Central Bank of India - Jharkhand

IFSC Codes of all branches of Central Bank of India situated in Jharkhand state of India.

Get details of all branches of Central Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Central Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of JHARKHAND. All the branches of Central Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Central Bank of India having branches in JHARKHAND.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Satsang Nagar Deoghar- Deoghar CBIN0280080 NON-MICR Jharkhand
2 Dhanbad- Dhanbad CBIN0280083 NON-MICR Jharkhand
3 Jharia- Dhanbad CBIN0280084 NON-MICR Jharkhand
4 Ramgarh Dist. Hazari Bagh- Ramgarh CBIN0280085 829016002 Jharkhand
5 Ranchi- Ranchi CBIN0280086 834016002 Jharkhand
6 Sakchi Jamshedpur- Jamshedpur CBIN0280087 831016003 Jharkhand
7 Jamshedpur Br.- Jamshedpur CBIN0280088 831016002 Jharkhand
8 Chaibassa- Chaibasa CBIN0280089 NON-MICR Jharkhand
9 Adityapur- Adityapur CBIN0280974 831016009 Jharkhand
10 Telco Township Jamshedpur- Jamshedpur CBIN0281180 831016004 Jharkhand
11 Lalpur Ranchi- Ranchi CBIN0281223 834016003 Jharkhand
12 Burma Mines Jamshedpur- Jamshedpur CBIN0281249 831016007 Jharkhand
13 Sonary Jamshedpur- Jamshedpur CBIN0281271 831016006 Jharkhand
14 Hazaribagh- Hazaribagh CBIN0281277 NON-MICR Jharkhand
15 Jugsalai- Jamshedpur CBIN0281381 831016005 Jharkhand
16 Upper Bazar Ranchi- Ranchi CBIN0281393 834016005 Jharkhand
17 Chas- Bokaro CBIN0281433 NON-MICR Jharkhand
18 Piskamorh Ranchi- Ranchi CBIN0282018 834016004 Jharkhand
19 Parsudih Jamshedpur- Jamshedpur CBIN0282028 831016010 Jharkhand
20 Tata Iron And Steel Company Ltd.(Tisco)N Gate Jamshedpur- Jamshedpur CBIN0010088 831016002 Jharkhand
21 Bank Morh Dhanbad- Dhanbad CBIN0281435 NON-MICR Jharkhand
22 Golmuri Jamshedpur- Jamshedpur CBIN0282406 831016008 Jharkhand
23 Kanke Road Ranchi- Kanke CBIN0283072 834016008 Jharkhand
24 Chasnala Dhanbad- Dhanbad CBIN0283084 NON-MICR Jharkhand
25 Ranchi College Campus Ranchi- Ranchi CBIN0281311 834016006 Jharkhand
26 Deoghar- Deoghar CBIN0280076 NON-MICR Jharkhand
27 Sukhdeonagar Ranchi- Ranchi CBIN0282343 834016007 Jharkhand
28 Gola- Gola CBIN0280994 NON-MICR Jharkhand
29 Giridih- Giridih CBIN0281479 NON-MICR Jharkhand
30 Barhi- Barhi CBIN0280973 NON-MICR Jharkhand
31 Daltonganj- Daltonganj CBIN0281031 NON-MICR Jharkhand
32 Baharagora- Baharagora CBIN0281059 NON-MICR Jharkhand
33 Hindi Vidyapeeth Deoghar- Deoghar CBIN0010076 NON-MICR Jharkhand
34 M.G.M. Higher Secondary School Bokaro- Bokaro CBIN0011433 NON-MICR Jharkhand
35 Sahibganj- Sahibganj CBIN0280077 NON-MICR Jharkhand
36 Dumka- Dumka CBIN0280078 NON-MICR Jharkhand
37 Vishanpur Punarwas- Vishanpur Punarwas CBIN0282697 NON-MICR Jharkhand
38 Latehar (Hethpochra)- Latehar CBIN0282857 NON-MICR Jharkhand
39 Mihijam- Mihijam CBIN0280079 NON-MICR Jharkhand
40 Matihana- Matihana CBIN0283035 NON-MICR Jharkhand
41 Bartand- Dhanbad CBIN0281514 NON-MICR Jharkhand
42 Angara- Angara CBIN0281559 NON-MICR Jharkhand
43 Palekalan- Palekalan CBIN0282901 NON-MICR Jharkhand
44 Nunihat- Nunihat CBIN0280081 NON-MICR Jharkhand
45 Garhwa Road- Garhwa CBIN0281630 NON-MICR Jharkhand
46 Sonwa Dangal (Chapakandar)- Chapakandar CBIN0282936 NON-MICR Jharkhand
47 Saraiyahat (Tharikhairwa)- Saraiyahat CBIN0282975 NON-MICR Jharkhand
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