South Indian Bank - Tamil Nadu

IFSC Codes of all branches of South Indian Bank situated in Tamil Nadu state of India.

Get details of all branches of South Indian Bank with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

South Indian Bank has lot of branches in the state of TAMIL NADU. All the branches of South Indian Bank have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of South Indian Bank having branches in TAMIL NADU.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Arkonam- Arkonam SIBL0000004 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
2 Aruppukottai- Aruppukottai SIBL0000005 626059202 Tamil Nadu
3 Bhavani- Bhavani SIBL0000011 638059006 Tamil Nadu
4 Coimbatore Raja Street- Coimbatore SIBL0000019 641059002 Tamil Nadu
5 Dindigul- Madurai SIBL0000021 624059002 Tamil Nadu
6 Erode- Erode SIBL0000023 638059002 Tamil Nadu
7 Gobichettipalayam- Gobichettipalayam SIBL0000027 638059004 Tamil Nadu
8 Kancheepuram- Kanchipuram SIBL0000029 600059021 Tamil Nadu
9 Kinattukadavu- Coimbatore SIBL0000034 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
10 Chennai G T- Chennai SIBL0000042 600059002 Tamil Nadu
11 Chennai Mount Road- Chennai SIBL0000043 600059003 Tamil Nadu
12 Madurai- Madurai SIBL0000044 625059000 Tamil Nadu
13 Nagapattinam- Nagapattinam SIBL0000052 611059002 Tamil Nadu
14 Nagercoil- Nagercoil SIBL0000053 629059002 Tamil Nadu
15 Pollachi- Coimbatore SIBL0000070 642059002 Tamil Nadu
16 Salem Main- Salem SIBL0000075 636059002 Tamil Nadu
17 Thanjavur- Thanjavur SIBL0000076 613059002 Tamil Nadu
18 Tiruchirapalli- Madurai SIBL0000082 620059002 Tamil Nadu
19 Tirupur- Coimbatore SIBL0000083 641059102 Tamil Nadu
20 Tuticorin- Tuticorin SIBL0000090 628059002 Tamil Nadu
21 Athani- Athani SIBL0000097 638059010 Tamil Nadu
22 Koduvai- Coimbatore SIBL0000099 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
23 Chennai Nungambakkam- Chennai SIBL0000110 600059008 Tamil Nadu
24 Coimbatore Gandhipuram- Coimbatore SIBL0000111 641059004 Tamil Nadu
25 Chennai Triplicane- Chennai SIBL0000112 600059007 Tamil Nadu
26 Coonoor- Coimbatore SIBL0000121 643059102 Tamil Nadu
27 Kovilpalayam- Kovilpalayam SIBL0000122 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
28 Vellore- Vellore SIBL0000131 632059002 Tamil Nadu
29 Chennai Kellys- Chennai SIBL0000138 600059006 Tamil Nadu
30 Chennai Mylapore- Chennai SIBL0000149 600059005 Tamil Nadu
31 Thavittupalayam- Thavittupalayam SIBL0000166 638059007 Tamil Nadu
32 Marudadu- Marudadu SIBL0000169 604059001 Tamil Nadu
33 Kurumandur- Kurumandur SIBL0000177 638059009 Tamil Nadu
34 Gopanurpudur- Gopanur Pudur SIBL0000181 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
35 Pappampati- Coimbatore SIBL0000193 641059008 Tamil Nadu
36 Elapakam- Tiruvallur SIBL0000195 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
37 Orathi- Orathi SIBL0000196 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
38 Bodinayakanur- Bodinayakanur SIBL0000200 600059099 Tamil Nadu
39 Othakalmandapam- Othakalmandapam SIBL0000201 641059011 Tamil Nadu
40 Padappai- Padappai SIBL0000203 600059015 Tamil Nadu
41 Ayyampettai- Aiyampet SIBL0000204 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
42 Coimbatore Nggo Colony- Coimbatore SIBL0000206 641059007 Tamil Nadu
43 Mutharasanallur- Mutharassanelloor SIBL0000208 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
44 Nochiam- Nochiam SIBL0000209 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
45 Banavaram- Banavaram SIBL0000211 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
46 Odayamkulam- Odayakulam SIBL0000216 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
47 Silaiman- Silaiman SIBL0000217 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
48 Arumughapettai- Kanchipuram SIBL0000226 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
49 Damal- Damal SIBL0000227 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
50 Chennai Woods Road- Chennai SIBL0000229 600059004 Tamil Nadu
