Ing Vysya Bank Ltd - Karnataka

IFSC Codes of all branches of Ing Vysya Bank Ltd situated in Karnataka state of India.

Get details of all branches of Ing Vysya Bank Ltd with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Ing Vysya Bank Ltd has lot of branches in the state of KARNATAKA. All the branches of Ing Vysya Bank Ltd have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Ing Vysya Bank Ltd having branches in KARNATAKA.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Corporate Office- Bangalore VYSA0000001 NON-MICR Karnataka
2 Finance- Bangalore VYSA0001000 NON-MICR Karnataka
3 Avenue Road- Bangalore VYSA0001010 560064002 Karnataka
4 Davanagere- Davangere VYSA0001020 NON-MICR Karnataka
5 Chitradurga- Chitradurga VYSA0001030 NON-MICR Karnataka
6 Chintamani- Chintamani VYSA0001040 NON-MICR Karnataka
7 Bangarpet- Bangarpet VYSA0001050 NON-MICR Karnataka
8 Mysore Main- Mysore VYSA0001060 570064002 Karnataka
9 Kadur- Kadur VYSA0001070 NON-MICR Karnataka
10 Kollegal- Kollegal VYSA0001080 571064452 Karnataka
11 Chickballapur- Chikballapur VYSA0001090 NON-MICR Karnataka
12 Mulbagal- Mulbagal VYSA0001100 NON-MICR Karnataka
13 Bellary- Bangalore VYSA0001110 NON-MICR Karnataka
14 Chickpet- Bangalore VYSA0001120 560064003 Karnataka
15 T.Narisipur- Tirumakudal Narsipur VYSA0001130 NON-MICR Karnataka
16 Gauribidanur- Gauribidanur VYSA0001140 NON-MICR Karnataka
17 Ulsoor- Bangalore VYSA0001150 560064015 Karnataka
18 Vijayapura- Vijayapura VYSA0001160 NON-MICR Karnataka
19 Kampli- Kampli VYSA0001170 NON-MICR Karnataka
20 Hospet- Hospet VYSA0001180 NON-MICR Karnataka
21 Hubli- Hubli-Dharwad VYSA0001190 580064002 Karnataka
22 Hagribommanahalli- Hagaribommanahalli VYSA0001200 NON-MICR Karnataka
23 Raichur- Raichur VYSA0001210 NON-MICR Karnataka
24 Hanur- Hanur VYSA0001220 NON-MICR Karnataka
25 K G Road Banglore- Bangalore VYSA0001230 560064010 Karnataka
26 Talkad- Talkad VYSA0001240 NON-MICR Karnataka
27 Manchenahally- Manchenahally VYSA0001250 NON-MICR Karnataka
28 New Tharagupet- Bangalore VYSA0001260 560064013 Karnataka
29 Challakere- Challakere VYSA0001280 NON-MICR Karnataka
30 Kodigenahalli- Kodigenahally VYSA0001290 NON-MICR Karnataka
31 Parasuramapura- Parasurampura VYSA0001300 NON-MICR Karnataka
32 Pathapalya- Pathapalya VYSA0001310 NON-MICR Karnataka
33 Tumkur- Tumkur VYSA0001320 572064002 Karnataka
34 Uppin Betagere- Uppin Betagere VYSA0001330 NON-MICR Karnataka
35 Netkallappa Circle- Bangalore VYSA0001340 560064012 Karnataka
36 Shimoga- Shimoga VYSA0001350 0 Karnataka
37 R V College Of Engg.- Bangalore VYSA0001360 560064018 Karnataka
38 Chickmagalur- Chikmagalur VYSA0001370 NON-MICR Karnataka
39 Hassan- Hassan VYSA0001380 NON-MICR Karnataka
40 I B Street- Bangalore VYSA0001390 560064005 Karnataka
41 Mandya- Mandya VYSA0001400 NON-MICR Karnataka
42 Dharwar- Hubli-Dharwad VYSA0001410 580064302 Karnataka
43 Visweswarapuram- Bangalore VYSA0001420 560064016 Karnataka
44 Gadag- Gadag VYSA0001430 NON-MICR Karnataka
45 Mercara- Madikeri VYSA0001440 NON-MICR Karnataka
46 Karwar- Karwar VYSA0001450 NON-MICR Karnataka
47 Gulbarga- Gulbarga VYSA0001460 585064002 Karnataka
48 Malleswaram- Bangalore VYSA0001470 560064011 Karnataka
49 Motebennur- Motebennur VYSA0001480 NON-MICR Karnataka
50 Maregowdanahalli- Mysore VYSA0001490 570064004 Karnataka
51 Belgaum- Belgaum VYSA0001500 NON-MICR Karnataka
52 Mundargi- Mundargi VYSA0001510 NON-MICR Karnataka
53 Tiptur- Tiptur VYSA0001520 NON-MICR Karnataka
54 Mangalore- Mangalore VYSA0001530 575064002 Karnataka
55 Hunsur- Hunsur VYSA0001540 NON-MICR Karnataka
56 Chelur- Chelur VYSA0001550 NON-MICR Karnataka
57 Gangavati- Gangavathi VYSA0001560 NON-MICR Karnataka
58 Siruguppa- Siruguppa VYSA0001570 NON-MICR Karnataka
