The Federal Bank Ltd - Kerala

IFSC Codes of all branches of The Federal Bank Ltd situated in Kerala state of India.

Get details of all branches of The Federal Bank Ltd with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

The Federal Bank Ltd has lot of branches in the state of KERALA. All the branches of The Federal Bank Ltd have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of The Federal Bank Ltd having branches in KERALA.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Accounts Department- Kochi FDRL0000035 NON-MICR Kerala
2 Ernakulam Service- Kochi FDRL0000501 682049001 Kerala
3 Thiruvananthapuram Service- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0000507 695049001 Kerala
4 Kozhikode Service- Calicut FDRL0000508 673049001 Kerala
5 Thrissur Service- Thrissur FDRL0000509 680049001 Kerala
6 Alapuzha Service- Alappuzha FDRL0000510 NONMICR Kerala
7 Kollam Service- Kollam FDRL0000511 NONMICR Kerala
8 Kottayam Service- Kottayam FDRL0000512 NONMICR Kerala
9 Pathanamthitta/Service- Pathanamthitta FDRL0000513 NONMICR Kerala
10 Palakkad Service- Palakkad FDRL0000514 NONMICR Kerala
11 Kannur Service- Cannur FDRL0000515 NONMICR Kerala
12 Aluva Bank Junction- Aluva FDRL0001001 682049013 Kerala
13 Angamally- Angamaly FDRL0001002 NONMICR Kerala
14 Perumbavoor- Perumbavoor FDRL0001003 NONMICR Kerala
15 Ernakulam/North- Kochi FDRL0001004 682049004 Kerala
16 Chalakudy- Chalakudy FDRL0001005 NONMICR Kerala
17 Koothattukulam- Koothattukulam FDRL0001006 NONMICR Kerala
18 Edvanakkad- Edavanakad FDRL0001007 682049030 Kerala
19 Kothamangalam- Kothamangalam FDRL0001008 NONMICR Kerala
20 Muvattupuzha- Muvattupuzha FDRL0001009 NONMICR Kerala
21 Munnar- Munnar FDRL0001010 NONMICR Kerala
22 Kolencherry- Kolencherry FDRL0001011 NONMICR Kerala
23 Kalamassery- Kalamassery FDRL0001012 682049016 Kerala
24 Thalayolaparambu- Thalayolaparambu FDRL0001013 NONMICR Kerala
25 Thrissur Main- Thrissur FDRL0001014 680049002 Kerala
26 Alapuzha- Alappuzha FDRL0001015 NONMICR Kerala
27 Varapuzha- Varapuzha FDRL0001016 682049029 Kerala
28 Kallettumkara- Kallettumkara FDRL0001017 NONMICR Kerala
29 Nedumkandam- Nedumkandam FDRL0001018 NONMICR Kerala
30 Kollam- Kollam FDRL0001019 NONMICR Kerala
31 Narakkal- Narakkal FDRL0001020 682049028 Kerala
32 Thiruvananthapuram Palayam- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001021 695049002 Kerala
33 Vizhinjam- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001022 NONMICR Kerala
34 Moolamattom- Moolamattam FDRL0001023 NONMICR Kerala
35 Chengannur- Chengannur FDRL0001024 NONMICR Kerala
36 Kottayam- Kottayam FDRL0001025 NONMICR Kerala
37 Kozhencherry- Kozhencherry FDRL0001026 NONMICR Kerala
38 Parassala- Parassala FDRL0001027 NONMICR Kerala
39 Punalur- Punalur FDRL0001028 NONMICR Kerala
40 Tiruvalla- Thiruvalla FDRL0001029 NONMICR Kerala
41 Thiruvananthapuram Statue- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001030 695049005 Kerala
42 Kanjirappally- Kottayam FDRL0001031 NONMICR Kerala
43 Anchal- Anchal FDRL0001032 NONMICR Kerala
44 Kochi- Kochi FDRL0001033 682049020 Kerala
45 Thrikkakkara- Kochi FDRL0001034 682049012 Kerala
