Oriental Bank of Commerce - Uttaranchal

IFSC Codes of all branches of Oriental Bank of Commerce situated in Uttaranchal state of India.

Get details of all branches of Oriental Bank of Commerce with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Oriental Bank of Commerce has lot of branches in the state of UTTARANCHAL. All the branches of Oriental Bank of Commerce have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Oriental Bank of Commerce having branches in UTTARANCHAL.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Dehradun Rajpur Road- Dehradun ORBC0100002 248022002 Uttaranchal
2 Vikas Nagar- Vikas Nagar ORBC0100010 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
3 Upper Road Hardwar- Haridwar ORBC0100011 249022002 Uttaranchal
4 Raipur Dehradun- Dehradun ORBC0100024 248022007 Uttaranchal
5 Clement Town Dehradun- Dehradun ORBC0100025 248022004 Uttaranchal
6 Bahadrabad- Haridwar ORBC0100033 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
7 Kharkhari- Kharkhari ORBC0100114 249022004 Uttaranchal
8 Deghat- Deghat ORBC0100311 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
9 Balawala- Dehradun ORBC0100321 248022003 Uttaranchal
10 Rampur Village Roorkee- Haridwar ORBC0100340 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
11 Jagjitpur- Jagjit Pur ORBC0100362 249022005 Uttaranchal
12 Jiapota- Jiapota ORBC0100364 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
13 Bamsyun- Bamsyun ORBC0100372 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
14 Haripur Khurd Hardwar- Haridwar ORBC0100376 249022003 Uttaranchal
15 Karanpur Dehradun- Dehradun ORBC0100410 248022006 Uttaranchal
16 Dhanauri- Dhanauri ORBC0100446 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
17 Libber Heri- Libberheri ORBC0100463 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
18 Rishikesh Distt-Deharadun- Rishikesh ORBC0100572 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
19 Clock Tower Dehradun- Dehradun ORBC0100649 248022005 Uttaranchal
20 Kichha- Udham Singh Nagar ORBC0100676 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
21 Sitarganj- Udham Singh Nagar ORBC0100677 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
22 Khatima- Khatima ORBC0100680 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
23 Haldwani- Haldwani ORBC0100690 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
24 Kashipur- Udham Singh Nagar ORBC0100691 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
25 Bajpur - Bareilly- Udham Singh Nagar ORBC0100700 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
26 Subhash Nagar Dehradun- Dehradun ORBC0100769 248022008 Uttaranchal
27 Udham Singh Nagar- Udham Singh Nagar ORBC0100781 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
28 Rudrapur- Rudrapur ORBC0100786 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
29 New Tehri- Tehri ORBC0100787 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
30 Ranipur More- Haridwar ORBC0100828 249022006 Uttaranchal
31 Uttarkashi- Uttarkashi ORBC0100864 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
32 Dak Pather Dehradun- Dehradun ORBC0100930 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
33 Shivalik Nagar Haridwar- Haridwar ORBC0100951 249022007 Uttaranchal
34 Saket-Dehradun- Dehradun ORBC0101010 248022009 Uttaranchal
35 Kotdwar- Pauri Garwal ORBC0101015 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
36 Herbertpur- Dehradun ORBC0101201 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
37 Ramnagar- Nainital ORBC0101211 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
38 Pantnagar- Udham Singh Nagar ORBC0101224 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
39 Selaqui- Dehradun ORBC0101279 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
40 Almora- Almora ORBC0101302 263022002 Uttaranchal
41 Raipur-Bhagwanpur- Roorkee ORBC0101310 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
42 Haldwani-Medical College- Haldwani ORBC0101312 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
43 Vasant Vihar Phase 2 Dehradu- Dehradun ORBC0105147 248022010 Uttaranchal
44 Ims Dehradun- Dehradun ORBC0105172 248022013 Uttaranchal
45 Nehru Colony-Dehrad- Dehradun ORBC0105188 248022012 Uttaranchal
46 Shivalik Int. School- Dehradun ORBC0105216 248022011 Uttaranchal
47 Ec Haridwar Nagar Palika Parish- Haridwar ORBC0105245 NON-MICR Uttaranchal
48 Pithoragarh- Pithoragarh ORBC0101362 NON - MICR Uttaranchal
49 Tanakpur- Tanakpur ORBC0101290 NON MICR Uttaranchal
50 Hardwar-Sidcul- Haridwar ORBC0101292 249022010 Uttaranchal
51 Jwalapur-Hardwar- Jwalapur ORBC0101384 MICR Uttaranchal
52 Rudraprayag- Rudrpurayag ORBC0101387 NON MICR Uttaranchal
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