Oriental Bank of Commerce - Punjab

IFSC Codes of all branches of Oriental Bank of Commerce situated in Punjab state of India.

Get details of all branches of Oriental Bank of Commerce with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Oriental Bank of Commerce has lot of branches in the state of PUNJAB . All the branches of Oriental Bank of Commerce have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Oriental Bank of Commerce having branches in PUNJAB .
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Chaura Bazar-Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100004 141022002 Punjab
2 Sherpura Road Jagraon- Jagraon ORBC0100005 NON-MICR Punjab
3 A-Tank Patiala- Patiala ORBC0100009 147022004 Punjab
4 Sahnewal- Sahnewal ORBC0100028 141022019 Punjab
5 Tehsil Road Jagraon- Jagraon ORBC0100030 NON-MICR Punjab
6 Gt Road-Jalandhar- Jalandhar ORBC0100034 144022002 Punjab
7 Dosanjh Kalan- Jalandhar ORBC0100037 NON-MICR Punjab
8 Katra Ahluwalia-Amritsar- Amritsar ORBC0100041 143022002 Punjab
9 Bassian - Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100049 NON-MICR Punjab
10 Phagwara Gt Road-Jalandhar- Phagwara ORBC0100057 NON-MICR Punjab
11 Davida Ahrana- Davida Ahrana ORBC0100063 NON-MICR Punjab
12 Mand- Jalandhar ORBC0100064 144022009 Punjab
13 Panchhat- Panchhat ORBC0100065 NON-MICR Punjab
14 Mithepur- Jalandhar ORBC0100066 144022008 Punjab
15 Kukarpind- Jalandhar ORBC0100067 NON-MICR Punjab
16 Miller Ganj-Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100069 141022006 Punjab
17 Lopo- Lopo ORBC0100072 NON-MICR Punjab
18 Banga- Nawan Shahr ORBC0100073 NON-MICR Punjab
19 Ikolaha- Ludhiana ORBC0100074 NON-MICR Punjab
20 Kotkapura Satta Bazar- Faridkot ORBC0100077 NON-MICR Punjab
21 Kishanpur Kalan- Kishanpur Kalan ORBC0100087 NON-MICR Punjab
22 Khanna-Gt Road Distt Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100089 NON-MICR Punjab
23 Mohie- Ludhiana ORBC0100091 NON-MICR Punjab
24 Railway Road Moga- Moga ORBC0100093 142022002 Punjab
25 Nurpur Bet- Nurpurbet ORBC0100095 NON-MICR Punjab
26 Talwandi Bhai- Talwandi Bhai ORBC0100097 NON-MICR Punjab
27 Daudhar- Daudhar ORBC0100106 NON-MICR Punjab
28 Nawan Shahr- Nawan Shahr ORBC0100107 NON-MICR Punjab
29 Khalra - Tarntaran- Patti ORBC0100108 NON-MICR Punjab
30 Tarn Taran- Tarantarn ORBC0100118 NON-MICR Punjab
31 Malerkotla Delhi Gate- Sangrur ORBC0100123 NON-MICR Punjab
32 G T Road Batala- Batala ORBC0100127 NON-MICR Punjab
33 Dalhousie Road Pathankot- Pathankot ORBC0100128 NON-MICR Punjab
34 Civil Lines-Amritsar- Amritsar ORBC0100130 143022003 Punjab
35 Majith Mandi-Amritsar- Amritsar ORBC0100131 143022006 Punjab
36 Bank Street Bhatinda- Bhatinda ORBC0100148 151022002 Punjab
37 Chappar- Patiala ORBC0100149 NON-MICR Punjab
38 Sukerpura Batala- Batala ORBC0100150 NON-MICR Punjab
39 Vallah- Vallah ORBC0100151 143022017 Punjab
40 Malerkotla Jarg Chowk- Sangrur ORBC0100154 NON-MICR Punjab
