Central Bank of India - Punjab

IFSC Codes of all branches of Central Bank of India situated in Punjab state of India.

Get details of all branches of Central Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Central Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of PUNJAB. All the branches of Central Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Central Bank of India having branches in PUNJAB.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Patiala- Patiala CBIN0280321 147016002 Punjab
2 Mall Road Patiala- Patiala CBIN0280322 147016003 Punjab
3 Mandi Gobindgarh- Gobind Garh CBIN0280323 147016102 Punjab
4 Barnala- Barnala CBIN0280324 NON-MICR Punjab
5 Bhatinda- Bathinda CBIN0280325 151016002 Punjab
6 Moga- Moga CBIN0280328 142016142 Punjab
7 Abohar- Abohar CBIN0280329 152016302 Punjab
8 Ferozepur Cantonment- Firozpur CBIN0280330 152016002 Punjab
9 Amritsar- Amritsar CBIN0280338 143016002 Punjab
10 Civil Lines Amritsar- Amritsar CBIN0280339 143016005 Punjab
11 Sultanwind Road Amritsar- Sultanwind CBIN0280340 143016013 Punjab
12 Majith Mandi Amritsar- Amritsar CBIN0280341 143016010 Punjab
13 Taran Taran- Tarn Taran CBIN0280342 NON-MICR Punjab
14 Verka Amritsar- Verka CBIN0280347 143016014 Punjab
15 Batala- Batala CBIN0280348 143016102 Punjab
16 Pathankot- Pathankot CBIN0280349 145016002 Punjab
17 Railway Road Phagwara- Phagwara CBIN0280352 144016203 Punjab
18 Civil Lines Jalandhar- Jalandhar CBIN0280353 144016003 Punjab
19 Mai Hiran Gate Jalandhar City- Jalandhar CBIN0280354 144016004 Punjab
20 Mandi Road (Jalandhar City)- Jalandhar CBIN0280355 144016002 Punjab
21 Nakodar- Nakodar CBIN0280356 144016202 Punjab
22 Nawanshahr- Nawanshahar CBIN0280357 144016402 Punjab
23 Beas- Beas CBIN0280358 NON-MICR Punjab
24 Goraya- Goraya CBIN0280359 144016302 Punjab
25 Civil Lines Ludhiana- Ludhiana CBIN0280360 141016003 Punjab
26 Millerganj Ludhiana- Ludhiana CBIN0280361 141016009 Punjab
27 Ludhiana- Ludhiana CBIN0280362 141016010 Punjab
28 Salem Tapri Ludhiana- Ludhiana CBIN0280363 141016011 Punjab
29 Jagraon- Jagraon CBIN0280364 142016202 Punjab
30 Khanna- Khanna CBIN0280365 141016102 Punjab
31 Jamalpur Awana Ludhiana- Ludhiana CBIN0280368 141016007 Punjab
32 Machhiwara- Machhiwara CBIN0280369 NON-MICR Punjab
33 Hoshiarpur- Hoshiarpur CBIN0280371 146016002 Punjab
34 Balachaur- Balachaur CBIN0280372 NON-MICR Punjab
35 Circular Road Amritsar- Amritsar CBIN0281012 143016004 Punjab
36 Jalandhar Cantonment- Jalandhar CBIN0281070 144016007 Punjab
37 Rajpura- Rajpura CBIN0281074 140016408 Punjab
38 Banga- Banga CBIN0281080 144016502 Punjab
39 Dana Mandi Kapurthala- Kapurthala CBIN0281159 144016102 Punjab
40 Industrial Area Phagwara- Phagwara CBIN0281161 144016202 Punjab
41 Mukerian- Mukerian CBIN0281162 144016212 Punjab
42 Garh Shankar- Hoshiarpur CBIN0281177 NON-MICR Punjab
43 Gurdaspur- Gurdaspur CBIN0281224 143016212 Punjab
44 Madhopuri Ludhiana- Ludhiana CBIN0281295 141016008 Punjab
45 Sharifpura Amritsar- Amritsar CBIN0281299 143016012 Punjab
