Central Bank of India - West Bengal

IFSC Codes of all branches of Central Bank of India situated in West Bengal state of India.

Get details of all branches of Central Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Central Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of WEST BENGAL. All the branches of Central Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Central Bank of India having branches in WEST BENGAL.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Ballygunge Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280090 700016006 West Bengal
2 Bow Bazar Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280091 700016008 West Bengal
3 Brabourne Road Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280092 700016004 West Bengal
4 Camac Street- Kolkata CBIN0280093 700016013 West Bengal
5 College Street Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280094 700016012 West Bengal
6 Dharamtala Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280095 700016015 West Bengal
7 Kidderpore Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280096 700016023 West Bengal
8 Esplanade Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280098 700016016 West Bengal
9 Hatkhola Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280100 700016020 West Bengal
10 Grey Street Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280101 700016018 West Bengal
11 Barabazar- Kolkata CBIN0280102 700016003 West Bengal
12 Bhowanipore Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280103 700016005 West Bengal
13 New Market- Kolkata CBIN0280105 700016027 West Bengal
14 Manicktalla Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280106 700016026 West Bengal
15 Kolkata M.O- Kolkata CBIN0280107 700016050 West Bengal
16 Park Street Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280108 700016029 West Bengal
17 Beliaghata Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280109 700016007 West Bengal
18 Rabindra Sarani Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280110 700016033 West Bengal
19 Shyam Bazar Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0280111 700016038 West Bengal
20 Purba Putiari- Kolkata CBIN0280112 700016031 West Bengal
21 Howrah- Howrah CBIN0280113 700016021 West Bengal
22 Saankrail- Sankrail CBIN0280114 700016065 West Bengal
23 Bankura- Bankura CBIN0280115 NON-MICR West Bengal
24 Purulia- Puruliya CBIN0280116 NON-MICR West Bengal
25 Asansol- Asansol CBIN0280118 713016001 West Bengal
26 Burdwan- Barddhaman CBIN0280119 NON-MICR West Bengal
27 Durgapur- Durgapur CBIN0280120 713016201 West Bengal
28 Panagarh- Panagarh CBIN0280121 NON-MICR West Bengal
29 Raiganj- Raiganj CBIN0280123 NON-MICR West Bengal
30 Siliguri- Siliguri CBIN0280125 NON-MICR West Bengal
31 Jalpaiguri- Jalpaiguri CBIN0280127 NON-MICR West Bengal
32 New Jalpaiguri- Jalpaiguri CBIN0280979 NON-MICR West Bengal
33 Bagdogra- Bagdogra CBIN0280995 NON-MICR West Bengal
34 Coochbehar- Koch Behar CBIN0281032 NON-MICR West Bengal
35 Darjeeling- Darjiling CBIN0281040 NON-MICR West Bengal
36 Park Circus Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281041 700016032 West Bengal
37 Salkia Howrah- Howrah CBIN0281050 700016040 West Bengal
38 Entally Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281055 700016017 West Bengal
39 Regent Park Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281075 700016042 West Bengal
40 Barrackpore- Kolkata CBIN0281090 700016064 West Bengal
41 Naihati- Kolkata CBIN0281099 700016070 West Bengal
42 Ghughudanga Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281182 700016019 West Bengal