46 Kizhakkambalam- Kizhakkambalam FDRL0001035 NONMICR Kerala
47 Kottarakkara- Kottarakkara FDRL0001036 NONMICR Kerala
48 Changanassery- Kottayam FDRL0001037 NONMICR Kerala
49 Thalavady- Thalavadi FDRL0001038 NONMICR Kerala
50 Pathanamthitta- Pathanamthitta FDRL0001039 NONMICR Kerala
51 Pazhavangady- Pazhayangadi FDRL0001040 NONMICR Kerala
52 Mavelikara- Mavelikkara FDRL0001041 NONMICR Kerala
53 Adoor- Adoor FDRL0001042 NONMICR Kerala
54 Manjapra- Manjapra FDRL0001043 NONMICR Kerala
55 Ettumanoor- Ettumanoor FDRL0001044 NONMICR Kerala
56 Nedumkunnam- Kottayam FDRL0001045 NONMICR Kerala
57 Pappanamcode- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001046 695049009 Kerala
58 Mookkannoor- Mookkannor FDRL0001047 NONMICR Kerala
59 Nedumbassery- Angamaly FDRL0001048 682049033 Kerala
60 Poovathussery- Poovathussery FDRL0001049 NONMICR Kerala
61 Kanjoor- Kanjoor FDRL0001050 NONMICR Kerala
62 Poochakkal- Alappuzha FDRL0001051 NONMICR Kerala
63 Pathanapuram- Pathanapuram FDRL0001052 NONMICR Kerala
64 Kavalam- Kavalam FDRL0001053 NONMICR Kerala
65 Kayamkulam- Kayamkulam FDRL0001054 NONMICR Kerala
66 Vazhithala- Idikki FDRL0001055 NONMICR Kerala
67 Kozhikode- Calicut FDRL0001056 673049002 Kerala
68 Kadakkal- Kadakkal FDRL0001057 NONMICR Kerala
69 Girinagar- Kochi FDRL0001058 682049009 Kerala
70 Koduvally- Koduvally FDRL0001059 NONMICR Kerala
71 Piravom- Piravom FDRL0001060 NONMICR Kerala
72 Kumplampoika- Pathanamthitta FDRL0001061 NONMICR Kerala
73 Vengoor- Vengoor FDRL0001062 NONMICR Kerala
74 Edava- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001063 NONMICR Kerala
75 Aroor- Aroor FDRL0001064 NONMICR Kerala
76 Konni- Konni FDRL0001065 NONMICR Kerala
77 Chirayinkeezhu- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001066 NONMICR Kerala
78 Gandhinagar- Kottayam FDRL0001067 NONMICR Kerala
79 Valakuzhy- Pathanamthitta FDRL0001068 NONMICR Kerala
80 Sulthanbathery- Sulthanbathery FDRL0001069 NONMICR Kerala
81 Nileshwar- Nileshwar FDRL0001070 NONMICR Kerala
82 Vadakara- Vadakara FDRL0001071 NONMICR Kerala
83 Nedumangadu- Nedumangad FDRL0001072 695049152 Kerala
84 Puttadi- Puttadi FDRL0001073 NONMICR Kerala
85 Thakazhy- Thakazhy FDRL0001074 NONMICR Kerala
86 Pachalam- Kochi FDRL0001075 682049010 Kerala
87 Koorachunda- Koorachundu FDRL0001076 NONMICR Kerala
88 Areacode- Areacode FDRL0001077 NONMICR Kerala
89 Muttom (Idukki)- Muttom FDRL0001078 NONMICR Kerala
90 Beemanodi- Bheemanadu FDRL0001079 NONMICR Kerala
91 Rajapuram- Kasaragod FDRL0001080 NONMICR Kerala
92 Palakkad- Palakkad FDRL0001081 NONMICR Kerala
93 Kulanada- Kulanada FDRL0001082 NONMICR Kerala
94 Kallada West- West Kallada FDRL0001083 NONMICR Kerala
95 Oyoor- Yeroor FDRL0001084 NONMICR Kerala
96 Elanthoor- Elanthur FDRL0001085 NONMICR Kerala
97 Muthalamada- Muthalamada FDRL0001086 NONMICR Kerala
98 Kakkathuruthy- Kakkathuruthy FDRL0001087 680049203 Kerala
99 Thalassery- Thalassery FDRL0001088 NONMICR Kerala
100 Kalladikode- Kalladicode FDRL0001089 NONMICR Kerala
101 Mukkom- Mukkom FDRL0001090 NONMICR Kerala
102 Idukki- Idikki FDRL0001091 NONMICR Kerala
