIN0540714 753026003 Orissa
17 Reamal- Reamal UBIN0541109 NON-MICR Orissa
18 Brajrajnagar- Brajarajnagar UBIN0541389 NON-MICR Orissa
19 Chandrashekharpur - Bhubaneshwar- Bhubaneswar UBIN0545058 751026004 Orissa
20 Balmukhli- Balamukuli UBIN0545236 NON-MICR Orissa
21 Utangara- Utanagara UBIN0545279 NON-MICR Orissa
22 Ambagaon - Rourkela- Raurkela UBIN0545562 NON-MICR Orissa
23 Panchugochhia- Panchugochhia UBIN0546232 NON-MICR Orissa
24 Keshadurapal- Keshadurapal UBIN0546267 NON-MICR Orissa
25 Malkangiri(Tamasa)- Tamasa UBIN0546372 NON-MICR Orissa
26 Sogar- Sogar UBIN0546381 NON-MICR Orissa
27 Badmal- Badmal UBIN0547328 NON-MICR Orissa
28 Churiapalli- Churipali UBIN0547336 NON-MICR Orissa
29 Dumuria- Dumuria UBIN0547760 NON-MICR Orissa
30 Kamgaon- Kamgaon UBIN0547778 NON-MICR Orissa
31 Port Market Area - Paradeep- Paradeep UBIN0548065 NON-MICR Orissa
32 Chadeyapalli- Chadeyapali UBIN0548618 NON-MICR Orissa
33 Khajuria- Khajuria UBIN0548626 NON-MICR Orissa
34 Jaynagar- Jaynagar UBIN0548634 NON-MICR Orissa
35 Baradia- Baradia UBIN0548642 NON-MICR Orissa
36 Gaisima- Gaisama UBIN0549100 NON-MICR Orissa
37 Kadaligarh- Kadaligarh UBIN0549291 NON-MICR Orissa
38 Kundhigola- Kundheigola UBIN0549321 NON-MICR Orissa
39 Palsama- Palsama UBIN0549339 NON-MICR Orissa
40 Talpadar- Talpadar UBIN0549347 NON-MICR Orissa
41 Naktideol- Naktideul UBIN0549355 NON-MICR Orissa
42 Balasore- Balasore UBIN0550060 NON-MICR Orissa
43 Madhupatna - Cuttack- Cuttack UBIN0551422 NON-MICR Orissa
44 South Balanda- South Balanda UBIN0552470 NON-MICR Orissa
45 Bandha Bahar- Bandhbahal UBIN0553638 NON-MICR Orissa
46 Aiginia - Bhubaneshwar Development Auth.- Bhubneshwar UBIN0553689 751026006 Orissa
47 Khurda- Khurda UBIN0553794 NON-MICR Orissa
48 Keonjhar- Keonjhar UBIN0553808 NON-MICR Orissa
49 Dhenkanel- Dhenkanal UBIN0554057 NON-MICR Orissa
50 Bhubneshwar- Bhubaneswar UBIN0554111 751 026 001 Orissa
51 Baripada- Baripada UBIN0554171 NON-MICR Orissa
52 Barbil- Barbil UBIN0555410 NON-MICR Orissa
53 Rayagada- Rayagada UBIN0557277 NON-MICR Orissa
54 Patia- Bhubaneshwar UBIN0557501 751026007 Orissa
55 Cda Bidnasi- Cuttak UBIN0558869 NON-MICR Orissa
56 Omfed Square Bhubneshwar- Bubneshwar UBIN0558893 751026008 Orissa
57 Union Loan Point Bhubaneshwar- Bhubaneshwar UBIN0558982 751026009 Orissa
58 Infocity Chandaka Ind Estate- Bhubaneshwar UBIN0559512 751026010 Orissa
59 Nayagarh- Nayagarh UBIN0560006 NON-MICR Orissa
60 Jagatsinghpur- Jagatsinghpur UBIN0560014 NON-MICR Orissa
61 Bhawanipatna- Bhawanipatna UBIN0560022 NON-MICR Orissa
62 Duburi (Kalinganagar)- Bhubaneshwar UBIN0561240 NON-MICR Orissa
63 Dhamara- Dhamara UBIN0562181 NONMICR Orissa
64 Bolangir- Bolangir UBIN0561401 NONMICR Orissa
65 Chhatrapur- Chhatrapur UBIN0562297 NON MICR Orissa
66 Kamapalli- Kamapalli UBIN0562599 NON MICR Orissa
67 Kamapalli- Kamapalli UBIN0562599 NON MICR Orissa
68 Shastrinagar- Bhubaneshwar UBIN0562581 NON MICR Orissa
69 Samantapur- Bhubaneshwar UBIN0562602 NON MICR Orissa
70 Phulbani- Phulbani UBIN0562505 NON MICR Orissa
71 Sonepur- Sonepur UBIN0561151 NON MICR Orissa
72 Nabarangpur- Nabarangpur UBIN0562513 NON MICR Orissa
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