41 Patto Hira Singh- Patto Hira Singh ORBC0100155 NON-MICR Punjab
42 Sharifpura Amritsar- Amritsar ORBC0100156 143022009 Punjab
43 Mahilpur- Mahilpur ORBC0100160 NON-MICR Punjab
44 Samana- Samana ORBC0100161 NON-MICR Punjab
45 Dharampura-Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100169 141022004 Punjab
46 Muktasar- Muktsar ORBC0100176 NON-MICR Punjab
47 Dera Bassi- Derra Bassi ORBC0100185 160022014 Punjab
48 Putlighar-Amritsar- Amritsar ORBC0100186 143022005 Punjab
49 Mullanpur Mandi- Mullanpur Mandi ORBC0100189 NON-MICR Punjab
50 Mansuran- Ludhiana ORBC0100190 NON-MICR Punjab
51 Bagrian- Sangrur ORBC0100191 NON-MICR Punjab
52 Hamidpur Amritsar- Amritsar ORBC0100195 143022008 Punjab
53 Nabha- Nabha ORBC0100204 NON-MICR Punjab
54 Sarabha Nagar-Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100205 141022008 Punjab
55 Faridkot- Faridkot ORBC0100206 NON-MICR Punjab
56 Patti- Patti ORBC0100208 NON-MICR Punjab
57 Bhamna- Patiala ORBC0100236 NON-MICR Punjab
58 Kakrala- Kakrala ORBC0100237 NON-MICR Punjab
59 Kot Ise Khan- Kot Ise Khan ORBC0100238 NON-MICR Punjab
60 Moron- Moron (Jalandhar) ORBC0100239 NON-MICR Punjab
61 Jamalpur Awana-Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100240 141022005 Punjab
62 Karnana- Karnana ORBC0100241 NON-MICR Punjab
63 Jandiala Guru- Jandaila ORBC0100242 NON-MICR Punjab
64 Fatehgarh Churian- Batala ORBC0100246 NON-MICR Punjab
65 Kot Fateh- Kotfateh ORBC0100248 NON-MICR Punjab
66 Chhintanwala- Patiala ORBC0100249 NON-MICR Punjab
67 Mudki- Mudki ORBC0100250 NON-MICR Punjab
68 G.T. Road Malout- Malout ORBC0100251 NON-MICR Punjab
69 Bakapur Guru- Bakapur Guru ORBC0100252 NON-MICR Punjab
70 Jaito- Jaito ORBC0100253 NON-MICR Punjab
71 Chaggran- Chaggran ORBC0100254 NON-MICR Punjab
72 Sarai Naga- Sarainaga ORBC0100265 NON-MICR Punjab
73 Roop Nagar Ropar- Ropar ORBC0100267 NON-MICR Punjab
74 Fazilka- Fazilka ORBC0100275 NON-MICR Punjab
75 Bhucho Mandi- Bhatinda ORBC0100276 NON-MICR Punjab
76 Bagdadi Gate-Ferozepur City- Firozpur ORBC0100277 152022004 Punjab
77 Abohar Circular Road- Abohar ORBC0100283 NON-MICR Punjab
78 Roshan Road-Hoshiarpur- Hoshiarpur ORBC0100285 146022002 Punjab
79 Jallowal- Jallowal ORBC0100296 NON-MICR Punjab
80 Bhikhiwind- Bhikhiwind ORBC0100297 NON-MICR Punjab
81 Sidhwan Bet- Sidhwan Bet ORBC0100298 NON-MICR Punjab
82 Mochi Bazar Ferozepur- Firozpur ORBC0100299 152022003 Punjab
83 Arniwala- Teh-Fazilka ORBC0100301 NON-MICR Punjab
84 Dayalgarh- Dayalgarh ORBC0100307 NON-MICR Punjab
85 New Anaj Mandi-Patiala- Patiala ORBC0100319 147022003 Punjab
86 Nihal Singh Wala- Moga ORBC0100329 NON-MICR Punjab
87 Kaleke- Barnala ORBC0100355 NON-MICR Punjab
88 Balachaur- Nawan Shahr ORBC0100359 NON-MICR Punjab
89 Dharmakot Randhawa- Gurdaspur ORBC0100360 NON-MICR Punjab
90 Adarsh Nagar-Jalandhar- Jalandhar ORBC0100368 144022003 Punjab
91 Khasa- Amritsar ORBC0100385 143022016 Punjab
92 Naushera Pannua- Naushera Panua ORBC0100386 NON-MICR Punjab
