Indian Overseas Bank - West Bengal

IFSC Codes of all branches of Indian Overseas Bank situated in West Bengal state of India.

Get details of all branches of Indian Overseas Bank with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Indian Overseas Bank has lot of branches in the state of WEST BENGAL. All the branches of Indian Overseas Bank have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Indian Overseas Bank having branches in WEST BENGAL.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Ballygunge- Kolkata IOBA0000013 700020012 West Bengal
2 India Exchange Place- Kolkata IOBA0000015 600020003 West Bengal
3 Shyambazar- Kolkata IOBA0000082 700020028 West Bengal
4 Free School Street- Kolkata IOBA0000113 700020005 West Bengal
5 Kalighat- Kolkata IOBA0000114 700020014 West Bengal
6 Sealdah- Kolkata IOBA0000127 700020027 West Bengal
7 Lansdowne Market- Kolkata IOBA0000135 700020024 West Bengal
8 Howrah- Kolkata IOBA0000151 700020022 West Bengal
9 New Alipore- Kolkata IOBA0000178 700020011 West Bengal
10 Chowringhee- Kolkata IOBA0000319 700020004 West Bengal
11 Posta- Kolkata IOBA0000345 700020025 West Bengal
12 Sambalpur- Sambalpore IOBA0000413 762020002 West Bengal
13 Diamond Harbour Road- Kolkata IOBA0000440 700020020 West Bengal
14 Siliguri- Siliguri IOBA0000458 734020001 West Bengal
15 B P Road- Kolkata IOBA0000477 700020009 West Bengal
16 Machua Bazar- Kolkata IOBA0000480 700020007 West Bengal
17 Sonapatti- Kolkata IOBA0000497 700020013 West Bengal
18 Chinsurah- Hugli-Chinsurah IOBA0000499 700020041 West Bengal
19 Golpark- Kolkata IOBA0000509 700020021 West Bengal
20 Jalpaiguri- Jalpaiguri IOBA0000511 735020002 West Bengal
21 Kadamtala- Kolkata IOBA0000512 700020017 West Bengal
22 Jm Avenue- Kolkata IOBA0000519 700020026 West Bengal
23 Baranagar- Baranagar IOBA0000566 700020019 West Bengal
24 Midnapore- Medinipur IOBA0000567 NON-MICR West Bengal
25 International Business- Kolkata IOBA0000585 700020008 West Bengal
26 Dharamtala- Kolkata IOBA0000586 700020023 West Bengal
27 Dum Dum Park- Kolkata IOBA0000621 700020018 West Bengal
28 Chander Nagar- Chandannagar IOBA0000649 NON-MICR West Bengal
29 Mayapur- Mayapur IOBA0000674 NON-MICR West Bengal
30 Strand Road- Kolkata IOBA0000675 700020006 West Bengal
31 Asansol- Asansol IOBA0000708 713020001 West Bengal
32 Amratala- Kolkata IOBA0000720 700020010 West Bengal
33 Lake Market- Kolkata IOBA0000739 700020015 West Bengal
34 Durgapur- Durgapur IOBA0000758 713020201 West Bengal
35 Salt Lake City- Kolkata IOBA0000893 700020029 West Bengal
36 Bhowanipore- Kolkata IOBA0000908 700020016 West Bengal
37 Sreemani Market- Kolkata IOBA0001035 700020030 West Bengal
38 Anand Palit Road- Kolkata IOBA0001108 700020031 West Bengal
39 Pardankuni- Dankuni IOBA0001160 700020039 West Bengal
40 Baratajpur- Serampore IOBA0001187 NON-MICR West Bengal
41 Behala- Kolkata IOBA0001224 700020033 West Bengal
42 Garia- Kolkata IOBA0001426 700020034 West Bengal
43 Dhakuria- Kolkata IOBA0001427 700020035 West Bengal
44 Santoshpur- Kolkata IOBA0001453 700020036 West Bengal
45 Barrackpore- Barrackpur IOBA0001459 NON-MICR West Bengal