103 Manamboor- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001093 NONMICR Kerala
104 Tripunithura- Trippunithura FDRL0001094 682049017 Kerala
105 Cherthala- Cherthala FDRL0001095 NONMICR Kerala
106 Vaikom- Vaikom FDRL0001096 NONMICR Kerala
107 Pala- Kottayam FDRL0001097 NONMICR Kerala
108 Kannur- Cannur FDRL0001098 NONMICR Kerala
109 Karakonam- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001101 NONMICR Kerala
110 Malappuram- Malappuram FDRL0001102 NONMICR Kerala
111 Kollappally- Kottayam FDRL0001106 NONMICR Kerala
112 Karunagappally- Karunagapally FDRL0001107 NONMICR Kerala
113 Peruva- Kottayam FDRL0001109 NONMICR Kerala
114 Cheruvannoor- Cheruvannoor FDRL0001110 673049008 Kerala
115 Beypore- Beypore FDRL0001111 673049003 Kerala
116 Kuttipuram- Kuttipuram FDRL0001112 NONMICR Kerala
117 Mevalloor- Kottayam FDRL0001113 NONMICR Kerala
118 Panangad- Panangad FDRL0001114 682049023 Kerala
119 Poovarani- Kottayam FDRL0001115 NONMICR Kerala
120 Chemberi- Chemberi FDRL0001116 NONMICR Kerala
121 Kaloor- Kaloor FDRL0001117 NONMICR Kerala
122 Pampady- Kottayam FDRL0001118 NONMICR Kerala
123 Chaliyam- Chaliyan FDRL0001119 673049010 Kerala
124 Pandikad- Pandikkad FDRL0001120 NONMICR Kerala
125 Thodupuzha- Thodupuzha FDRL0001121 NONMICR Kerala
126 Edavanna- Edavanna FDRL0001122 NONMICR Kerala
127 Kilimanoor- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001123 NONMICR Kerala
128 North Paravur- Paravur FDRL0001125 682049027 Kerala
129 Payyannur- Payyannur FDRL0001126 NONMICR Kerala
130 Taliparamba- Taliparamba FDRL0001127 NONMICR Kerala
131 Angadipuram- Angadipuram FDRL0001128 NONMICR Kerala
132 Varkala- Varkala FDRL0001129 NONMICR Kerala
133 Pattazhi- Pattazhi FDRL0001130 NONMICR Kerala
134 Mannar- Mannar FDRL0001131 NONMICR Kerala
135 Aluva Railway Station Square- Aluva FDRL0001132 682049014 Kerala
136 Ponkunnam- Ponkunnam FDRL0001133 NONMICR Kerala
137 Eraviperoor- Eraviperoor FDRL0001134 NONMICR Kerala
138 Chittar- Chittar FDRL0001135 NONMICR Kerala
139 Parakode- Pathanamthitta FDRL0001136 NONMICR Kerala
140 Erattayar- Erattayar FDRL0001137 NONMICR Kerala
141 Valapattanam- Chirakkal FDRL0001138 NONMICR Kerala
142 Erumely- Kottayam FDRL0001140 NONMICR Kerala
143 Mulanthuruthy- Mulamthuruthy FDRL0001141 NONMICR Kerala
144 Paravoor- Paravoor FDRL0001142 NONMICR Kerala
145 Chavara- Chavara FDRL0001143 NONMICR Kerala
146 Aruvithura- Kottayam FDRL0001144 NONMICR Kerala
147 Kuravilangad- Kottayam FDRL0001145 NONMICR Kerala
148 Mathur- Mathur FDRL0001146 NONMICR Kerala
149 Alanallur- Alanallur FDRL0001147 NONMICR Kerala
150 Ambalapuzha- Ambalapuzha FDRL0001148 NONMICR Kerala
151 Ernakulam/South- Kochi FDRL0001153 682049005 Kerala
152 Nedumudy Thekkekara- Thekkekara FDRL0001154 NONMICR Kerala
153 Nilambur- Nilambur FDRL0001156 NONMICR Kerala
154 Ala- Alappuzha FDRL0001159 NONMICR Kerala
155 Cherupuzha- Cherupuzha FDRL0001160 NONMICR Kerala
156 Chunakkara- Chunakkara FDRL0001161 NONMICR Kerala
157 Kattanam- Alappuzha FDRL0001162 NONMICR Kerala
158 Kelakam- Kelakam FDRL0001163 NONMICR Kerala
159 Kottappady- Kottappady FDRL0001164 NONMICR Kerala
160 Mamkamkuzhy- Alappuzha FDRL0001165 NONMICR Kerala
