State Bank of Travancore - Tamil Nadu

IFSC Codes of all branches of State Bank of Travancore situated in Tamil Nadu state of India.

Get details of all branches of State Bank of Travancore with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

State Bank of Travancore has lot of branches in the state of TAMIL NADU. All the branches of State Bank of Travancore have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of State Bank of Travancore having branches in TAMIL NADU.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Chennai (Main)- Chennai SBTR0000002 600009002 Tamil Nadu
2 Mount Road- Chennai- Chennai SBTR0000003 600009005 Tamil Nadu
3 Tiruchirapalli- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000004 620009002 Tamil Nadu
4 Ootacamund- Udhagamandalam SBTR0000005 643009002 Tamil Nadu
5 Coimbatore (Main)- Coimbatore SBTR0000006 641009002 Tamil Nadu
6 Tirupur- Coimbatore SBTR0000007 641009102 Tamil Nadu
7 Madurai (Main)- Madurai SBTR0000008 625009002 Tamil Nadu
8 Shencottah- Shencottah SBTR0000009 627009006 Tamil Nadu
9 Vallioor- Vallioor SBTR0000010 627009008 Tamil Nadu
10 Nagercoil- Nagercoil SBTR0000011 629009002 Tamil Nadu
11 Colachel- Colachel SBTR0000012 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
12 Kanyakumari- Kanyakumari SBTR0000013 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
13 Marthandam- Marthandam SBTR0000014 629009102 Tamil Nadu
14 Sucheendram- Sucheendram SBTR0000015 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
15 Thiruvithamcode- Thiruvithamcode SBTR0000016 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
16 Thiruvattar- Tiruvattar SBTR0000017 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
17 Kalakkad- Tirunelveli SBTR0000209 627009058 Tamil Nadu
18 Kottappuram- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000219 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
19 Triprayar- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000236 680009452 Tamil Nadu
20 Tuticorin- Tuticorin SBTR0000246 628009002 Tamil Nadu
21 Thrissur Adb- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000253 680009003 Tamil Nadu
22 Ollur- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000266 680009007 Tamil Nadu
23 Bhoothapandy- Boothapandy SBTR0000280 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
24 Kannumammoodu- Kannumamoodu SBTR0000287 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
25 Thengapattanam- Thengapattanam SBTR0000289 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
26 Thiruvilwamala- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000294 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
27 Kilpauk(Chennai)- Chennai SBTR0000297 600009007 Tamil Nadu
28 Tirunelveli- Tirunelveli SBTR0000303 627009002 Tamil Nadu
29 Kuzhur- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000310 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
30 Madurai-West Masi Street- Madurai SBTR0000313 625009003 Tamil Nadu
31 Pappanaickenpalayam(Coimbatore)- Coimbatore SBTR0000319 641009004 Tamil Nadu
32 Annanagar (East) Chennai- Chennai SBTR0000320 600009011 Tamil Nadu
33 Salem- Salem SBTR0000328 636009011 Tamil Nadu
34 Manavalakurichy- Manavalakurichi SBTR0000333 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
35 Ramanathapuram (Coimbatore)- Coimbatore SBTR0000340 6410009005 Tamil Nadu
36 Punnamparambu- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000342 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
37 Kodannur- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000351 680009019 Tamil Nadu
38 Villukuri- Villukkuri SBTR0000371 629009012 Tamil Nadu
39 Marathancode- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000382 680009022 Tamil Nadu
40 Kollemkode- Kollemkode SBTR0000387 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
41 Coonoor- Coonoor SBTR0000389 643009102 Tamil Nadu
42 Karur- Karur SBTR0000390 639009002 Tamil Nadu
43 Pollachi- Pollachi SBTR0000399 642009002 Tamil Nadu
44 Mylaudy- Mylaudy SBTR0000404 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
