Union Bank of India - Bihar

IFSC Codes of all branches of Union Bank of India situated in Bihar state of India.

Get details of all branches of Union Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Union Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of BIHAR. All the branches of Union Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Union Bank of India having branches in BIHAR.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Patna Main- Patna UBIN0530026 800026002 Bihar
2 Muzaffarpur Main- Muzaffarpur UBIN0530034 NON-MICR Bihar
3 Gaya- Gaya UBIN0530042 NON-MICR Bihar
4 Jamalpur Gogri- Gogri Jamalpur UBIN0530051 NON-MICR Bihar
5 Bhagalpur- Bhagalpur UBIN0534731 NON-MICR Bihar
6 Katra- Katra UBIN0535770 NON-MICR Bihar
7 Kurtha- Kurtha UBIN0536458 NON-MICR Bihar
8 Parbatta- Parbatta UBIN0537055 NON-MICR Bihar
9 Jamui- Jamui UBIN0537284 NON-MICR Bihar
10 Samastipur - Samastipur ? UBIN0537381 NON-MICR Bihar
11 Chautham- Chautham UBIN0538078 NON-MICR Bihar
12 Monghyr- Munghyr UBIN0538906 NON-MICR Bihar
13 Arrah - Arrah UBIN0539325 NON-MICR Bihar
14 Chapra- Chapra UBIN0539392 NON-MICR Bihar
15 Sandesh- Sandesh UBIN0539635 NON-MICR Bihar
16 Biharsharif- Bihar Sharif UBIN0540951 NON-MICR Bihar
17 Singhiaghat- Singhiaghat UBIN0541478 NON-MICR Bihar
18 Pagra Nawadah- Pagra Nawadah UBIN0541508 NON-MICR Bihar
19 Doriganj- Doriganj UBIN0541524 NON-MICR Bihar
20 Machhuatoli - Patna- Patna UBIN0542458 800026003 Bihar
21 Khodaibagh- Khodai Bagh UBIN0542784 NON-MICR Bihar
22 Faridpur- Faridpur UBIN0542822 NON-MICR Bihar
23 Kiranpur- Shahkund UBIN0542865 NON-MICR Bihar
24 Rajabazar - Patna- Patna UBIN0545325 800026004 Bihar
25 Gochhari- Gochhari UBIN0545635 NON-MICR Bihar
26 Motipur- Motipur UBIN0545686 NON-MICR Bihar
27 Birajpur- Birajpur UBIN0545724 NON-MICR Bihar
28 Nehalpur- Nehalpur UBIN0545996 NON-MICR Bihar
29 Delha- Gaya UBIN0546003 NON-MICR Bihar
30 Rangaon- Rangaon UBIN0546143 NON-MICR Bihar
31 Ganaili- Ganaili UBIN0546151 NON-MICR Bihar
32 Bajidpur (Majhauli)- Bazidpur UBIN0546160 NON-MICR Bihar
33 Musari Gharari(Rupauli Buzurg)- Gharsisai UBIN0546186 NON-MICR Bihar
34 Kewagachhi- Kewagacchi UBIN0546194 NON-MICR Bihar
35 Gangia- Gangia UBIN0546402 NON-MICR Bihar
36 Antichak- Antichak UBIN0546411 NON-MICR Bihar
37 Kishunpur (Baikunth)- Kishanpur UBIN0546429 NON-MICR Bihar
38 Pabai(Sidheshwar)- Pabai UBIN0546445 NON-MICR Bihar
39 Alinagar- Alinagar UBIN0547913 NON-MICR Bihar
40 Bagwan- Bagwan UBIN0547964 NON-MICR Bihar
41 Pirnagara- Pirnagra UBIN0548499 NON-MICR Bihar
42 Hazipur- Hajipur UBIN0550183 NON-MICR Bihar
43 Boring Road - Patna- Patna UBIN0551201 800026005 Bihar
44 Siwan- Siwan UBIN0551210 NON-MICR Bihar
45 Exhibition Road - Patna- Patna UBIN0552968 800026007 Bihar
46 Patna- Muzaffarpur UBIN0553450 NON-MICR Bihar
47 Khagaria- Khagaria UBIN0553671 NON-MICR Bihar
48 Kdkm Hospital Muzaffarpur- Muzaffarpur UBIN0553743 NON-MICR Bihar
49 Jlnm Bhagalpur- Jlnm Bhagalpur UBIN0553751 NON-MICR Bihar
50 B R B College Samastipur- Samastipur UBIN0554014 NON-MICR Bihar
51 Bahadurpur Housing Colony- Patna UBIN0554022 800026008 Bihar
52 Katihar- Katihar UBIN0554031 854026202 Bihar
53 Patna- Patna UBIN0554189 800 026 001 Bihar
54 Begusarai- Begusarai UBIN0554332 NON-MICR Bihar
55 Rab Patna- Patna UBIN0556564 NON-MICR Bihar
56 Gopalganj- Gopalganj UBIN0556726 NON-MICR Bihar
57 Motihari- Motihari UBIN0557234 NON-MICR Bihar
58 Bettiah- Bettiah UBIN0557242 NON-MICR Bihar
59 Patliputra Colony- Patna UBIN0557251 NON-MICR Bihar
60 Sitamarhi- Sitamarhi UBIN0557269 NON-MICR Bihar
61 Sagunamore- Patna UBIN0557722 800026011 Bihar
62 Purnea- Purnea UBIN0557731 NON-MICR Bihar
63 Darbhanga- Darbhanga UBIN0558796 846026002 Bihar
64 Bhabhua- Patna UBIN0559351 NON-MICR Bihar
65 Jehanabad- Patna UBIN0559369 NON-MICR Bihar
66 Pahari Patna- Patna UBIN0559971 NON-MICR Bihar
67 Mohania- Mohania UBIN0560308 NON-MICR Bihar
68 Nawadah- Nawadah UBIN0560316 NON-MICR Bihar
69 Kishanganj- Kishanganj UBIN0560324 NON-MICR Bihar
70 Kankarbagh- Patna UBIN0562246 NONMICR Bihar
71 Warsaliganj- Warsaliganj UBIN0562432 NON MICR Bihar
72 Chapra Road Siwan- Siwan UBIN0562467 NON MICR Bihar
73 Lakhisarai- Lakhisarai UBIN0562459 NON MICR Bihar
74 Araria- Araria UBIN0561088 NON MICR Bihar
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