161 Mongam- Malappuram FDRL0001166 NONMICR Kerala
162 Mulakuzha- Mulakuzha FDRL0001167 NONMICR Kerala
163 Poovathoor- Koipram FDRL0001168 NONMICR Kerala
164 Puramattom- Puramattam FDRL0001169 NONMICR Kerala
165 Thalakkadathur- Tirur FDRL0001170 NONMICR Kerala
166 Thavanur- Thuvuvr FDRL0001171 NONMICR Kerala
167 Thottilpalam- Vadakara FDRL0001172 NONMICR Kerala
168 Ulikkal- Ulikkal FDRL0001173 NONMICR Kerala
169 Vallithode- Cannur FDRL0001174 NONMICR Kerala
170 Kunchithanny- Kunchithanny FDRL0001180 NONMICR Kerala
171 Palluruthy- Kochi FDRL0001183 682049021 Kerala
172 Edappally- Kochi FDRL0001184 682049003 Kerala
173 Pulamanthole- Pulamanthole FDRL0001185 NONMICR Kerala
174 Chandanappally- Pathanamthitta FDRL0001201 NONMICR Kerala
175 Kodukulanji- Kodukulanji FDRL0001202 NONMICR Kerala
176 Kunnamthanam- Kunnamthanam FDRL0001203 NONMICR Kerala
177 Kidangannur- Kidangannur FDRL0001204 NONMICR Kerala
178 Thiruvanvandoor- Thiruvanvandoor FDRL0001205 NONMICR Kerala
179 Koodal- Koodal FDRL0001206 NONMICR Kerala
180 Vadasserikara- Vadasserikara FDRL0001207 NONMICR Kerala
181 Arattupuzha- Chengannur FDRL0001208 NONMICR Kerala
182 Muttar- Muttar FDRL0001209 NONMICR Kerala
183 Velliamattom- Velliamattom FDRL0001210 NONMICR Kerala
184 Kuzhikala- Pathanamthitta FDRL0001211 NONMICR Kerala
185 Maneed- Maneed FDRL0001213 NONMICR Kerala
186 Kanjiramkulam- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001214 NONMICR Kerala
187 Pulickal Kavala- Kottayam FDRL0001215 NONMICR Kerala
188 Moonnilavu- Kottayam FDRL0001216 NONMICR Kerala
189 Chunkappara- Chunkappara FDRL0001218 NONMICR Kerala
190 Poonithura- Kochi FDRL0001219 682049002 Kerala
191 Thottakkattukara- Thottakkattukara FDRL0001221 682049015 Kerala
192 Keezhillam- Kochi FDRL0001222 NONMICR Kerala
193 Puthencruz- Puthencruez FDRL0001223 NONMICR Kerala
194 Odanavattom- Odanavattom FDRL0001224 NONMICR Kerala
195 Valakom- Valakom FDRL0001225 NONMICR Kerala
196 Thankey- Thanky FDRL0001226 NONMICR Kerala
197 Muttuchira- Kottayam FDRL0001227 NONMICR Kerala
198 Upputhara- Upputhara FDRL0001228 NONMICR Kerala
199 Amboori- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001229 NONMICR Kerala
200 Ernakulam/Mg Road- Kochi FDRL0001238 682049006 Kerala
201 Kidangara- Kidangara FDRL0001239 NONMICR Kerala
202 Olarikkara- Olarikkra FDRL0001240 680049005 Kerala
203 Ochanthuruth- Kochi FDRL0001241 682049031 Kerala
204 Nedumpuram- Nedumpuram FDRL0001242 NONMICR Kerala
205 Kundara- Kundara FDRL0001243 NONMICR Kerala
206 Nellayi- Nellai FDRL0001244 680049352 Kerala
207 Mannamaruthy- Pathanamthitta FDRL0001245 NONMICR Kerala
208 Kadaminetta- Pathanamthitta FDRL0001246 NONMICR Kerala
209 Athikkayam- Pathanamthitta FDRL0001247 NONMICR Kerala
210 Nellickamon- Ranni FDRL0001248 NONMICR Kerala
211 Vakkom- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001249 NONMICR Kerala
212 Oonnukal- Omalloor FDRL0001250 NONMICR Kerala
213 Mannancherry- Mannancherry FDRL0001251 NONMICR Kerala
214 Pokkulangara- Pokkalangara FDRL0001252 NONMICR Kerala
215 Kavumbhagom- Kavumbhagam FDRL0001253 NONMICR Kerala
