UCO Bank - Assam

IFSC Codes of all branches of UCO Bank situated in Assam state of India.

Get details of all branches of UCO Bank with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

UCO Bank has lot of branches in the state of ASSAM. All the branches of UCO Bank have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of UCO Bank having branches in ASSAM.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Guwahati Main- Guwahati UCBA0000045 781028002 Assam
2 Silchar- Silchar UCBA0000080 NON-MICR Assam
3 Maligaon - Guwahati- Guwahati UCBA0000140 781028007 Assam
4 Dibrugarh- Dibrugarh UCBA0000183 786028002 Assam
5 Tezpur- Tezpur UCBA0000244 784028099 Assam
6 Bongaigaon- Bongaigaon UCBA0000366 783028002 Assam
7 Mankachar- Mankachar UCBA0000388 NON-MICR Assam
8 Sarthebari- Sarthebari UCBA0000395 NON-MICR Assam
9 Tihu- Tihu UCBA0000396 NON-MICR Assam
10 Sapatgram- Dhubri UCBA0000404 NON-MICR Assam
11 Gauripur- Gauripur UCBA0000405 NON-MICR Assam
12 Charali- Charali UCBA0000419 NON-MICR Assam
13 Rangapara- Rangapara UCBA0000422 NON-MICR Assam
14 Sonari- Sonari UCBA0000426 NON-MICR Assam
15 Dhubri- Dhubri UCBA0000473 NON-MICR Assam
16 Kokrajhar- Kokrajhar UCBA0000495 NON-MICR Assam
17 Dotma- Dotma UCBA0000499 NON-MICR Assam
18 Sonapur - Guwahati- Guwahati UCBA0000500 NON-MICR Assam
19 Howli- Howli UCBA0000501 NON-MICR Assam
20 Bijni- Bijni UCBA0000502 NON-MICR Assam
21 Jamugurihat- Jamugurighat UCBA0000503 NON-MICR Assam
22 Gossaigaon- Gossaigaon UCBA0000505 NON-MICR Assam
23 Udalguri- Udalguri UCBA0000512 NON-MICR Assam
24 Silpukhri- Guwahati UCBA0000533 781028005 Assam
25 Goreswar- Goreswar UCBA0000540 NON-MICR Assam
26 Tinsukia- Tinsukia UCBA0000546 786028202 Assam
27 Mangaldai- Mangaldai UCBA0000558 784028102 Assam
28 Dispur- Guwahati UCBA0000572 781028004 Assam
29 Dudhnai- Dudhnai UCBA0000625 NON-MICR Assam
30 Mazbat- Mazbat UCBA0000633 NON-MICR Assam
31 Lakhipur- Lakhipur UCBA0000660 NON-MICR Assam
32 Jalahghat- Jalaghat UCBA0000677 NON-MICR Assam
33 Rehabari- Guwahati UCBA0000709 781028003 Assam
34 Gohpur- Gohpur UCBA0000713 NON-MICR Assam
35 Goalpara- Goalpara UCBA0000715 NON-MICR Assam
36 Sipajhar- Sipajhar UCBA0000722 NON-MICR Assam
37 Chapar- Chapar UCBA0000728 NON-MICR Assam
38 Rangia- Rangia UCBA0000736 NON-MICR Assam
39 Duliajan- Duliajan UCBA0000737 786028302 Assam
40 Jorhat- Jorhat UCBA0000742 785028002 Assam
41 Tamulpur- Tamulpur UCBA0000771 NON-MICR Assam
42 Mukalmua- Mukalmua UCBA0000773 NON-MICR Assam
43 Agamoni- Dhubri UCBA0000790 NON-MICR Assam
44 Thelamara- Thelamara UCBA0000791 NON-MICR Assam
45 Kalaigaon- Kalaigaon UCBA0000794 NON-MICR Assam
46 Namrup- Namrup UCBA0000795 786028102 Assam
47 South Salmara- South Salmara UCBA0000796 NON-MICR Assam
48 Khairabari- Khairabari UCBA0000805 NON-MICR Assam
49 Karimganj- Karimganj UCBA0000822 781028102 Assam