46 Burdwan- Burda IOBA0001479 NON-MICR West Bengal
47 Haldia- Haldia IOBA0001483 721020002 West Bengal
48 Pratt Memorial- Kolkata IOBA0001494 700020042 West Bengal
49 57/748 And 60/750 Subarna Bhavan 2 1/2 Mile Sevoke Road Siliguri Dist: Darjeeling Pin-734401- Siliguri IOBA0001509 NON-MICR West Bengal
50 Memari- Memari IOBA0001513 NON-MICR West Bengal
51 J L N Road- Kolkata IOBA0001515 700020043 West Bengal
52 Kasba Gold Park- Kolkata IOBA0001517 700020045 West Bengal
53 Tegharia- Kolkata IOBA0001536 700020044 West Bengal
54 Sheoraphuli- Kolkata IOBA0001553 700020046 West Bengal
55 Kolkata - Port- Kolkata IOBA0001582 NON-MICR West Bengal
56 Krishna Nagar- Krishna Nagar IOBA0001583 NON-MICR West Bengal
57 Sector V Saltlake- Kolkata IOBA0001642 700020049 West Bengal
58 Julian Day School- Ganganagar IOBA0001772 NON-MICR West Bengal
59 Kolkata - New Market- Kolkata IOBA0001776 NON-MICR West Bengal
60 College Para Jalpaiguri- Jalpaiguri IOBA0001828 NON-MICR West Bengal
61 Bidhan Nagar Durgapore- Durgapur IOBA0001847 NON-MICR West Bengal
62 Prince Anwar Shah Road Connector- Kolkata IOBA0001929 NON-MICR West Bengal
63 Patuli- Kolkata IOBA0001930 NON-MICR West Bengal
64 Purulia- Puruliya IOBA0001932 723020002 West Bengal
65 Baruipur- Baruipur IOBA0001950 700020061 West Bengal
66 Kakdwip- Kakdwip IOBA0001951 NON-MICR West Bengal
67 Kolkata - Baguiati- Kolkata IOBA0002122 NON-MICR West Bengal
68 Barasat- Barasat IOBA0002131 NON-MICR West Bengal
69 Kolkata - Port Trust- Kolkata IOBA0006581 NON-MICR West Bengal
70 Abc India Ltd- Kolkata IOBA0006637 NON-MICR West Bengal
71 Hoogly Bridge Commissioner Office- Kolkata IOBA0006689 700020006 West Bengal
72 Chaulkhola- Chaulkhola IOBA0001105 NON-MICR West Bengal
73 Purandarpur- Murshidabad IOBA0001109 NON-MICR West Bengal
74 Sabdarnagar- Sabdar Nagar IOBA0001110 NON-MICR West Bengal
75 Tungi- Nowda IOBA0001114 NON-MICR West Bengal
76 Kanachi- Birbhum IOBA0001121 NON-MICR West Bengal
77 Bamanpukurbazaar- Krishnagar IOBA0001133 NON-MICR West Bengal
78 Bodra- Bodra IOBA0001138 NON-MICR West Bengal
79 Jayarhatala- Pandua IOBA0001142 NON-MICR West Bengal
80 Demarihat- Sahid Matangini IOBA0001164 NON-MICR West Bengal
81 Machhnahan- Machhnahan IOBA0001209 NON-MICR West Bengal
82 Bhemua- Kharagpur IOBA0001238 NON-MICR West Bengal
83 Ghoraghata- Howrah IOBA0001424 NON-MICR West Bengal
84 Kharar- Kharar IOBA0002170 NON-MICR West Bengal
85 Bashirhat- Basirhat IOBA0001464 NON_MICR West Bengal
86 Sonarpur- Rajpur-Sonarpur IOBA0001977 NON_MICR West Bengal
87 Tollygunge- Kolkata IOBA0001982 NON_MICR West Bengal
88 Shibpur Dinabandhu Institution- Howrah IOBA0006748 Non-MICR West Bengal
89 Baghajatin- Kolkata IOBA0002194 NON-MICR West Bengal
90 Bural- Bural IOBA0001104 NON-MICR West Bengal
91 Abbot Sishu Hall- Hugli-Chinsurah IOBA0002160 NON-MICR West Bengal
92 Kalyani- Kalyani IOBA0002219 NON-MICR West Bengal
93 Suri- Suri IOBA0002238 NON-MICR West Bengal
94 Lake Town - Dum Dum Park- Dum Dum IOBA0002239 NON-MICR West Bengal
95 Thakurpukur- Joka IOBA0002258 NON-MICR West Bengal
96 Raiganj- Siliguri IOBA0002230 NON-MICR West Bengal
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