216 Kadaplamattom- Kottayam FDRL0001254 NONMICR Kerala
217 Mannampetta- Mannampetta FDRL0001255 NONMICR Kerala
218 Chowallurpady- Chowalloorpady FDRL0001256 NONMICR Kerala
219 Pudunagaram- Pudunagaram FDRL0001257 NONMICR Kerala
220 Edathuruthy- Edathuruthy FDRL0001258 NONMICR Kerala
221 Kalluvathukkal- Kalluvathukkal FDRL0001259 NONMICR Kerala
222 Kottathur- Ayroor FDRL0001260 NONMICR Kerala
223 Thannithode- Thannithode FDRL0001261 NONMICR Kerala
224 Edamon- Edamom FDRL0001263 NONMICR Kerala
225 Neendakara- Neendakara FDRL0001264 NONMICR Kerala
226 Nedungadappally- Mallappally FDRL0001265 NONMICR Kerala
227 Azhiyidathuchira- Thiruvalla FDRL0001266 NONMICR Kerala
228 Thumpolly- Thumpolly FDRL0001267 NONMICR Kerala
229 Budhanoor- Budhanoor FDRL0001268 NONMICR Kerala
230 Kalarcode- Alappuzha FDRL0001269 NONMICR Kerala
231 Ilambal- Punalur FDRL0001270 NONMICR Kerala
232 Vadanappally- Vadanappally FDRL0001271 NONMICR Kerala
233 Umayanalloor- Umayanellur FDRL0001273 NONMICR Kerala
234 Puthuppally- Kottayam FDRL0001274 NONMICR Kerala
235 Mararikulam- Mararikulam FDRL0001275 NONMICR Kerala
236 Champakulam- Champakulam FDRL0001276 NONMICR Kerala
237 Seethathode- Pathanamthitta FDRL0001277 NONMICR Kerala
238 Chathannoor- Chathanoor FDRL0001278 NONMICR Kerala
239 Irinjalakuda- Irinjalakuda FDRL0001279 680049202 Kerala
240 Thrissur S. T. Nagar- Thrissur FDRL0001280 680049003 Kerala
241 Ernakulam Broadway- Kochi FDRL0001283 682049007 Kerala
242 Elanji- Elanji FDRL0001288 NONMICR Kerala
243 Thodiyoor- Thodiyur FDRL0001289 NONMICR Kerala
244 Vallikkavu- Vavvakkavu FDRL0001290 NONMICR Kerala
245 Kuruppampady- Kuruppampady FDRL0001291 NONMICR Kerala
246 Kombanad- Kombanadu FDRL0001292 NONMICR Kerala
247 Poonjar- Kottayam FDRL0001293 NONMICR Kerala
248 Oorakam- Vengara FDRL0001294 NONMICR Kerala
249 Cheranalloor- Kochi FDRL0001295 682049024 Kerala
250 Kizhuvilam- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001296 NONMICR Kerala
251 Thonipuzha- Thiruvalla FDRL0001297 NONMICR Kerala
252 Kallikkad- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001298 NONMICR Kerala
253 Chingavanam- Kottayam FDRL0001299 NONMICR Kerala
254 Nadakkavu West- Calicut FDRL0001300 673049005 Kerala
255 Kidangoor- Kottayam FDRL0001303 NONMICR Kerala
256 Muttada- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001305 695049003 Kerala
257 Puthiyara- Calicut FDRL0001306 673049006 Kerala
258 Pongumoodu- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001307 695049006 Kerala
259 Kalayapuram- Kollam FDRL0001308 NONMICR Kerala
260 Kanchiyar- Idikki FDRL0001309 NONMICR Kerala
261 Muttom (Alapuzha)- Haripad FDRL0001310 NONMICR Kerala
262 Vengode- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001311 NONMICR Kerala
263 Pazhamthottam- Kochi FDRL0001312 NONMICR Kerala
264 Kulukkallur- Kulukkallur FDRL0001315 NONMICR Kerala
265 Ernakulam/Panampilly Nagar- Kochi FDRL0001316 682049008 Kerala
266 Nanthencode- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001317 695049004 Kerala
267 Devikulangara- Puthuppally(Portion) FDRL0001319 NONMICR Kerala
268 Teekoy- Kottayam FDRL0001320 NONMICR Kerala
