Oriental Bank of Commerce - Haryana

IFSC Codes of all branches of Oriental Bank of Commerce situated in Haryana state of India.

Get details of all branches of Oriental Bank of Commerce with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Oriental Bank of Commerce has lot of branches in the state of HARYANA. All the branches of Oriental Bank of Commerce have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Oriental Bank of Commerce having branches in HARYANA.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Yamuna Nagar- Yamuna Nagar ORBC0100006 135022002 Haryana
2 Nit Faridabad- Faridabad ORBC0100018 110022062 Haryana
3 Bhiwani Stand Rohtak- Rohtak ORBC0100032 124022002 Haryana
4 Gt Road-Panipat- Panipat ORBC0100035 132022002 Haryana
5 G T Road Karnal- Karnal ORBC0100036 132022102 Haryana
6 Madina- Madina ORBC0100039 NON-MICR Haryana
7 Dighal- Dighal ORBC0100043 NON-MICR Haryana
8 Murthal- Sonepat ORBC0100044 NON-MICR Haryana
9 Kaithal-Kaithal- Kaithal ORBC0100045 NON-MICR Haryana
10 Nissang- Karnal ORBC0100046 132022107 Haryana
11 Dhand- Dhand ORBC0100047 NON-MICR Haryana
12 Rajaund- Kaithal ORBC0100051 NON-MICR Haryana
13 Cheeka- Kaithal ORBC0100052 NON-MICR Haryana
14 Nagina- Nagina, Distt-Mewat, Nuh ORBC0100053 NON-MICR Haryana
15 Sector-7 Sihi- Faridabad ORBC0100054 110022058 Haryana
16 Mission Chowk Sonepat- Sonepat ORBC0100056 110022110 Haryana
17 Railway Road Hissar- Hissar ORBC0100058 NON-MICR Haryana
18 Sarai Khawaja- Faridabad ORBC0100062 110022063 Haryana
19 City Thana Road Sirsa- Sirsa ORBC0100068 125022002 Haryana
20 New Railway Road-Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0100071 110022045 Haryana
21 Clock Tower Bhiwani- Bhiwani ORBC0100078 127022002 Haryana
22 Hansi- Hissar ORBC0100079 NON-MICR Haryana
23 Ballabgarh- Ballabh Garh ORBC0100088 110022059 Haryana
24 Jhajjar- Jhajjar ORBC0100090 NON-MICR Haryana
25 Israna- Panipat ORBC0100092 NON-MICR Haryana
26 Rewari- Rewari, Harayana ORBC0100096 NON-MICR Haryana
27 Gohana- Gohana ORBC0100109 NON-MICR Haryana
28 Ladwa- Ladwa ORBC0100110 NON-MICR Haryana
29 Bahadurgarh- Bahadurgarh ORBC0100111 110022072 Haryana
30 Narwana- Narwana ORBC0100117 NON-MICR Haryana
31 Sadar Bazar Ambala Cantt- Ambala ORBC0100119 NON-MICR Haryana
32 Charkhi Dadri- Charkhi Dadri ORBC0100122 NON-MICR Haryana
33 Narnaul- Narnaul ORBC0100137 NON-MICR Haryana
34 Fatehabad- Fatehabad ORBC0100146 NON-MICR Haryana
35 Shahabad Markanda- Kurukshetra ORBC0100152 NON-MICR Haryana
36 Barara- Ambala ORBC0100162 NON-MICR Haryana
37 Thanesar- Thanser ORBC0100196 136022002 Haryana
38 Daultabad-Faridabad- Faridabad ORBC0100198 110022060 Haryana
39 Jasaur Kheri- Jhajjar ORBC0100245 NON-MICR Haryana
40 Kalanaur- Yamuna Nagar ORBC0100247 NON-MICR Haryana
41 Dhanauri- Jind ORBC0100263 NON-MICR Haryana
42 Mandi Dabwali- Mandi Dabwali ORBC0100270 NON-MICR Haryana