46 Hall Bazar Amritsar- Amritsar CBIN0281422 143016009 Punjab
47 Brown Road Ludhiana- Ludhiana CBIN0281437 141016002 Punjab
48 Guru Bazar Amritsar- Amritsar CBIN0281595 143016007 Punjab
49 Industrial Area Ludhiana- Ludhiana CBIN0281613 141016006 Punjab
50 Daresi Rd. Ludhiana- Ludhiana CBIN0281633 141016004 Punjab
51 Cemetary Road Amritsar- Amritsar CBIN0281853 143016011 Punjab
52 Faridkot- Faridkot CBIN0282170 151016000 Punjab
53 Focal Point Ludhiana- Ludhiana CBIN0282415 141016005 Punjab
54 Nbo Ludhiana- Ludhiana CBIN0282687 141016001 Punjab
55 Kapurthala Road Jalandhar- Jalandhar CBIN0282698 144016005 Punjab
56 Longowal- Longowal CBIN0283105 NON-MICR Punjab
57 Mdas Higher Secondary School Moga- Moga CBIN0283470 NON-MICR Punjab
58 29 Adr Cantt.(Military Camp Dholewal)- Ludhiana CBIN0283471 141016013 Punjab
59 Zirakpur Cantonment- Zirakpur CBIN0283472 160016017 Punjab
60 Rrmk Arya Mahila Vidalaya- Pathankot CBIN0283502 NON-MICR Punjab
61 Mansa- Mansa CBIN0283600 151016112 Punjab
62 Mohali Sas Nagar- Sas Nagar(Mohali) CBIN0283262 160016012 Punjab
63 Bagha Purana- Bagha Purana CBIN0280334 NON-MICR Punjab
64 Gurunanak University Area Amritsar- Amritsar CBIN0280337 143016008 Punjab
65 Gumtala- Amritsar CBIN0282191 143016006 Punjab
66 Derabassi- Dera Bassi CBIN0283646 NON-MICR Punjab
67 Dugri Rd Ludhiana- Ludhiana CBIN0283650 NON-MICR Punjab
68 Bhagtanwala- Amritsar CBIN0282365 143016003 Punjab
69 Badal- Badal CBIN0280333 NON-MICR Punjab
70 Khadur Sahib- Tarn Taran CBIN0280346 NON-MICR Punjab
71 Kalanaur- Kalanaur CBIN0280351 NON-MICR Punjab
72 Bhuchhu Mandi- Bhucho Mandi CBIN0280326 151016402 Punjab
73 Bhikhiwind- Bhikiwind CBIN0280343 NON-MICR Punjab
74 Fazilka- Fazilka CBIN0281462 NON-MICR Punjab
75 Mandi Ahmedgarh- Ahmedgarh CBIN0283171 NON-MICR Punjab
76 Muktsar- Muktsar CBIN0280331 NON-MICR Punjab
77 Sangrur- Sangrur CBIN0282555 NON-MICR Punjab
78 Dharamkot- Firozpur CBIN0280335 NON-MICR Punjab
79 Chowk Mehta- Amritsar CBIN0280344 NON-MICR Punjab
80 Sujanpur- Sujanpur CBIN0280350 NON-MICR Punjab
81 Kharar- Kharar CBIN0283601 NON-MICR Punjab
82 Ropar- Rupnagar CBIN0283761 NON-MICR Punjab
83 Giddarbaha- Giddar Baha CBIN0280332 NON-MICR Punjab
84 Awankha Dina Nagar- Awankha CBIN0281266 NON-MICR Punjab
85 Ajrawar- Ajrawar CBIN0281511 NON-MICR Punjab
86 G.T.Rd. Amritsar- Amritsar CBIN0283178 143016015 Punjab
87 Talwandi Sabo- Talwandi Sabo CBIN0280327 NON-MICR Punjab
88 Sarabhanagar Ludhiana- Sarabha CBIN0282159 141016012 Punjab
89 Palasaur- Palasaur CBIN0282201 NON-MICR Punjab
90 Gehri Mandi- Gehri Mandi CBIN0280345 NON-MICR Punjab
91 Sohana- Sohana CBIN0280374 160016014 Punjab
92 Othian- Othian CBIN0282192 NON-MICR Punjab
93 Datarpur- Datarpur CBIN0280373 NON-MICR Punjab
94 New Jawahar Nagar Jalandhar- Jalandhar CBIN0283787 NON-MICR Punjab
95 Ghalib Kalan- Ghalib Kalan CBIN0280366 NON-MICR Punjab
96 Nurpur Bedi- Nurpurkhurd CBIN0281069 NON-MICR Punjab
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