59 Bommanahalli- Bangalore VYSA0001580 560064020 Karnataka
60 Barandur- Barandur VYSA0001590 NON-MICR Karnataka
61 Jayanagar- Bangalore VYSA0001600 560064006 Karnataka
62 Sirsi- Sirsi VYSA0001610 581064402 Karnataka
63 Bagalkot- Bagalkot VYSA0001620 NON-MICR Karnataka
64 Ingleswar- Ingleswar VYSA0001630 NON-MICR Karnataka
65 Basavana Bagevadi- Basavana Bagevadi VYSA0001631 NON-MICR Karnataka
66 Mahagaon- Mahagaon VYSA0001640 NON-MICR Karnataka
67 Kasturba Road- Bangalore VYSA0001650 560064007 Karnataka
68 Tadawalga- Tadawalga VYSA0001660 NON-MICR Karnataka
69 Tamba- Tamba VYSA0001670 NON-MICR Karnataka
70 Bijapur- Bijapur VYSA0001700 NON-MICR Karnataka
71 Pavagada- Pavagada VYSA0001720 NON-MICR Karnataka
72 Hallur- Hallur VYSA0001730 NON-MICR Karnataka
73 Bidar- Bidar VYSA0001740 NON-MICR Karnataka
74 Halbarga- Halbarga VYSA0001760 NON-MICR Karnataka
75 Sulehpet- Sulehpet VYSA0001770 NON-MICR Karnataka
76 Nittur- Nittur VYSA0001780 NON-MICR Karnataka
77 Bagdal- Bagdal VYSA0001790 NON-MICR Karnataka
78 Srinivaspura- Srinivasapur VYSA0001800 NON-MICR Karnataka
79 Ilkal- Ilkal VYSA0001810 NON-MICR Karnataka
80 Kolar- Kolar VYSA0001820 NON-MICR Karnataka
81 Sadashivanagar- Bangalore VYSA0001830 560064014 Karnataka
82 Thandavapura- Thandavapura VYSA0001850 NON-MICR Karnataka
83 Sondekoppa- Bangalore VYSA0001860 NON-MICR Karnataka
84 Fraser Town- Bangalore VYSA0001870 560064004 Karnataka
85 Bhadravathi- Bhadravati VYSA0001880 NON-MICR Karnataka
86 Jayalakshmi Puram- Mysore VYSA0001890 570064003 Karnataka
87 Yeshwanthapur- Bangalore VYSA0001900 560064017 Karnataka
88 Javaranahalli- Javaranahalli VYSA0001910 NON-MICR Karnataka
89 Byadgi- Byadgi VYSA0001930 NON-MICR Karnataka
90 Srinivasa Nagar- Bangalore VYSA0001960 560064021 Karnataka
91 Degalmadi- Degalmadi VYSA0001980 NON-MICR Karnataka
92 Nagamangala- Nagamangala VYSA0001990 NON-MICR Karnataka
93 J C Road- Bangalore VYSA0002000 560064001 Karnataka
94 Cms Bangalore- Bangalore VYSA0002001 NON-MICR Karnataka
95 St.Marks Road- Bangalore VYSA0002010 NON-MICR Karnataka
96 Shashtri Nagar- Bellary VYSA0002020 NON-MICR Karnataka
97 M G Road- Bangalore VYSA0002040 560064022 Karnataka
98 Tfu Bangalore- Bangalore VYSA0002047 NON-MICR Karnataka
99 Udupi- Udupi VYSA0002050 NON-MICR Karnataka
100 Vijayanagar- Bangalore VYSA0002080 560064024 Karnataka
101 Indira Nagar- Bangalore VYSA0002090 560064036 Karnataka
102 Asset Recovery Management - Bangalore- Bangalore VYSA0002100 NON-MICR Karnataka
103 R T Nagar- Bangalore VYSA0002110 560064043 Karnataka
104 K.H.Road- Bangalore VYSA0002160 560064023 Karnataka
105 Consumer Assets- Bangalore VYSA0002161 NON-MICR Karnataka
106 H S R Layout- Bangalore VYSA0002170 560064045 Karnataka
107 Koramangala- Bangalore VYSA0002180 560064046 Karnataka
108 District Court Gulbarga- Gulbarga VYSA0002190 NON-MICR Karnataka
109 Kuvempu Nagar- Mysore VYSA0002200 570064005 Karnataka
110 Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College- Kolar VYSA0002210 NON-MICR Karnataka
111 K.R.Road- Bangalore VYSA0002220 560064033 Karnataka
112 Cms Hub- Bangalore VYSA0002250 NON-MICR Karnataka
113 Credit Card Division- Bangalore VYSA0002500 NON-MICR Karnataka
114 Kannur- Kannur VYSA0005380 0 Karnataka
115 Cecs- Bangalore VYSA0008100 0 Karnataka
116 Centralised Operations- Bangalore VYSA0009330 0 Karnataka
117 Hrd- Bangalore VYSA00COHRD 0 Karnataka
118 Vysdp- Bangalore VYSA0DP2150 0 Karnataka
119 Mibank- Bangalore VYSA0MIBANK 0 Karnataka
120 Cms Pay Pro- Bangalore VYSA0PAYPRO NON-MCIR Karnataka
121 Cms Hub- Bangalore VYSA0CMSZBA NON MICR Karnataka
122 Bbarb Ops- Bangalore VYSA0001348 NA Karnataka
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