93 G.T.Road Moga- Moga ORBC0100391 142022003 Punjab
94 Shadiheri- Sangrur ORBC0100394 NON-MICR Punjab
95 Bihla- Barnala ORBC0100395 NON-MICR Punjab
96 The Mall Patiala- Patiala ORBC0100396 147022002 Punjab
97 Bhagat Singh Chowk-Jalandhar- Jalandhar ORBC0100403 144022004 Punjab
98 Sector-55 Mohali- Mohali ORBC0100408 160022004 Punjab
99 Jalalabad (West)- Jalalabad ORBC0100445 NON-MICR Punjab
100 Ferozepur Cantt- Firozpur ORBC0100450 152022002 Punjab
101 Lehragagga- Sangrur ORBC0100451 NON-MICR Punjab
102 Bhawanigarh- Sangrur ORBC0100452 NON-MICR Punjab
103 Sirhind- Sirhind ORBC0100453 NON-MICR Punjab
104 Rajpura Main Patiala Road- Rajpura ORBC0100454 NON-MICR Punjab
105 Dina Nagar- Dinanagar ORBC0100487 NON-MICR Punjab
106 Kutbi Nangal- Batala ORBC0100489 NON-MICR Punjab
107 Khai Pheme Ke- Khai Pheme Ke ORBC0100497 NON-MICR Punjab
108 Mamdot- Mamdot ORBC0100498 NON-MICR Punjab
109 Mandi Gobindgarh- Mandi Govindgarh ORBC0100533 147022102 Punjab
110 Sangrur- Sangrur ORBC0100539 NON-MICR Punjab
111 Mansa- Bhatinda ORBC0100543 NON-MICR Punjab
112 Hanuman Chowk Gurdaspur- Gurdaspur ORBC0100545 NON-MICR Punjab
113 Morinda- Morinda ORBC0100546 NON-MICR Punjab
114 Mukerian- Hoshiarpur ORBC0100547 NON-MICR Punjab
115 Nakodar- Nakodar ORBC0100548 NON-MICR Punjab
116 Tanda- Tanda ORBC0100554 NON-MICR Punjab
117 Dasuya- Dasuya ORBC0100555 NON-MICR Punjab
118 Lambra- Jalandhar ORBC0100564 144022006 Punjab
119 Adampur- Jalandhar ORBC0100565 NON-MICR Punjab
120 Goraya- Goraya ORBC0100566 NON-MICR Punjab
121 Bhogpur- Bhogpur ORBC0100567 NON-MICR Punjab
122 Jandiala- Jandaila ORBC0100568 NON-MICR Punjab
123 Nurmahal- Jalandhar ORBC0100569 NON-MICR Punjab
124 Industrial Area-Jalandhar- Jalandhar ORBC0100589 144022005 Punjab
125 Bhupindra Road-Patiala- Patiala ORBC0100590 147022005 Punjab
126 Garhshankar- Garhshankar ORBC0100592 NON-MICR Punjab
127 Dhuri- Sangrur ORBC0100593 NON-MICR Punjab
128 Barnala- Barnala ORBC0100594 NON-MICR Punjab
129 Patran- Patran ORBC0100595 NON-MICR Punjab
130 Budhlada - Mansa- Manasa ORBC0100596 NON-MICR Punjab
131 Doraha- Doraha ORBC0100597 NON-MICR Punjab
132 Ssi Batala Road-Amritsar- Amritsar ORBC0100598 143022007 Punjab
133 Maqbool Pura Amritsar- Amritsar ORBC0100599 143022004 Punjab
134 Overseas Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100605 141022007 Punjab
135 Ssi Rajpura- Rajpura ORBC0100621 NON-MICR Punjab
136 Ssi Lalru- Patiala ORBC0100622 NON-MICR Punjab
137 Sunam- Sunam ORBC0100634 NON-MICR Punjab
138 Maur- Maur ORBC0100635 NON-MICR Punjab
139 Giddarbaha- Muktsar ORBC0100636 NON-MICR Punjab
140 Bagha Purana- Moga ORBC0100637 NON-MICR Punjab
141 Ahmedgarh- Sangrur ORBC0100638 NON-MICR Punjab
142 New Officer Colony-Patiala- Patiala ORBC0100640 147022007 Punjab
143 Tapa Mandi- Sangrur ORBC0100641 NON-MICR Punjab
144 Rampura Phool- Rampura Phool ORBC0100642 NON-MICR Punjab
145 Kapurthala- Kapurthala ORBC0100644 NON-MICR Punjab