43 Serampore- Serampore CBIN0281202 700016057 West Bengal
44 Baranagar Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281233 700016009 West Bengal
45 Shibpur Howrah- Howrah CBIN0281236 700016036 West Bengal
46 Jadavpur Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281247 700016022 West Bengal
47 Mamrabazar Durgapur- Durgapur CBIN0281251 713016202 West Bengal
48 Kasba Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281273 700016024 West Bengal
49 Kharagpur- Kharagpur CBIN0281307 NON-MICR West Bengal
50 Rishra- Kolkata CBIN0281315 700016058 West Bengal
51 Rahara- Kolkata CBIN0281347 700016063 West Bengal
52 Titagarh- Kolkata CBIN0281349 700016061 West Bengal
53 Salt Lake Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281353 700016045 West Bengal
54 Bidhan Market Siliguri- Siliguri CBIN0281401 NON-MICR West Bengal
55 Sodepur- Kolkata CBIN0281409 700016062 West Bengal
56 Alipurduar- Alipur Duar CBIN0281416 NON-MICR West Bengal
57 Belghoria Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281453 700016011 West Bengal
58 Belgachia Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281459 700016048 West Bengal
59 Malda- Malda CBIN0281464 732016102 West Bengal
60 Suri- Suri CBIN0281473 NON-MICR West Bengal
61 Singhibagan Chittaranjan Avenue Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281476 700016039 West Bengal
62 Berhampore- Baharampur CBIN0281484 NON-MICR West Bengal
63 Haldia- Haldia CBIN0281500 721016002 West Bengal
64 Prince Anwarshah Road Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281663 700016035 West Bengal
65 Jorasanko Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281672 700016044 West Bengal
66 Red Cross Place Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281713 700016041 West Bengal
67 Dabgram- Dabgram CBIN0281831 NON-MICR West Bengal
68 Picnic Garden Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0282142 700016034 West Bengal
69 Laketown Sector B Kolkata- Northdumdum CBIN0282298 700016043 West Bengal
70 Nbo Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0282328 700016001 West Bengal
71 Sibmandir- Siliguri CBIN0282504 NON-MICR West Bengal
72 Kalyani- Kolkata CBIN0282552 700016083 West Bengal
73 Cooch Behar Bazar- Koch Behar CBIN0282564 NON-MICR West Bengal
74 Barasat- Kolkata CBIN0283412 700016074 West Bengal
75 Rajarhat- Narayanpur CBIN0283413 700016073 West Bengal
76 Baruipur- Kolkata CBIN0283414 700016079 West Bengal
77 Beguhati- Kolkata CBIN0283415 700016075 West Bengal
78 Habra- Habra CBIN0283416 700016077 West Bengal
79 Bolpur- Bolpur CBIN0283417 NON-MICR West Bengal
80 Uluberia- Uluberia CBIN0283418 700016076 West Bengal
81 Chakdah- Chakdah CBIN0283419 NON-MICR West Bengal
82 Krishnanagar- Krishnanagar CBIN0283420 NON-MICR West Bengal
83 Memari- Memari CBIN0283421 NON-MICR West Bengal
84 Bhiringi More- Durgapur CBIN0283422 713016205 West Bengal
85 Hospital More Asansol- Asansol CBIN0283423 NON-MICR West Bengal
86 Katwa- Katwa CBIN0283424 NON-MICR West Bengal
87 Tamluk- Tamluk CBIN0283425 NON-MICR West Bengal
88 Contai- Contai CBIN0283426 NON-MICR West Bengal
89 Uttarpara- Uttarpara Kotrung CBIN0283428 700016080 West Bengal
90 Raniganj- Raniganj CBIN0283429 NON-MICR West Bengal
91 Garia- Kolkata CBIN0283430 700016078 West Bengal
92 Madhyamgram- Kolkata CBIN0283431 700016072 West Bengal
93 Diamond Harbour- Diamond Harbour CBIN0283491 NON-MICR West Bengal
94 Salt Lake City- Kolkata CBIN0283492 700016081 West Bengal
95 Bidhan Nagar- Durgapur CBIN0283508 NON-MICR West Bengal
96 Ranaghat- Ranaghat CBIN0283511 NON-MICR West Bengal