43 Gobindpuri Yamuna Nagar- Karnal ORBC0100271 135022003 Haryana
44 Bahu Jholri- Bahu Jholri ORBC0100293 NON-MICR Haryana
45 Gumthalarao- Gumthala Rao ORBC0100318 NON-MICR Haryana
46 Muana- Jind ORBC0100333 NON-MICR Haryana
47 Dhatrath- Jind ORBC0100334 NON-MICR Haryana
48 Bibipur- Jind ORBC0100335 NON-MICR Haryana
49 Patli Dabar Ding Adda Sirsa- Patli Dabar Ding Adda ORBC0100354 NON-MICR Haryana
50 Nizampur- Nizampur ORBC0100389 NON-MICR Haryana
51 Hatt- Hatt ORBC0100390 NON-MICR Haryana
52 Biana- Biana ORBC0100393 NON-MICR Haryana
53 Ganaur- Sonepat ORBC0100426 110022130 Haryana
54 Ellenabad- Ellenabad ORBC0100442 NON-MICR Haryana
55 Manana- Manana ORBC0100443 NON-MICR Haryana
56 Jind- Jind ORBC0100448 NON-MICR Haryana
57 Bhamanwas- Bhamanwas ORBC0100449 NON-MICR Haryana
58 Seman- Rohtak ORBC0100457 NON-MICR Haryana
59 Kinana- Jind ORBC0100462 NON-MICR Haryana
60 Khubru- Khubru ORBC0100469 NON-MICR Haryana
61 Amarheri (Pegan)- Jind ORBC0100475 NON-MICR Haryana
62 Mln College Yamuna Nagar- Yamuna Nagar ORBC0100529 135022004 Haryana
63 Sector 11 Panchkula- Panchkula, Haryana ORBC0100532 160022007 Haryana
64 Charuni Jattan- Charuni Jatan ORBC0100541 NON-MICR Haryana
65 Gharaunda- Gharaunda ORBC0100549 NON-MICR Haryana
66 Tohana- Tohana ORBC0100550 NON-MICR Haryana
67 Jagadhari- Yamuna Nagar ORBC0100552 135022006 Haryana
68 Ssi Panipat- Panipat ORBC0100584 132022003 Haryana
69 Taraori- Karnal ORBC0100591 NON-MICR Haryana
70 Kalanwali- Kalanwali ORBC0100600 NON-MICR Haryana
71 Ambala City- Ambala ORBC0100601 NON-MICR Haryana
72 Pehowa- Pehowa ORBC0100602 NON-MICR Haryana
73 Samalalkha- Panipat ORBC0100617 NON-MICR Haryana
74 Manesar- Manesar ORBC0100628 110022108 Haryana
75 Sector-14 Faridabad- Faridabad ORBC0100639 110022061 Haryana
76 Naraingarh - Ambala- Ambala ORBC0100650 NON-MICR Haryana
77 Indri- Indri ORBC0100651 NON-MICR Haryana
78 Hodal- Hodal ORBC0100656 NON-MICR Haryana
79 Gurdwara Road Sonepat- Sonepat ORBC0100661 110022111 Haryana
80 M P Chowk Karnal- Karnal ORBC0100664 132022103 Haryana
81 Assandh- Karnal ORBC0100665 NON-MICR Haryana
82 Palwal- Palwal ORBC0100673 NON-MICR Haryana
83 Saffidon- Jind ORBC0100682 NON-MICR Haryana
84 Ratia- Ratia ORBC0100693 NON-MICR Haryana
85 Sadar Bazar Karnal- Karnal ORBC0100723 132022104 Haryana
86 Siwan- Kaithal ORBC0100726 NON-MICR Haryana
87 Mahesh Nagar-Ambala- Ambala ORBC0100732 NON-MICR Haryana
88 Sonepat Road Rohtak- Rohtak ORBC0100741 124022003 Haryana
89 Mahendergarh- Mahinder Garh ORBC0100742 NON-MICR Haryana
90 Pundri- Kaithal ORBC0100749 NON-MICR Haryana
91 Palam Vihar-Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0100754 110022069 Haryana
92 Sohna- Sohna ORBC0100755 110022116 Haryana
93 N H Park Faridabad- Faridabad ORBC0100765 110022068 Haryana
94 Khandsa- Gurgaon ORBC0100768 110022070 Haryana