45 Vellore (Tamil Nadu)- Vellore SBTR0000405 632009002 Tamil Nadu
46 T Nagar Chennai- Chennai SBTR0000411 600009008 Tamil Nadu
47 Thanjavur- Thanjavur SBTR0000419 613009002 Tamil Nadu
48 Triplicane Chennai- Chennai SBTR0000442 600009004 Tamil Nadu
49 Venkitangu- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000459 680009104 Tamil Nadu
50 Besant Nagar(Chennai)- Chennai SBTR0000465 600009003 Tamil Nadu
51 Thalore- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000470 680009013 Tamil Nadu
52 Erode- Erode SBTR0000472 638009002 Tamil Nadu
53 Mullasserry- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000487 680009103 Tamil Nadu
54 Muttakad- Kalkulam SBTR0000488 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
55 Asaripallam- Asaripallam SBTR0000496 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
56 Irenipuram- Kanyakumari SBTR0000505 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
57 Treasury (Thrissur)- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000516 680009006 Tamil Nadu
58 Alanji- Karungal SBTR0000524 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
59 Indira Nagar (Chennai)- Chennai SBTR0000526 600009006 Tamil Nadu
60 Annanagar (West) Chennai- Chennai SBTR0000530 600009009 Tamil Nadu
61 Rs Puram- Coimbatore- Coimbatore SBTR0000542 641009003 Tamil Nadu
62 Dindigul- Madurai SBTR0000548 624009002 Tamil Nadu
63 Trippapuliyur(Cuddalore)- Cuddalore SBTR0000549 607009002 Tamil Nadu
64 Elanadu- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000553 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
65 Varavoor- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000564 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
66 Thiruverumbur- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000565 620009002 Tamil Nadu
67 Palliyadi- Palliyadi SBTR0000567 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
68 Eniam- Kanyakumari SBTR0000569 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
69 Alwarpet(Chennai)- Chennai SBTR0000570 600009010 Tamil Nadu
70 Service- Chennai- Chennai SBTR0000577 600009002 Tamil Nadu
71 Thoothur- Thiruvithamcode SBTR0000589 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
72 Vijayapuram- Coimbatore SBTR0000590 641009103 Tamil Nadu
73 Peyode- Arasanvilai Junction SBTR0000609 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
74 Commercial- Chennai- Chennai SBTR0000644 600009012 Tamil Nadu
75 Sivakasi- Sivakasi SBTR0000654 626009002 Tamil Nadu
76 Kovilpatti- Kovilpatti SBTR0000657 628009102 Tamil Nadu
77 A R M-Chennai- Chennai SBTR0000674 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
78 Personal Banking Thrissur- Tiruchirappalli SBTR0000680 560009009 Tamil Nadu
79 Personal Banking Nagercoil- Nagercoil SBTR0000686 629009003 Tamil Nadu
80 Raja Annamalaipuram (East) Personal Banking Br- Chennai SBTR0000688 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
81 Ponmeni (Madurai)- Madurai SBTR0000704 625009004 Tamil Nadu
82 Mogappair- Chennai SBTR0000708 682009036 Tamil Nadu
83 Samathanapuram- Tirunelveli SBTR0000718 400009010 Tamil Nadu
84 Perungudi- Chennai SBTR0000720 600009015 Tamil Nadu
85 K.K.Nagar Chennai- Chennai SBTR0000741 600009016 Tamil Nadu
86 Theni- Theni SBTR0000745 625009102 Tamil Nadu
87 Sriperumbudur- Sriperumbudur SBTR0000746 SPR600009017 Tamil Nadu
88 Guduvancheri- Guduvancheri SBTR0000747 GDC600009018 Tamil Nadu
89 Avadi- Avadi SBTR0000748 AVD600009019 Tamil Nadu
90 Tambaram- Tambaram East SBTR0000749 TBM600009020 Tamil Nadu
91 Trade Finance Central Processing Centre Chennai- Chennai SBTR0000911 N.A Tamil Nadu
92 Sholingannalur- Sholinganallur SBTR0000755 600009021 Tamil Nadu
93 Happ Trichy- Tiruchirapally SBTR0000759 620009004 Tamil Nadu
94 Parakkai- Nagercoil SBTR0000772 NON MICR Tamil Nadu
95 Taramani- Chennai SBTR0000770 600009023 Tamil Nadu
96 Velacherry- Chennai SBTR0000771 600009024 Tamil Nadu
97 Tiruvallur- Tiruvallur SBTR0000769 600009022 Tamil Nadu
98 Kanchipuram- Kanchipuram SBTR0000780 600009025 Tamil Nadu
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