State Bank of India - Chandigarh

IFSC Codes of all branches of State Bank of India situated in Chandigarh state of India.

Get details of all branches of State Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

State Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of CHANDIGARH. All the branches of State Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of State Bank of India having branches in CHANDIGARH.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Chandigarh Main- Chandigarh SBIN0000628 160002020 Chandigarh
2 Punjab University- Chandigarh SBIN0000742 160002009 Chandigarh
3 Sector-30 Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0001443 160002017 Chandigarh
4 Air Force Station Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0001495 160002012 Chandigarh
5 Industrial Estate Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0001508 160002005 Chandigarh
6 Medical Institute (Pgi)- Chandigarh SBIN0001524 160002007 Chandigarh
7 Hissar Road Rohtak- Rohtak SBIN0001766 124002004 Chandigarh
8 Panjab Engineering College Chandigrah- Chandigarh SBIN0002452 160002008 Chandigarh
9 Sector-7- Chandigarh SBIN0003246 160002014 Chandigarh
10 Sector-23 Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0003263 160002016 Chandigarh
11 Attawa Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0003936 160002002 Chandigarh
12 Pbb Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0004049 160002013 Chandigarh
13 Samb Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0004262 160002928 Chandigarh
14 Sector-22-C Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0004703 160002015 Chandigarh
15 High Grounds- Chandigarh SBIN0004934 160002032 Chandigarh
16 Ssi Baddi- Baddi SBIN0005397 160002031 Chandigarh
17 Office Administration Department. Chandigarh Lho- Chandigarh SBIN0005788 160002989 Chandigarh
18 Nri Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0005850 160002027 Chandigarh
19 Sector-31 Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0005864 160002018 Chandigarh
20 Sector-37 Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0006597 160002022 Chandigarh
21 Zonal Office (Punjab) Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0006753 160002503 Chandigarh
22 Hcs Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0006831 160002004 Chandigarh
23 Ram Darbar Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0007501 160002010 Chandigarh
24 Bhagu Road- Bhatinda SBIN0008476 151002004 Chandigarh
25 Badmal- Badmal SBIN0008703 767002004 Chandigarh
26 Treasury Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0008719 160002011 Chandigarh
27 Rakshavihar- Port Blair SBIN0008721 744002003 Chandigarh
28 Sector-41 Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0009301 160002019 Chandigarh
29 Mamoon Canttt Pathankot- Pathankot SBIN0009839 145002005 Chandigarh
30 Service Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0009850 160002001 Chandigarh
31 Scb Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0009926 160002006 Chandigarh
32 New Haryana Sectt. Opposite Fire Station- Chandigarh SBIN0010603 160002046 Chandigarh
33 Chandigarh Housing Board- Chandigarh SBIN0010604 160002042 Chandigarh
34 Shri Rajiv Gandhi It Park- Chandigarh SBIN0010605 160002049 Chandigarh
35 Sec-49 Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0010606 160002050 Chandigarh
36 Govt. Medical College Hospital- Chandigarh SBIN0010607 160002043 Chandigarh
37 Sri Guru Gobind Singh College Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0010608 160002044 Chandigarh
38 M.C.M. D.A.V. College For Women Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0010609 160002045 Chandigarh
39 Derabassi- Derabassi SBIN0010739 160002052 Chandigarh
40 Kharar- Mohali SBIN0010747 160002051 Chandigarh
41 Ccpc Jammu- Jammu SBIN0011496 180002024 Chandigarh
42 Sector 18 Chandigarh- Chandigarh SBIN0011585 160002053 Chandigarh
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