95 Kaimri Road Hissar- Hissar ORBC0100783 NON-MICR Haryana
96 Shri Lal Nath Hindu College Roh- Rohtak ORBC0100795 124022004 Haryana
97 Kharkhoda- Sonepat ORBC0100809 110022127 Haryana
98 Radaur- Radaur ORBC0100810 NON-MICR Haryana
99 Kalayat- Kaithal ORBC0100827 NON-MICR Haryana
100 Sector-19 Faridabad- Faridabad ORBC0100840 110022079 Haryana
101 Civil Road Rohtak- Rohtak ORBC0100843 124022005 Haryana
102 Mata Sheetla Devi Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0100877 110022135 Haryana
103 Sector 17 - Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0100889 110022099 Haryana
104 Overseas Panipat- Panipat ORBC0100900 132022004 Haryana
105 Urban Estate-2 Hissar- Hissar ORBC0100916 NON-MICR Haryana
106 Sector- 17 Faridabad- Faridabad ORBC0100921 110022094 Haryana
107 Sector-3 Ballabhgarh- Faridabad ORBC0100936 110022102 Haryana
108 Fawara Chowk Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0100939 110022136 Haryana
109 Sector-20 Panchkula- Panchkula, Haryana ORBC0100943 160022013 Haryana
110 Sector-15 Faridabad- Faridabad ORBC0100949 110022115 Haryana
111 Overseas Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0100987 110022105 Haryana
112 Hansraj Public School Panchkula- Panchkula, Haryana ORBC0100988 160022015 Haryana
113 Shah Satnam Ji Nagar Sirsa- Sirsa ORBC0100989 125022003 Haryana
114 Julana- Julana ORBC0100994 NON-MICR Haryana
115 Pbsb Hissar- Hissar ORBC0101005 NON-MICR Haryana
116 Sector-8 Karnal- Karnal ORBC0101021 132022105 Haryana
117 Basai Road Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0101023 110022117 Haryana
118 Lall Maternity And General Hospit- Yamuna Nagar ORBC0101031 135022005 Haryana
119 Ismailabad- Kurukshetra ORBC0101034 NON-MICR Haryana
120 A.S.Sr.Sec.School Ambala- Ambala ORBC0101040 NON-MICR Haryana
121 Kuruksetra University Kurukshet- Kurukshetra ORBC0101144 136022003 Haryana
122 Kundli- Sonepat ORBC0101147 110022132 Haryana
123 Sector-14 Huda Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0101151 110022144 Haryana
124 Sushant Lok-1 Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0101152 110022134 Haryana
125 Tauru- Tauru,Distt.Mewat ORBC0101164 NON-MICR Haryana
126 Asd Narnaul- Narnaul ORBC0101165 NON-MICR Haryana
127 Sector-13 Huda Hissar- Hissar ORBC0101167 NON-MICR Haryana
128 Mdn Public School Rohtak- Rohtak ORBC0101168 124022008 Haryana
129 Vaish Sr.Sec School Bhiwani- Bhiwani ORBC0101169 127022003 Haryana
130 Panipat Ibl School- Panipat ORBC0101172 132022005 Haryana
131 Sector - 12 Karnal- Karnal ORBC0101176 132022108 Haryana
132 Umri-Kurukshetra- Kurukshetra ORBC0101179 136022004 Haryana
133 Noorwala- Panipat ORBC0101181 132022006 Haryana
134 Kishangarh Rohtak- Rohtak ORBC0101192 NON-MICR Haryana
135 Prem Nagar Ambala City- Ambala ORBC0101203 NON-MICR Haryana
136 Sector-15-Ii Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0101210 110022184 Haryana