269 Arakunnam- Arakkuzha FDRL0001321 NONMICR Kerala
270 Puthenangadi- Vandanam FDRL0001322 NONMICR Kerala
271 Mottanthara- Kayanna FDRL0001323 NONMICR Kerala
272 Chembur- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001325 NONMICR Kerala
273 Kureepally- Nedunpana FDRL0001326 NONMICR Kerala
274 Kokkadu- Kottarakkara FDRL0001327 NONMICR Kerala
275 Eriam- Chapparapadavu FDRL0001328 NONMICR Kerala
276 Kuttampuzha- Kothamangalam FDRL0001329 NONMICR Kerala
277 Karimpan- Idikki FDRL0001330 NONMICR Kerala
278 Alapuzha Convent Square- Alappuzha FDRL0001331 NONMICR Kerala
279 Thopramkudi- Kattappana FDRL0001333 NONMICR Kerala
280 Kunnamkulam- Kunnamkulam FDRL0001342 680049302 Kerala
281 Kalpetta- Kalpetta FDRL0001345 NONMICR Kerala
282 Kanhangad- Kanhangad FDRL0001346 NONMICR Kerala
283 Kumbanad- Kadambanad FDRL0001349 NONMICR Kerala
284 Ponnani- Ponnani FDRL0001363 NONMICR Kerala
285 Adimaly- Idikki FDRL0001364 NONMICR Kerala
286 Manjeri- Manjeri FDRL0001365 NONMICR Kerala
287 Thrissur M.O. Road- Thrissur FDRL0001368 680049006 Kerala
288 Kasaragode- Kasaragod FDRL0001370 NONMICR Kerala
289 Kalady- Kalady FDRL0001371 NONMICR Kerala
290 Thiruvananthapuram/Pattom- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001374 695049007 Kerala
291 Ernakulam/Marine Drive- Kochi FDRL0001375 682049011 Kerala
292 Kottayam /Kanjikuzhy- Kottayam FDRL0001376 NONMICR Kerala
293 Ernakulam/Palarivattom- Kochi FDRL0001380 682049018 Kerala
294 Kodungallur- Kodungallur FDRL0001388 NONMICR Kerala
295 Kozhikode S M Street- Calicut FDRL0001389 673049007 Kerala
296 Haripad- Haripad FDRL0001396 NONMICR Kerala
297 Mundakayam- Kottayam FDRL0001397 NONMICR Kerala
298 Attingal- Attingal FDRL0001401 695049052 Kerala
299 Perunna- Kottayam FDRL0001402 NONMICR Kerala
300 Quilandy- Quilandy(Pantalayini) FDRL0001407 673049152 Kerala
301 Mannarkkad- Mannarkad FDRL0001409 NONMICR Kerala
302 Ernakulam Vyttila- Kochi FDRL0001410 682049019 Kerala
303 Pattambi- Pattambi FDRL0001412 NONMICR Kerala
304 Kozhikode Mavoor Road- Mavoor FDRL0001413 673049004 Kerala
305 Thamarassery- Tamarassery FDRL0001414 NONMICR Kerala
306 Perambra- Kayanna FDRL0001415 NONMICR Kerala
307 Thiruvananthapuram Peroorkada- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001416 695049008 Kerala
308 Pandalam- Pandalam FDRL0001417 NONMICR Kerala
309 Ernakulam Kaloor- Kochi FDRL0001421 682049022 Kerala
310 Venjaramoodu- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001422 NONMICR Kerala
311 Uzhavoor- Kottayam FDRL0001423 NONMICR Kerala
312 Ernakulam /Cms- Kochi FDRL0001424 682049025 Kerala
313 Triprayar- Triprayar FDRL0001425 680049452 Kerala
314 Kattappana- Kattappana FDRL0001426 NONMICR Kerala
315 Kottakkal- Kottakkal FDRL0001427 NONMICR Kerala
316 Thiruvananthapuram Cotton Hill- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001429 695049010 Kerala
317 Vazhakulam- Vazhakulam FDRL0001430 NONMICR Kerala
318 Ottappalam- Ottapalam FDRL0001431 NONMICR Kerala
319 Chavakkad- Chavakkad FDRL0001432 NONMICR Kerala
320 Mala- Mala FDRL0001433 NONMICR Kerala
321 Ernakulam/Asset Recovery- Kochi FDRL0001435 NONMICR Kerala