50 Balipara- Balipara UCBA0000851 NON-MICR Assam
51 Dhekiajuli- Dhekiajuli UCBA0000852 NON-MICR Assam
52 Kharupetia- Kharupetia UCBA0000872 NON-MICR Assam
53 Bhella- Bhella UCBA0000887 NON-MICR Assam
54 Fakiragram- Fakiragram UCBA0000888 NON-MICR Assam
55 Dhaligaon- Dhaligaon UCBA0000889 NON-MICR Assam
56 Khowang- Khowang UCBA0000891 NON-MICR Assam
57 Tengakhat- Tengakhat UCBA0000893 NON-MICR Assam
58 Sibsagar- Sibsagar UCBA0001007 785028202 Assam
59 Chandrapur- Chandrapur UCBA0001030 NON-MICR Assam
60 Rani- Rani UCBA0001039 781028012 Assam
61 Bordubi- Bordubi UCBA0001048 NON-MICR Assam
62 North Lakhimpur- North Lakhimpur UCBA0001049 787028002 Assam
63 Helem- Helem UCBA0001079 NON-MICR Assam
64 Nalbari- Nalbari UCBA0001108 781028202 Assam
65 Srijangram- Bongaigaon UCBA0001115 NON-MICR Assam
66 Simlitola- Simlitola UCBA0001201 NON-MICR Assam
67 Jaleswar- Jaleswar UCBA0001202 NON-MICR Assam
68 Raniganj-Guwahati- Raniganj UCBA0001206 NON-MICR Assam
69 Bezera- Bezera UCBA0001207 NON-MICR Assam
70 Panchmile- Panchmile UCBA0001208 784028027 Assam
71 Mankota- Mankota UCBA0001254 NON-MICR Assam
72 Gorubandha- Gorudaria UCBA0001256 NON-MICR Assam
73 Nowgong- Nowgong UCBA0001336 782028102 Assam
74 Barpeta- Barpeta UCBA0001338 NON-MICR Assam
75 Bordoloni Tinali- Dhemaji UCBA0001362 787028026 Assam
76 Bonda- Bonda UCBA0001372 781028008 Assam
77 Dikhowmukh- Dikhowmukh UCBA0001384 NON-MICR Assam
78 Gingia- Gingia UCBA0001418 NON-MICR Assam
79 Dobok- Dobok UCBA0001427 NON-MICR Assam
80 Sakti Ashram- Fakiragram UCBA0001434 NON-MICR Assam
81 Bamunigaon- Buminigaon Bazar UCBA0001448 NON-MICR Assam
82 Dokomoka- Dokomoka UCBA0001456 NON-MICR Assam
83 Samaria Satra- Samaria Satra UCBA0001459 NON-MICR Assam
84 Jengrai- Jengrai UCBA0001504 NON-MICR Assam
85 Jagun- Jagun UCBA0001505 NON-MICR Assam
86 Barapathar- Barapathari UCBA0001545 NON-MICR Assam
87 Rajgarh Road Guwahati- Guwahati UCBA0001669 781028006 Assam
88 Krishnapur- Lala UCBA0001675 NON-MICR Assam
89 Barkanda- Barkanda UCBA0001681 NON-MICR Assam
90 Dhopguri- Dhopguri UCBA0001692 NON-MICR Assam
91 Rongpur- Rongsai UCBA0001719 NON-MICR Assam
92 Amingaon-Guwahati- Guwahati UCBA0001722 781028009 Assam
93 Digboi- Digboi UCBA0001812 786028402 Assam
94 Hojai- Hojai UCBA0001923 782028435 Assam
95 Paltan Bazar-Guwahati- Guwahati UCBA0001925 781028010 Assam
96 G.C.College Silchar- Silchar UCBA0001927 NON-MICR Assam
97 Down Town Br. Guwahati- Guwahati UCBA0001994 781028011 Assam
98 Assam University- Silchar UCBA0002005 788028005 Assam
99 Silchar Polytechnic- Silchar UCBA0002013 788028015 Assam
100 Service Guwahati- Guwahati UCBA0002122 781028001 Assam
101 Margeritha- Margherita UCBA0002241 NON-MICR Assam
102 Lepetkata- Barbarua UCBA0002269 NON-MICR Assam
103 Barpeta Road- Barpeta UCBA0002276 NON-MICR Assam
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