137 Mehlanwali- Yamuna Nagar ORBC0101214 NON-MICR Haryana
138 Kala Amb- Ambala ORBC0101215 NON-MICR Haryana
139 Jakhal- Fatehabad ORBC0101223 NON-MICR Haryana
140 Khedi Sampla- Rohtak ORBC0101226 124022007 Haryana
141 Fazilpur- Sonepat ORBC0101230 NON-MICR Haryana
142 Sector 32 Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0101237 110022188 Haryana
143 Dlf City Phase-Ii Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0101238 110022186 Haryana
144 Sohna Road Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0101253 110022192 Haryana
145 Kaul- Kaithal ORBC0101257 NON-MICR Haryana
146 Pathreri - Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0101265 NON-MICR Haryana
147 Farukhnagar- Farukhnagar ORBC0101266 NON-MICR Haryana
148 Chandawali- Ballabh Garh ORBC0101268 NON-MICR Haryana
149 Sonepat Crz Sr.Sec School- Sonepat ORBC0105148 NON-MICR Haryana
150 Panchkula Sector-8- Panchkula, Haryana ORBC0105163 160022026 Haryana
151 Kanhai Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0105167 NON-MICR Haryana
152 Chiranjiv Bharti School- Gurgaon ORBC0105170 110022147 Haryana
153 Tagore Inter. School Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0105173 110022146 Haryana
154 Rewari Holy Child School- Gurgaon ORBC0105174 NON-MICR Haryana
155 Huda Office Rohtak- Rohtak ORBC0105178 124022006 Haryana
156 Mmet Mulana- Ambala ORBC0105182 NON-MICR Haryana
157 Jmit Radaur- Radaur ORBC0105187 NON-MICR Haryana
158 Ec Mini Secretariat Karnal- Karnal ORBC0105209 132022106 Haryana
159 Ec Israna Nc College Of Engg- Israna ORBC0105220 NON-MICR Haryana
160 Rotary Public School Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0105225 110022145 Haryana
161 Ait Sector-55 Gurgaon- Gurgaon ORBC0105232 NON-MICR Haryana
162 Ec Mamu Bhanja Chowk- Sonepat ORBC0105242 110022183 Haryana
163 Ec Bits Bhiwani- Bhiwani ORBC0105243 NON-MICR Haryana
164 Ec Vdjs Hissar- Hissar ORBC0105244 NON-MICR Haryana
165 Ec-Ch.Devilal Memorial Trust Si- Sirsa ORBC0105247 125022004 Haryana
166 Ec Hissar Govt. College- Hissar ORBC0105275 NON-MICR Haryana
167 Ec Jeeva Public School Faridab- Faridabad ORBC0105277 NON-MICR Haryana
168 Pipli- Pipli ORBC0101260 136022005 Haryana
169 Uklana Mandi- Hissar ORBC0101287 NON MICR Haryana
170 Dubaldhan- Dubaldhan ORBC0101293 NON MICR Haryana
171 Aurangabad- Palwal ORBC0101385 NON MICR Haryana
172 Hassanpur- Palwal ORBC0101386 NON MICR Haryana
173 Bahalgarh Dist:Sonepat- Bahalgarh ORBC0101409 NON-MICR Haryana
174 Bilaspur Dist:Yamuna Nagar- Bilaspur ORBC0101412 NON MICR Haryana
175 Bawal- Rewari ORBC0101415 NON-MICR Haryana
176 Sector-55 Faridabad- Faridabad ORBC0101418 NON-MICR Haryana
177 Badli- Badli ORBC0101427 NON-MICR Haryana
178 Hathin- Hathin ORBC0101432 NON-MICR Haryana
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