97 Singur- Singur CBIN0283512 NON-MICR West Bengal
98 Narsingh Dutta College- Howrah CBIN0283513 700016082 West Bengal
99 Judges Court Midnapur- Midnapore CBIN0283516 NON-MICR West Bengal
100 Metro Central Railway- Kolkata CBIN0010102 700016003 West Bengal
101 Vivekanand Mahavidyalaya- Barddhaman CBIN0010119 NON-MICR West Bengal
102 Durgapur Chemicals Ltd. Durgapur- Durgapur CBIN0010120 713016201 West Bengal
103 Army School Bengdubi- Darjiling CBIN0010995 NON-MICR West Bengal
104 Gun And Shell Factory Cossipore- Kolkata CBIN0011233 700016009 West Bengal
105 Shibpur Dinobandhoo Institution- Howrah CBIN0011236 700016036 West Bengal
106 Michael Madhusudan Memorial College- Durgapur CBIN0011251 713016202 West Bengal
107 Drm's Office S.E.Railway Kharagpur- Kharagpur CBIN0011307 NON-MICR West Bengal
108 Indian Rayon Ltd. A/C M/S. Jayashree Textiles Ltd. Rishra- Hugli-Chinsurah CBIN0011315 700016058 West Bengal
109 Khardah Jute Mills Khardah- Khardah CBIN0011349 700016061 West Bengal
110 Ghogomali High School Siliguri- Jalpaiguri CBIN0011401 NON-MICR West Bengal
111 Drm Eastern Railway Sealdah- Kolkata CBIN0011713 700016041 West Bengal
112 B.S.F.Head Quarters Kadamtala- Darjiling CBIN0012504 NON-MICR West Bengal
113 Head Quarters Of S.E.Railway Garden Reach Calcutta- Kolkata CBIN0020102 700016003 West Bengal
114 Asset Recoverybranch Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0283751 NON-MICR West Bengal
115 Posta Bazar- Kolkata CBIN0280104 700016030 West Bengal
116 Ultadanga- Kolkata CBIN0281042 700016047 West Bengal
117 Midnapore- Medinipur CBIN0281308 NON-MICR West Bengal
118 Hari Mohan Ghose Road- Kolkata CBIN0282509 700016054 West Bengal
119 Baghmore Kolkata- Kanchrapara CBIN0283078 NON-MICR West Bengal
120 R.N.Mukherjee- Kolkata CBIN0283238 700016068 West Bengal
121 Khalpara- Siliguri CBIN0283531 NON-MICR West Bengal
122 New Alipore- Dakshin Barasat CBIN0281248 700016028 West Bengal
123 Chetla Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281317 700016014 West Bengal
124 Kalighat Junct Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281556 700016025 West Bengal
125 Mominpur Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0281664 700016037 West Bengal
126 Pratapaditya Rd. Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0282435 700016056 West Bengal
127 Barakar- Barakar CBIN0282561 NON-MICR West Bengal
128 N.S.Road- Kolkata CBIN0282588 700016050 West Bengal
129 Barisha- Basirhat CBIN0281340 700016010 West Bengal
130 Subhasgram- Kultali CBIN0282508 700016059 West Bengal
131 Mathabhanga- Mathabhanga CBIN0280130 NON-MICR West Bengal
132 Dinhata- Dinhata CBIN0281227 NON-MICR West Bengal
133 Balurghat- Balurghat CBIN0281481 NON-MICR West Bengal
134 Balrampur- Balarampur CBIN0280117 NON-MICR West Bengal
135 Nakkatigachh- Chamta CBIN0282491 NON-MICR West Bengal
136 Deocharai- Deocharai CBIN0282494 NON-MICR West Bengal
137 Ichanganj- Ichaganj CBIN0282767 NON-MICR West Bengal
138 Anguldakha- Anguldakha CBIN0283069 NON-MICR West Bengal
139 Kharibari- Mudia CBIN0281927 NON-MICR West Bengal
140 Patuapara- Kolkata CBIN0282441 700016052 West Bengal
141 Karl Marx Sarani- Kolkata CBIN0282557 700016055 West Bengal
142 New Road- Kolkata CBIN0282599 700016053 West Bengal
143 J.K.Nagar- Barddhaman CBIN0283186 NON-MICR West Bengal
144 Kaliyaganj- Kaliaganj CBIN0283514 NON-MICR West Bengal
145 Gangarampur- Gangarampur CBIN0283515 NON-MICR West Bengal
146 Haldibari- Haldibari CBIN0280129 NON-MICR West Bengal
147 Tufanganj- Tufanganj CBIN0280132 NON-MICR West Bengal
148 Naksalbari- Naxalbari CBIN0281030 NON-MICR West Bengal