322 Pothencode- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001439 NONMICR Kerala
323 Neyyatinkara- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0001440 695049202 Kerala
324 Mananthavady- Mananthavady FDRL0001442 NONMICR Kerala
325 Mallappally West- Mallappally FDRL0001443 NONMICR Kerala
326 Thiruvankulam- Thiruvankulam FDRL0001448 682049032 Kerala
327 Vadakkenchery- Palakkad FDRL0001449 NONMICR Kerala
328 Iritty- Cannur FDRL0001458 NONMICR Kerala
329 Kollam Polayathode- Kollam FDRL0001459 NONMICR Kerala
330 Kannur/South Bazar- Cannur FDRL0001461 NONMICR Kerala
331 Edamuttam- Triprayar FDRL0001463 NONMICR Kerala
332 Infopark Kakkanad- Kakkanad FDRL0001464 682049034 Kerala
333 Ramanattukara- Ramanattukara FDRL0001465 NONMICR Kerala
334 Willingdon Island- Kochi FDRL0001466 682049026 Kerala
335 Thrissur Koorkenchery- Kurkancherry FDRL0001467 NONMICR Kerala
336 Valanchery- Valancherry FDRL0001468 NONMICR Kerala
337 Kakkanad Seaport-Airport Road- Kakkanad FDRL0001469 682049035 Kerala
338 Kayamkulam/College Junction- Kayamkulam FDRL0001476 NONMICR Kerala
339 Pacha/Chekkidikkad- Edathua FDRL0001477 NONMICR Kerala
340 Kondotty- Kundotty FDRL0001511 673049402 Kerala
341 Thaikkattukara- Aluva FDRL0001512 682049013 Kerala
342 Variapuram- Elanthur FDRL0001515 NONMICR Kerala
343 Moonnupeedika- Thrissur FDRL0001517 NONMICR Kerala
344 Kothamangalam Extension- Kothamangalam FDRL0001518 NONMICR Kerala
345 Punnakkad- Pathanamthitta FDRL0001519 NONMICR Kerala
346 Nedumbasseryextension- Maikavu FDRL0001522 682049033 Kerala
347 Kanjikode- Kanjikode FDRL0001524 NONMICR Kerala
348 Pattambi Extension- Cheruthuruthy FDRL0001525 NONMICR Kerala
349 Kumily- Kumily FDRL0001531 NONMICR Kerala
350 Cherpulassery- Cherpalacherry FDRL0001532 NONMICR Kerala
351 Perintalmanna- Perintalmanna FDRL0001537 NONMICR Kerala
352 Puthanathani- Thrissur FDRL0001543 NONMICR Kerala
353 Edappal- Edappal FDRL0001547 NONMICR Kerala
354 Pattimattom- Perumbavoor FDRL0001548 NONMICR Kerala
355 Kattakada- Kattakada FDRL0001549 NONMICR Kerala
356 Changaramkulam- Nannamukku FDRL0001556 NONMICR Kerala
357 Edakkara- Edakkara FDRL0001557 NONMICR Kerala
358 Nemmara- Nemmara FDRL0001558 NONMICR Kerala
359 Wandoor- Wandoor FDRL0001559 NONMICR Kerala
360 Tirur- Tirur FDRL0001560 NONMICR Kerala
361 Wadakkancherry- Wadakancherry FDRL0001565 680049702 Kerala
362 Vandanam- Vandanam FDRL0001567 NONMICR Kerala
363 Nadapuram- Nadapuram FDRL0001568 NONMICR Kerala
364 Cherpu- Cherpu FDRL0001570 680049008 Kerala
365 Chemmad- Moonniyur FDRL0001572 NONMICR Kerala
366 Parappanangadi- Parappanangadi FDRL0001577 NON-MICR Kerala
367 Paipad- Paipad FDRL0001578 NON-MICR Kerala
368 Athani (Ernakulam)- Angamaly FDRL0001579???? 682049036 Kerala
369 Enathu- Enathu FDRL0001586 NON-MICR Kerala
370 Kalikavu- Kalikavu FDRL0001592 NON-MICR Kerala
371 Pullad- Pullad FDRL0001597 NON-MICR Kerala
372 Melattur- Melattur FDRL0001598 NON-MICR Kerala
373 Puzhakkal- Puzhakkal FDRL0001599 680049009 Kerala
374 Edavannapara- Vazhakkad FDRL0001600 NON-MICR Kerala
375 Chelakkara- Chelakkara FDRL0001601 NON-MICR Kerala
376 Ernakulam Bye Pass- Kochi FDRL0001608 682049037 Kerala