51 Gudiyattam- Gudiyattam SIBL0000232 632059302 Tamil Nadu
52 Kariamanickam- Manachanallur SIBL0000241 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
53 Pasumathur- Pasumathur SIBL0000245 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
54 Kumbakonam- Kumbakonam SIBL0000253 612059002 Tamil Nadu
55 Tirunelveli- Madurai SIBL0000254 627059002 Tamil Nadu
56 Marapparai- Salem SIBL0000255 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
57 Uppatti- Udhagamandalam SIBL0000256 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
58 Ennamangalam- Ennamangalam SIBL0000268 638059008 Tamil Nadu
59 Kaniyalampatti- Kaniyalampatty SIBL0000274 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
60 Coimbatore Saibaba Colony- Coimbatore SIBL0000277 641059005 Tamil Nadu
61 Cuddalore- Cuddalore SIBL0000280 607059002 Tamil Nadu
62 Chennai Anna Nagar- Chennai SIBL0000282 600059009 Tamil Nadu
63 Elur- Salem SIBL0000283 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
64 Padur- Padur SIBL0000284 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
65 P. Mettupalayam- Virudhunagar SIBL0000285 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
66 Dheevanur- Dheevanur SIBL0000288 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
67 Sriperumbudur- Sriperumbudur SIBL0000290 600059016 Tamil Nadu
68 Nelvoy- Nelvoy SIBL0000291 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
69 Ingur- Ingur SIBL0000293 638059005 Tamil Nadu
70 Pallapalayam- Coimbatore SIBL0000294 641059006 Tamil Nadu
71 Javadupatty- Javadupatty SIBL0000295 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
72 Pogalur- Pogalur SIBL0000296 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
73 Anandavadi- Anandavadi SIBL0000300 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
74 T. Subbulapuram- T.Subbulapuram SIBL0000301 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
75 Salem Leigh Bazar- Salem SIBL0000302 636059003 Tamil Nadu
76 Belladi- Belladi SIBL0000304 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
77 Chennai Service- Chennai SIBL0000305 600059001 Tamil Nadu
78 Coimbatore R S Puram- Coimbatore SIBL0000310 641059003 Tamil Nadu
79 Chennai Industrial Finance- Chennai SIBL0000312 600059010 Tamil Nadu
80 Karur- Karur SIBL0000327 639059002 Tamil Nadu
81 Tirupur Overseas- Coimbatore SIBL0000338 641059103 Tamil Nadu
82 Udumalpet- Coimbatore SIBL0000349 642059102 Tamil Nadu
83 Chennai T. Nagar- Chennai SIBL0000357 600059013 Tamil Nadu
84 Coimbatore Service- Coimbatore SIBL0000362 641059001 Tamil Nadu
85 Coimbatore Ganapathy- Coimbatore SIBL0000370 641059009 Tamil Nadu
86 Coimbatore Trichy- Coimbatore SIBL0000385 641059010 Tamil Nadu
87 Trichy Cantonment- Tiruchirappalli SIBL0000388 620059003 Tamil Nadu
88 Poonamallee- Chennai SIBL0000407 600059014 Tamil Nadu
89 Coimbatore Big Bazar Street- Coimbatore SIBL0000440 641059012 Tamil Nadu
90 Chengalpattu- Chengalpattu SIBL0000457 600059018 Tamil Nadu
91 Perundurai- Perundurai SIBL0000458 638059003 Tamil Nadu
92 Madurai - West- Madurai SIBL0000475 625059003 Tamil Nadu
93 Marthandam- Kanyakumari SIBL0000480 629059102 Tamil Nadu
94 Oddanchathram- Dindigul SIBL0000489 NON-MICR Tamil Nadu
95 Koyambedu- Chennai SIBL0000495 600059017 Tamil Nadu
96 Adayar- Chennai SIBL0000509 600059019 Tamil Nadu
97 Vadapalani- Chennai SIBL0000510 600059020 Tamil Nadu
98 Dharmapuri- Dharmapuri SIBL0000511 636059102 Tamil Nadu
99 Villupuram- Villupuram SIBL0000512 605059102 Tamil Nadu
100 Chennai-Tambaram- Tambaram SIBL0000516 600059022 Tamil Nadu
101 St. Thomas Mount Chennai- Chennai SIBL0000540 600059023 Tamil Nadu
102 Coimbatore Vadavalli- Vadavalli SIBL0000565 641059015 Tamil Nadu
103 Thuckalay- Thuckalai SIBL0000566 NONMICR Tamil Nadu
104 Perungudi- Perungudi SIBL0000567 NONMICR Tamil Nadu
105 Hosur- Hosur SIBL0000571 NONMICR Tamil Nadu
106 Avadi- Avadi SIBL0000564 NONMICR Tamil Nadu
107 Podukottai- Pudukkottai SIBL0000582 NONMICR Tamil Nadu
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