149 Ghum Jorebungalow- Sukhiapokhari CBIN0282079 NON-MICR West Bengal
150 Townsend Road- Kolkata CBIN0282560 700016051 West Bengal
151 Siliguri Regulated Market- Siliguri CBIN0283245 NON-MICR West Bengal
152 Sainthia- Sainthia CBIN0283509 NON-MICR West Bengal
153 Kalimpong- Kalimpong CBIN0280126 NON-MICR West Bengal
154 Gairkata- Gairkata CBIN0280997 NON-MICR West Bengal
155 Paikpara- Paikpara CBIN0281984 700016069 West Bengal
156 Kadamtala- Jalpaiguri CBIN0282569 NON-MICR West Bengal
157 Akrahat (Falimari)- Akrahat CBIN0283057 NON-MICR West Bengal
158 Raghunathpur- Raghunathpur CBIN0283427 NON-MICR West Bengal
159 Kamakhyaguri- Kamakhyaguri CBIN0281408 NON-MICR West Bengal
160 Rampurhat- Rampurhat CBIN0281428 NON-MICR West Bengal
161 Hatudewan- Hatudewan CBIN0281681 NON-MICR West Bengal
162 Jaigaon- Jaygaon CBIN0282351 NON-MICR West Bengal
163 Hariharpur- Mallickpur Hat CBIN0282596 700016060 West Bengal
164 Kachujore- Kachujor CBIN0283107 NON-MICR West Bengal
165 Lalgola- Lalgola CBIN0280122 NON-MICR West Bengal
166 Chhatna- Chhatna CBIN0281011 NON-MICR West Bengal
167 Chowberia- Chowberia CBIN0282791 NON-MICR West Bengal
168 Putimari Jalpaiguri- Putimari CBIN0282957 NON-MICR West Bengal
169 Jibanpur Bazar- Jibanpur CBIN0283050 NON-MICR West Bengal
170 Birpara (W.B.)- Birpara CBIN0283157 NON-MICR West Bengal
171 Balurghat Ext Counter- Balurghat CBIN0011481 NON-MICR West Bengal
172 Central Sericulture Research Training Institute Berhampur- Murshidabad CBIN0011484 NON-MICR West Bengal
173 Bidhannagar- Bidhannagar CBIN0280996 NON-MICR West Bengal
174 Phansidewa- Phansidea CBIN0281700 NON-MICR West Bengal
175 Makhalpur- Makhalpur CBIN0282867 NON-MICR West Bengal
176 Belakoba- Belakoba CBIN0280980 NON-MICR West Bengal
177 Kurseong- Kurseong CBIN0281282 NON-MICR West Bengal
178 Samuktala- Samukhtala CBIN0281601 NON-MICR West Bengal
179 Rajganj- Rajganj CBIN0281702 NON-MICR West Bengal
180 Panchkuri- Panchkuri CBIN0282600 NON-MICR West Bengal
181 Ragunathpur- Raghunathpur CBIN0282640 NON-MICR West Bengal
182 Nayatola (Sadarpur)- Sadarpur CBIN0282765 NON-MICR West Bengal
183 Bhutkirhat- Bhutkirhat CBIN0282883 NON-MICR West Bengal
184 Nishiganj Nishimoyee High School- Koch Behar CBIN0013057 NON-MICR West Bengal
185 Kulgachia- Kulgachia CBIN0281933 NON-MICR West Bengal
186 Bhurkuna- Bhurkuna CBIN0281989 NON-MICR West Bengal
187 Batashi- Batashi CBIN0282648 NON-MICR West Bengal
188 Nuisarai- Nuisarai CBIN0282719 NON-MICR West Bengal
189 Motilal Chak- Mecheda CBIN0282750 NON-MICR West Bengal
190 Ramnagar Hoogly- Ramnagar CBIN0282976 NON-MICR West Bengal
191 Reyapara- Reyapara CBIN0281600 NON-MICR West Bengal
192 Nahata- Nahata CBIN0282013 NON-MICR West Bengal
193 Keshabpur- Keshabpur CBIN0282488 NON-MICR West Bengal
194 Kajlagarh- Kajlagarh CBIN0282636 NON-MICR West Bengal
195 Mekliganj- Mekliganj CBIN0280131 NON-MICR West Bengal
196 Daulatpur- Daulatpur CBIN0282822 NON-MICR West Bengal
197 Mirik- Mirik CBIN0281176 NON-MICR West Bengal
198 Corporate Finance Kolkata- Kolkata CBIN0283842 NON-MICR West Bengal
199 Algarah- Algarh CBIN0281602 NON-MICR West Bengal
200 Raninagar (Dasdarga)- Jalpaiguri CBIN0282954 NON-MICR West Bengal
201 Oodlabari- Oodlabari CBIN0281386 NON-MICR West Bengal
202 Rasidpur- Rasidpur CBIN0281890 NON-MICR West Bengal
203 Ramanathpur- Ramnathpur CBIN0281929 NON-MICR West Bengal
204 Mahanand Nagar Para- Hugli-Chinsurah CBIN0282856 NON-MICR West Bengal
205 Sahebghata- Raghunathpur CBIN0282663 NON-MICR West Bengal
206 Sevoke Road- Siliguri CBIN0283806 NON-MICR West Bengal
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