146 Fatehgarh Sahib-Patiala- Fatehgarh Sahib ORBC0100645 NON-MICR Punjab
147 Kartarpur- Jalandhar ORBC0100646 NON-MICR Punjab
148 Phillaur- Phillaur ORBC0100647 NON-MICR Punjab
149 Chowk Purani Kotwali Patiala- Patiala ORBC0100648 147022006 Punjab
150 Kharar- Kharar ORBC0100652 160022016 Punjab
151 Ssi-Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100653 141022010 Punjab
152 Talwara- Hoshiarpur ORBC0100654 NON-MICR Punjab
153 Zira- Zira ORBC0100655 NON-MICR Punjab
154 Samrala- Samrala ORBC0100657 NON-MICR Punjab
155 Kurali- Kurali ORBC0100662 NON-MICR Punjab
156 Feroze Gandhi Market-Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100686 141022016 Punjab
157 Tagore Nagar-Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100713 141022014 Punjab
158 Begowal- Kapurthala ORBC0100718 NON-MICR Punjab
159 Patiala Tripari Town- Patiala ORBC0100719 147022008 Punjab
160 Phagwara Guru Hargobind Nagar- Phagwara ORBC0100720 NON-MICR Punjab
161 Jail Road-Amritsar- Amritsar ORBC0100724 143022011 Punjab
162 Dhangu Road Pathankot- Pathankot ORBC0100728 NON-MICR Punjab
163 Civil Lines-Bhatinda- Bhatinda ORBC0100730 151022003 Punjab
164 Urban Estate-Patiala- Patiala ORBC0100738 147022011 Punjab
165 Gurbax Colony-Patiala- Patiala ORBC0100739 147022009 Punjab
166 Bhatinda Railway Road- Bhatinda ORBC0100753 151022006 Punjab
167 Gaushala Bazar Hoshiarpur- Hoshiarpur ORBC0100756 146022003 Punjab
168 New Railway Road-Jalandhar- Julana ORBC0100760 144022007 Punjab
169 Hall Bazar-Amritsar- Amritsar ORBC0100761 143022010 Punjab
170 Apra- Jalandhar ORBC0100762 NON-MICR Punjab
171 Mohollon- Nawan Shahr ORBC0100763 NON-MICR Punjab
172 Roop Nagar Mill Mill Nagar- Ropar ORBC0100764 140022002 Punjab
173 Dhandari Kalan Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100766 141022012 Punjab
174 Nakodar Road-Jalandhar- Jalandhar ORBC0100770 144022010 Punjab
175 Shahkot- Shahkot ORBC0100773 NON-MICR Punjab
176 Rahon- Nawan Shahr ORBC0100774 NON-MICR Punjab
177 Model Town-Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100777 141022011 Punjab
178 Rahon Road Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100778 141022009 Punjab
179 Lower Mall Patiala- Patiala ORBC0100790 147022010 Punjab
180 Banur- Banur ORBC0100791 NON-MICR Punjab
181 Raikot- Raikot ORBC0100792 NON-MICR Punjab
182 S.A.S. Nagar-Mohali- Mohali ORBC0100794 160022003 Punjab
183 Longowal- Sangrur ORBC0100797 NON-MICR Punjab
184 Dhanaula- Dhanaula ORBC0100798 NON-MICR Punjab
185 Raman Mandi- Rama Mandi ORBC0100799 NON-MICR Punjab
186 Talwandi Sabo- Talwandi Sabo ORBC0100801 NON-MICR Punjab
187 Bareta- Bareta ORBC0100813 NON-MICR Punjab
188 Machhiwara- Machhiwara ORBC0100814 NON-MICR Punjab
189 Guruharsahai - Firozepur- Firozpur ORBC0100833 NON-MICR Punjab
190 Goniana- Goniana ORBC0100839 NON-MICR Punjab
191 Rajpura Abc Chandigarh Road- Rajpura ORBC0100853 NON-MICR Punjab
192 Nangal Township- Nangal ORBC0100855 NON-MICR Punjab