377 Kazhakuttam- Kazhakuttam FDRL0001617 695049011 Kerala
378 International Banking Department- Kochi FDRL0009999 NONMICR Kerala
379 Thuravoor- Thuravoor FDRL0001627 APPLIED FOR Kerala
380 Karuvarakundu- Karuvarakundu FDRL0001630 APPLIED FOR Kerala
381 Mankada- Mankada FDRL0001632 APPLIED FOR Kerala
382 Vellangallur- Vellangallore FDRL0001633 680048018 Kerala
383 Mattannur- Chavassery FDRL0001634 APPLIED FOR Kerala
384 Mangalam Dam- Mangalam Dam FDRL0001635 APPLIED FOR Kerala
385 Mundur- Mundur FDRL0001637 680049020 Kerala
386 Kecheri- Eranallur FDRL0001639 680049019 Kerala
387 Perumpilavu- Perumpilavu FDRL0001645 680049021 Kerala
388 Chittur- Chittur FDRL0001646 678049252 Kerala
389 Thenhippalam- Tenjipalam FDRL0001647 673049012 Kerala
390 Koratty- Koratty FDRL0001650 APPLIED FOR Kerala
391 Kuthuparamba- Kuthuparamba FDRL0001653 APPLIED FOR Kerala
392 Peringottukara- Thanniyam FDRL0001658 680049023 Kerala
393 Karinkallathani- Thazhekode FDRL0001660 APPLIED FOR Kerala
394 Ernakulam Kathrukadavu- Kaloor FDRL0001686 APPLIED FOR Kerala
395 Kolathur- Moorkanad FDRL0001690 679049809 Kerala
396 Kumbalangi- Kumbalangy FDRL0001691 682049044 Kerala
397 Chunangamveli- Aluva FDRL0001692 APPLIED FOR Kerala
398 Vakathanam- Vakathanam FDRL0001693 APPLIED FOR Kerala
399 Thodupuzha West- Thodupuzha FDRL0001694 APPLIED FOR Kerala
400 Manakala- Adoor FDRL0001695 APPLIED FOR Kerala
401 Mathilakam- Kodungallur FDRL0001696 680049024 Kerala
402 Koottanad- Koottanad FDRL0001697 APPLIED FOR Kerala
403 Pavaratty- Pavaratty FDRL0001698 680049025 Kerala
404 Cheruthuruty- Cheruthuruthy FDRL0001699 680049026 Kerala
405 Kodaly- Kodakara FDRL0001700 680049027 Kerala
406 Pookkottumpadam- Nilambur FDRL0001701 APPLIED FOR Kerala
407 Sreekrishnapuram- Srikrishnapuram FDRL0001702 APPLIED FOR Kerala
408 Annamanada- Annamanada FDRL0001703 680049028 Kerala
409 Amballur- Amballur FDRL0001704 680049029 Kerala
410 Thrithala- Tirthala FDRL0001705 APPLIED FOR Kerala
411 Marancherry- Marancheri FDRL0001706 APPLIED FOR Kerala
412 Kodakara- Kodakara FDRL0001707 680049030 Kerala
413 Potta- Chalakudy FDRL0001708 680049031 Kerala
414 Peravoor- Peravoor FDRL0001709 APPLIED FOR Kerala
415 Atholi- Atholi FDRL0001710 APPLIED FOR Kerala
416 Alakode- Alakode FDRL0001711 APPLIED FOR Kerala
417 Chennithala- Chennithala FDRL0001712 APPLIED FOR Kerala
418 Thengana- Changanassery FDRL0001713 APPLIED FOR Kerala
419 Hormis Nagar(Mookkannur)- Mookkannor FDRL0001714 APPLIED FOR Kerala
420 Kalathipady- Vadavathur FDRL0001715 APPLIED FOR Kerala
421 Karimannoor- Karimannoor FDRL0001716 APPLIED FOR Kerala
422 Karimkunnam- Karimkunnam FDRL0001717 APPLIED FOR Kerala
423 Neendoor- Neendoor FDRL0001718 APPLIED FOR Kerala
424 Irinjalakuda Nada- Irinjalakuda FDRL0001719 680049204 Kerala
425 Kurathikad- Thekkekara FDRL0001720 APPLIED FOR Kerala
426 Kallisserry- Chengannur FDRL0001721 APPLIED FOR Kerala
427 Karukachal- Karukachal FDRL0001722 APPLIED FOR Kerala
428 Thiruvananthapuram/Regional Office- Thiruvananthapuram FDRL0000211 APPLIED FOR Kerala
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