Union Bank of India - Jharkhand

IFSC Codes of all branches of Union Bank of India situated in Jharkhand state of India.

Get details of all branches of Union Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Union Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of JHARKHAND. All the branches of Union Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Union Bank of India having branches in JHARKHAND.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Giridih- Giridih UBIN0530069 NON-MICR Jharkhand
2 Jainamore- Jainmore UBIN0530077 NON-MICR Jharkhand
3 Ranchi (Main)- Ranchi UBIN0530085 834026002 Jharkhand
4 Silli- Silli UBIN0530093 NON-MICR Jharkhand
5 Muri Ssi- Muri UBIN0530107 NON-MICR Jharkhand
6 Jamshedpur- Jamshedpur UBIN0530115 831026002 Jharkhand
7 Chandil Dist Seraikela- Chandil Dist Seraikela UBIN0534552 NON-MICR Jharkhand
8 Itki- Ranchi UBIN0535877 NON-MICR Jharkhand
9 Tamar- Tamar UBIN0536229 NON-MICR Jharkhand
10 Jhumritelaiya- Jhumritilaiya UBIN0536571 825026102 Jharkhand
11 Ranchi- Ranchi UBIN0538035 834 026 004 Jharkhand
12 Haldipukur- Haldipukur UBIN0538434 NON-MICR Jharkhand
13 Beniadih- Beniadih UBIN0539562 NON-MICR Jharkhand
14 Bengabad- Bengabad UBIN0539813 NON-MICR Jharkhand
15 Gandey- Gandev UBIN0539953 NON-MICR Jharkhand
16 Keredari- Keradari UBIN0539961 NON-MICR Jharkhand
17 Kumardungi- Kumardungi UBIN0540889 NON-MICR Jharkhand
18 Pilaval- Pilaval UBIN0541052 825026002 Jharkhand
19 Manjhari- Manjhari UBIN0541117 NON-MICR Jharkhand
20 Arki- Arki UBIN0541141 NON-MICR Jharkhand
21 Kantatoli- Ranchi UBIN0542580 834026005 Jharkhand
22 Bahadurpur- Bahadurpur UBIN0543331 NON-MICR Jharkhand
23 Ranchi- Bokaro Steel City UBIN0545244 827026002 Jharkhand
24 Chapuadih- Chapudih UBIN0545422 NON-MICR Jharkhand
25 Chattibariatu- Chatti Bariatu UBIN0545821 NON-MICR Jharkhand
26 Surda- Surda UBIN0546348 NON-MICR Jharkhand
27 Dhanbad- Dhanbad UBIN0546941 826026002 Jharkhand
28 Ranchi- Ranchi UBIN0548014 834 026 007 Jharkhand
29 Partappur- Partappur UBIN0549088 NON-MICR Jharkhand
30 Khayerpal- Khayerpal UBIN0549207 NON-MICR Jharkhand
31 Kalimati Road - Jamshedpur- Jamshedpur UBIN0550124 831026003 Jharkhand
32 Jamshedpur - Ssi Finance- Jamshedpur UBIN0550591 831026006 Jharkhand
33 Tinplate - Jamshedpur- Jamshedpur UBIN0550922 831026004 Jharkhand
34 Bihar State Mineral Dev.Corpn.- Doranda- Doranda UBIN0552895 834026003 Jharkhand
35 Director General Mine Safety- Dhanbad UBIN0552909 NON-MICR Jharkhand
36 Militry Hospital Namkum- Ranchi UBIN0553051 834026006 Jharkhand
37 Stb Upper Bazar- Ranchi UBIN0553336 834026008 Jharkhand
38 Ananda College Hazaribagh- Hazaribagh UBIN0553913 825026003 Jharkhand
39 Bokaro Steel City College- Bokaro Steel City UBIN0553921 NON-MICR Jharkhand
40 Ramgarh Cantonment- Ramgarh UBIN0554201 NON-MICR Jharkhand
41 Mango - Jamshedpur- Mango UBIN0554456 831026005 Jharkhand
42 Ranchi- Ranchi UBIN0554464 834 026 001 Jharkhand
43 Deoghar- Deoghar UBIN0555231 NON-MICR Jharkhand
44 Chaibasa- Chaibasa UBIN0555240 NON-MICR Jharkhand
45 Rab Ranchi- Ranchi UBIN0556653 834026010 Jharkhand
46 Dumka- Dumka UBIN0557391 NON-MICR Jharkhand
47 Bokaro Sector- Bokaro UBIN0558729 NON-MICR Jharkhand
48 Karma Koderma- Koderma UBIN0558737 NON-MICR Jharkhand
49 Deepatoli- Ranchi UBIN0558745 834026009 Jharkhand
50 Telco Jamshedpur- Jamshedpur UBIN0558753 NON-MICR Jharkhand
51 Khunti- Ranchi UBIN0559580 NON-MICR Jharkhand
52 Lohardaga- Ranchi UBIN0559598 Jharkhand
53 Gumla- Ranchi UBIN0559661 NON-MICR Jharkhand
54 Simdega- Ranchi UBIN0561789 NON-MICR Jharkhand
55 Kanke- Kanke UBIN0562157 NONMICR Jharkhand
56 Pakur- Pakur UBIN0562131 NONMICR Jharkhand
57 Godda- Godda UBIN0562114 NONMICR Jharkhand
58 Sahebganj- Sahebganj UBIN0562149 NONMICR Jharkhand
59 Daltonganj- Daltonganj UBIN0562122 NONMICR Jharkhand
60 Gobindpur- Dhanbad UBIN0562165 NONMICR Jharkhand
61 Barhi- Hazaribagh UBIN0559679 NON MICR Jharkhand
62 Saraikela- Saraikela UBIN0560952 NON MICR Jharkhand
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