193 Jalandhar Road Hoshiarpur- Hoshiarpur ORBC0100857 146022005 Punjab
194 Ferozepur Road Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0100860 141022013 Punjab
195 Overseas-Amritsar- Amritsar ORBC0100870 143022012 Punjab
196 Anandpur Sahib- Ropar ORBC0100879 NON-MICR Punjab
197 Overseas-Garha Road Jalandhar- Jalandhar ORBC0100886 144022011 Punjab
198 Basant Avenue-Amritsar- Amritsar ORBC0100907 143022013 Punjab
199 Zirakpur- Zirakpur ORBC0100915 160022012 Punjab
200 Phagwara Hoshiarpur Road- Phagwara ORBC0100926 NON-MICR Punjab
201 Ladowali Road-Jalandhar- Jalandhar ORBC0100929 144022012 Punjab
202 Kotkapura Bhatinda Road- Faridkot ORBC0100954 NON-MICR Punjab
203 Court Complex-Bathinda- Bhatinda ORBC0100955 151022004 Punjab
204 Tehsil Road Samana- Patiala ORBC0100960 NON-MICR Punjab
205 Mianpur - Ropar- Ropar ORBC0100963 NON-MICR Punjab
206 Kariyam- Nawan Shahr ORBC0100976 NON-MICR Punjab
207 Ranjit Avenue-Amritsar- Amritsar ORBC0100977 143022015 Punjab
208 Nawanpind- Nawanpind ORBC0100978 NON-MICR Punjab
209 Bhamian Khurd- Ludhiana ORBC0100979 141022017 Punjab
210 Sidhwan Khurd- Sidhwan Khurd ORBC0100980 NON-MICR Punjab
211 Dhalleke- Moga ORBC0100981 142022005 Punjab
212 Lassoi- Lassoi ORBC0100982 NON-MICR Punjab
213 Bathinda Zila Parishad- Bhatinda ORBC0101026 151022005 Punjab
214 Moga D. M. College- Moga ORBC0101028 142022004 Punjab
215 Gmt Public School Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0101030 141022018 Punjab
216 Hoshiyarpur Internatioanl Trac- Hoshiarpur ORBC0101032 146022004 Punjab
217 M.L.M Sr.Sec.School Ferozepur C- Firozpur ORBC0101036 152022005 Punjab
218 Gardhiwala- Gardhiwala ORBC0101138 NON-MICR Punjab
219 Chakdana- Nawan Shahr ORBC0101146 NON-MICR Punjab
220 Bhikhi- Mansa ORBC0101158 NON-MICR Punjab
221 Jalalpur- Hoshiarpur ORBC0101161 NON-MICR Punjab
222 Bullowal- Bullowal ORBC0101162 NON-MICR Punjab
223 Hariana Hoshiarpur- Hoshiarpur ORBC0101163 NON-MICR Punjab
224 Mukandpur- Nawan Shahr ORBC0101177 NON-MICR Punjab
225 Rama Mandi Jalandhar- Jalandhar ORBC0101180 144022013 Punjab
226 Majitha Road- Amritsar ORBC0101183 143022018 Punjab
227 Dhariwal- Gurdaspur ORBC0101184 NON-MICR Punjab
228 Sujanpur- Gurdaspur ORBC0101185 NON-MICR Punjab
229 Gujjarwal- Ludhiana ORBC0101189 NON-MICR Punjab
230 Mullanpur Garibdass- Mohali ORBC0101196 160022020 Punjab
231 Sector 65 Phase Xi Mohali- Mohali ORBC0101197 160022019 Punjab
232 Mgm Public Scl Dugri Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0101199 141022021 Punjab
233 Govt Mohindra College Patiala- Patiala ORBC0101205 147022013 Punjab
234 Focal Point Patiala- Patiala ORBC0101232 147022014 Punjab
235 P M N College Rajpura- Rajpura ORBC0101243 NON-MICR Punjab
236 Sps Apollo Hospital- Ludhiana ORBC0101251 141022023 Punjab
237 Sunder Nagar- Ludhiana ORBC0101252 141022024 Punjab
238 Sardulgarh- Manasa ORBC0101255 NON-MICR Punjab
239 Khamano - Fatehgarh Sahib- Fatehgarh Sahib ORBC0101258 NON-MICR Punjab
