Dena Bank - Uttar Pradesh

IFSC Codes of all branches of Dena Bank situated in Uttar Pradesh state of India.

Get details of all branches of Dena Bank with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Dena Bank has lot of branches in the state of UTTAR PRADESH. All the branches of Dena Bank have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Dena Bank having branches in UTTAR PRADESH.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Lucknow (Hazratganj)- Lucknow BKDN0720185 226018002 Uttar Pradesh
2 Lalganj- Lalganj BKDN0720220 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
3 Nadan Mahal Road Lucknow- Lucknow BKDN0720239 226018005 Uttar Pradesh
4 Meerut Cantt- Meerut Cantt BKDN0720352 250018001 Uttar Pradesh
5 Shah Kamal Road Aligarh- Aligarh BKDN0720397 202018002 Uttar Pradesh
6 Moradabad- Moradabad BKDN0720415 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
7 Rai Bareily- Rai Bareli BKDN0720466 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
8 Allahabad-Johnstonganj- Allahabad BKDN0720500 211018002 Uttar Pradesh
9 Varanasi Bulanala- Varanasi BKDN0720607 221018002 Uttar Pradesh
10 Aligarh Civil Lines- Aligarh BKDN0720608 202018003 Uttar Pradesh
11 Lucknow (Shivaji Marg)- Lucknow BKDN0720631 226018006 Uttar Pradesh
12 Ghaziabad- Ghaziabad BKDN0720687 110018029 Uttar Pradesh
13 Agra- Agra BKDN0720724 282018002 Uttar Pradesh
14 Kanpur- Kanpur BKDN0720730 208018002 Uttar Pradesh
15 Lucknow (Bangla Bazar)- Lucknow BKDN0720736 226018003 Uttar Pradesh
16 Sahpur-Bamata- Shahpur Bamata BKDN0720753 110018032 Uttar Pradesh
17 Gorakhpur- Gorakhpur BKDN0720769 273018001 Uttar Pradesh
18 Meerut City- Meerut BKDN0720806 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
19 Bareilly- Bareilly BKDN0720837 243018002 Uttar Pradesh
20 Lucknow (Ghospura)- Lucknow BKDN0720840 226018004 Uttar Pradesh
21 Dubagga Lucknow- Lucknow BKDN0720860 226018008 Uttar Pradesh
22 Muzaffarnagar- Muzaffar Nagar BKDN0721024 251018001 Uttar Pradesh
23 Allahabad-Nyaynagar- Allahabad BKDN0721076 211018003 Uttar Pradesh
24 Lucknow(Uthrathia)- Lucknow BKDN0721089 226018007 Uttar Pradesh
25 Saharanpur- Saharanpur BKDN0721107 247018002 Uttar Pradesh
26 Noida- Noida BKDN0721125 110018026 Uttar Pradesh
27 Hapur- Hapur BKDN0721126 245018002 Uttar Pradesh
28 Varanasi (Mahmoorganj)- Varanasi BKDN0721128 221018003 Uttar Pradesh
29 Faizabad- Faizabad BKDN0721129 224018202 Uttar Pradesh
30 Lucknow(Gomti Nagar)- Lucknow BKDN0721135 226018009 Uttar Pradesh
31 Jhansi- Jhansi BKDN0721140 284018002 Uttar Pradesh
32 Lucknow(Rajajipuram)- Lucknow BKDN0721145 226018010 Uttar Pradesh
33 Rambag Allahabad- Allahabad BKDN0721153 211018004 Uttar Pradesh
34 Greater Noida- Noida BKDN0721172 110018035 Uttar Pradesh
35 Barra(Kanpur)- Kanpur BKDN0721188 208018003 Uttar Pradesh
36 Aliganj Lucknow- Lucknow BKDN0721190 226018011 Uttar Pradesh
37 Harchandpur- Harchandpur BKDN0720568 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
38 Nigohan- Nigohan BKDN0720757 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
39 Rahimabad- Rahimabad BKDN0720766 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
40 Retail Asset Lucknow- Lucknow BKDN0721234 226018012 Uttar Pradesh
41 Aihar- Aihar BKDN0720453 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
42 Sheogarh- Sheogarh BKDN0720751 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
43 Mathura- Mathura BKDN0720794 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
44 Paphunda- Phaphund BKDN0720659 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
45 Lodha- Lodha BKDN0720761 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
46 Godhi- Godhi BKDN0821011 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
47 Babuganj- Babuganj BKDN0720750 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
48 Barabanki- Bara Banki BKDN0721275 225018002 Uttar Pradesh
49 Shahjahanpur- Shahjahanpur BKDN0721299 NON-MICR Uttar Pradesh
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