Central Bank of India - Orissa

IFSC Codes of all branches of Central Bank of India situated in Orissa state of India.

Get details of all branches of Central Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Central Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of ORISSA. All the branches of Central Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Central Bank of India having branches in ORISSA.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Puri- Puri CBIN0280133 NON-MICR Orissa
2 Cuttack- Cuttack CBIN0280136 751016102 Orissa
3 Rourkela- Raurkela CBIN0280137 769016002 Orissa
4 Sambalpur- Sambalpur CBIN0280138 NON-MICR Orissa
5 Bhubaneshwar- Bhubaneswar CBIN0281234 751016004 Orissa
6 Mahatab Road Cuttack- Cuttack CBIN0281482 751016103 Orissa
7 Janpath Bhubaneshwar- Bhubaneswar CBIN0281969 751016002 Orissa
8 Chandrasekharpur- Bhubaneswar CBIN0283184 751016006 Orissa
9 Cuttack Puri Rd Bhubaneshwar- Bhubaneswar CBIN0283432 751016007 Orissa
10 Dhenkanal- Dhenkanal CBIN0283437 NON-MICR Orissa
11 Nayagarh- Nayagarh CBIN0283438 NON-MICR Orissa
12 Nayapalli- Bhubaneswar CBIN0283530 751016008 Orissa
13 Orissa State Financial Corpn. Cuttack- Cuttack CBIN0011482 751016103 Orissa
14 Tribal Development Co.Op.Corpn.Of Orissa Ltd. Bhubneshwar- Bhubaneswar CBIN0011969 NON-MICR Orissa
15 Kantabanji- Kantabanji CBIN0283510 NON-MICR Orissa
16 Khandagiri- Khurda CBIN0283529 NON-MICR Orissa
17 Berhampur- Ganjam CBIN0280135 NON-MICR Orissa
18 Balasore- Balasore CBIN0281491 NON-MICR Orissa
19 Bjb Nagar Bhubaneshwar- Bhubaneswar CBIN0283087 751016003 Orissa
20 Jatni- Jatni CBIN0280134 NON-MICR Orissa
21 Angul- Angul CBIN0283308 759016001 Orissa
22 Belpahar- Belpahar CBIN0280998 NON-MICR Orissa
23 Khallikote College Berhampore- Khallikote CBIN0283241 NON-MICR Orissa
24 Khurda- Khurda CBIN0283528 NON-MICR Orissa
25 Naya Chowk Cuttack- Cuttack CBIN0282412 751016104 Orissa
26 Puruna Baulamala- Puruna Baulamala CBIN0282961 NON-MICR Orissa
27 Balianta Bazar (Benupur)- Benupur CBIN0282489 NON-MICR Orissa
28 Sanabada Gopalpur- Sanabada Gopalpur CBIN0282496 NON-MICR Orissa
29 Steel Township Sector-6 Rourkela- Raurkela CBIN0282715 769016003 Orissa
30 Rasulgarh Bhubaneshwar- Khurda CBIN0282356 NON-MICR Orissa
31 Pirbazar- Bhairpur CBIN0282505 NON-MICR Orissa
32 Jajpur Rd. Dist.Cuttack- Jajpur Road CBIN0281446 NON-MICR Orissa
33 Khetrajpur Sambalpur- Sambalpur CBIN0283249 NON-MICR Orissa
34 I.B.Thermal Power Station (Itps) Bamharpalli- Banharpali CBIN0010998 NON-MICR Orissa
35 Bhadrak- Bhadrak CBIN0281489 NON-MICR Orissa
36 Biribati- Biribati CBIN0282664 NON-MICR Orissa
37 Jagatsinghpur- Jagatsinghapur CBIN0283277 NON-MICR Orissa
38 Paradeep- Paradeep CBIN0282139 NON-MICR Orissa
39 Vedyas Chhak Rourkela- Raurkela CBIN0283116 769016004 Orissa
40 Keonjhar- Keonjhar CBIN0283151 NON-MICR Orissa
41 Jharsuguda- Jharsuguda CBIN0283309 NON-MICR Orissa
42 Baripada- Baripada CBIN0283276 NON-MICR Orissa
43 Deogarh (Gogoa)- Deogarh CBIN0281636 NON-MICR Orissa
44 Bhadreshwar- Cuttack CBIN0282455 NON-MICR Orissa
45 Brahmanipal- Keonjhar CBIN0282574 NON-MICR Orissa
46 Algum- Algum CBIN0282824 NON-MICR Orissa
47 Bolangir- Bolangir CBIN0283317 NON-MICR Orissa
48 Khariar Road- Khariar CBIN0281087 NON-MICR Orissa
49 Bisra- Bisra CBIN0281568 NON-MICR Orissa
50 Neulpur- Neulpur CBIN0282483 NON-MICR Orissa
51 Kandhal- Kandhal CBIN0282902 NON-MICR Orissa
52 Binjharpur- Binjharpur CBIN0281178 NON-MICR Orissa
53 Pitala Chhak (Pitala)- Pitala CBIN0281676 NON-MICR Orissa
54 Bhramansahi- Brahmansahi CBIN0282544 NON-MICR Orissa
55 D.R.M.Sambalpur Division Of S.E.Railway- Sambalpur CBIN0010138 NON-MICR Orissa
56 Barkote- Barkote CBIN0281623 NON-MICR Orissa
57 Padhansahi- Padhansahi CBIN0282810 NON-MICR Orissa
58 Manipur- Manipur CBIN0282985 NON-MICR Orissa
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