240 Bhadson- Patiala ORBC0101261 NON-MICR Punjab
241 Hambran - Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0101267 NON-MICR Punjab
242 Talwandi Daddian- Hoshiarpur ORBC0101299 NON-MICR Punjab
243 Chaheru- Chaheru ORBC0101308 NON-MICR Punjab
244 Sultanpur Lodhi- Kapurthala ORBC0101320 NON-MICR Punjab
245 Rayya Amritsar- Rayya ORBC0101338 NON-MICR Punjab
246 Ec-Bjs Dental College Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0105111 141022101 Punjab
247 Jalandhar Apj School- Jalandhar ORBC0105117 144022015 Punjab
248 Ec Dmch-Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0105120 141022003 Punjab
249 Govt College Sec-56 Phase-6- Mohali ORBC0105126 160022023 Punjab
250 Sector 70 Mohali- Mohali ORBC0105127 160022024 Punjab
251 M.C. Gill Road Ludhiana- Ludhiana ORBC0105136 141022020 Punjab
252 Inocent Hearts Scl Jalandhar- Jalandhar ORBC0105156 144022014 Punjab
253 Amritsar Guru Harkishan Publ- Amritsar ORBC0105159 143022014 Punjab
254 Mukat Polytechnic Rajpura- Rajpura ORBC0105165 NON-MICR Punjab
255 Municipal Corporation Patiala- Patiala ORBC0105177 147022012 Punjab
256 Malout Hindu Kanya Pathshala- Malout ORBC0105211 NON-MICR Punjab
257 Ec- Dera Bassi Ssiet- Patiala ORBC0105240 NON-MICR Punjab
258 Ec-Sunam Bd And Panchayat Office- Sunam ORBC0105246 NON-MICR Punjab
259 Ec Mandi Gobind Garh- Patiala ORBC0105248 NON-MICR Punjab
260 Ec-Amritsar College Of Engg And T- Amritsar ORBC0105249 NON-MICR Punjab
261 Ludhiana Sargodha Khalsa- Ludhiana ORBC0105252 141022022 Punjab
262 Sherpur- Sherpur ORBC0101343 NON - MICR Punjab
263 Devigarh- Devigarh ORBC0101342 NON - MICR Punjab
264 Sadiq- Sadiq ORBC0101344 NON - MICR Punjab
265 Khuian Sarwar- Firozpur ORBC0101345 NON - MICR Punjab
266 Ghuda- Ghuda ORBC0101347 NON - MICR Punjab
267 Chogawan- Chogawan ORBC0101348 NON-MICR Punjab
268 Pakhowal- Ludhiana ORBC0101349 NON - MICR Punjab
269 Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar- Ludhiana ORBC0101354 NON - MICR Punjab
270 Amritsar-Bbk Dav College-Women- Amritsar ORBC0101358 NON MICR Punjab
271 Dewatwal- Dewatwal ORBC0101360 NON MICR Punjab
272 Kala Sanghian- Kala Sanghian ORBC0101361 NON - MICR Punjab
273 Hajipur- Hajipur ORBC0101274 NON MICR Punjab
274 Quadian- Batala ORBC0101281 NON MICR Punjab
275 Ajnala- Ajnala ORBC0101289 NON MICR Punjab
276 Ludhiana-Dehlon- Dehlon ORBC0101294 141022025 Punjab
277 Chunikalan- Chunikalan ORBC0101377 NON - MICR Punjab
278 Sudhar- Sudhar ORBC0101371 NON - MICR Punjab
279 Chabhal- Chabhal ORBC0101373 NON - MICR Punjab
280 Hajipur- Hajipur ORBC0101383 NON - MICR Punjab
281 Mehta Chowk- Amritsar ORBC0101391 Punjab
282 Chamkaur Sahib- Ropar ORBC0101400 NON- MICR Punjab
283 Landran- Mohali ORBC0101401 160022029 Punjab
284 Attari- Attari ORBC0101408 NON-MICR Punjab
285 Sangat- Bhatinda ORBC0101442 NON-MICR Punjab
286 Payal Dist:Ludhiana- Payal ORBC0101453 NON-MICR Punjab
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