Central Bank of India - Haryana

IFSC Codes of all branches of Central Bank of India situated in Haryana state of India.

Get details of all branches of Central Bank of India with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Central Bank of India has lot of branches in the state of HARYANA. All the branches of Central Bank of India have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Central Bank of India having branches in HARYANA.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Ambala Cantonment- Ambala Cantt. CBIN0280375 133016002 Haryana
2 Ambala City- Ambala CBIN0280376 133016005 Haryana
3 Yamunanagar- Yamunanagar CBIN0280377 135016002 Haryana
4 Jagadhri- Jagadhri CBIN0280378 135016003 Haryana
5 Karnal- Karnal CBIN0280381 132016105 Haryana
6 Panipat- Panipat CBIN0280382 132016002 Haryana
7 Kaithal- Kaithal CBIN0280383 136016302 Haryana
8 Model Town Rohtak- Rohtak CBIN0280394 124016003 Haryana
9 Rohtak- Rohtak CBIN0280395 124016002 Haryana
10 Sonepat- Sonipat CBIN0280396 110016093 Haryana
11 Bahadurgarh- Bahadurgarh CBIN0280397 110016087 Haryana
12 Rewari- Rewari CBIN0280401 123016002 Haryana
13 Faridabad- Faridabad CBIN0280402 110016066 Haryana
14 Bhiwani- Bhiwani CBIN0280403 NON-MICR Haryana
15 Hissar- Hisar CBIN0280404 NON-MICR Haryana
16 Sirsa- Sirsa CBIN0280406 NON-MICR Haryana
17 Jind- Jind CBIN0280411 126016002 Haryana
18 Gurgaon- Gurgaon CBIN0281026 110016083 Haryana
19 Shahbad Markanda- Shahbad CBIN0281155 136016102 Haryana
20 Mahesh Nagar Ambala Cantonment- Ambala Cantt. CBIN0281156 133016003 Haryana
21 Kurukshetra- Kurukshetra CBIN0281203 136016002 Haryana
22 Mullahera- Mullahera CBIN0281204 110016065 Haryana
23 Kalka- Kalka CBIN0281336 160016011 Haryana
24 Atlas Auto Cycle Ind. Rasoi- Sonipat CBIN0281420 110016094 Haryana
25 Sector 15 Faridabad- Faridabad CBIN0282223 110016084 Haryana
26 Model Town Sonepat- Sonipat CBIN0282323 110016091 Haryana
27 Urban Estate Karnal- Karnal CBIN0282324 132016104 Haryana
28 Panchkula Sector-10- Panchkula CBIN0282439 160016008 Haryana
29 Dayanand Public School Faridabad- Faridabad CBIN0283242 110016089 Haryana
30 Mata Har Kaur Arya Girls School Panipat- Panipat CBIN0283246 132016003 Haryana
31 D.A.V.Senior Secondary School Yamunanaga- Yamunanagar CBIN0283281 135016005 Haryana
32 All India Jat Heroes Memorial College R- Rohtak CBIN0283322 NON-MICR Haryana
33 Karnal Sector 7- Karnal CBIN0283349 132016105 Haryana
34 Narwana- Narwana CBIN0283370 126016102 Haryana
35 Sukhpura Chowk Rohtak- Rohtak CBIN0283453 124016000 Haryana
36 Gurunanak Khalsa College Yamunanagar- Yamunanagar CBIN0283473 135016004 Haryana
37 Birla Mandir Kurukshetra- Kurukshetra CBIN0283474 136016003 Haryana
38 Maharaja Agarsen Girls School Jind- Jind CBIN0283475 126016003 Haryana
39 Chhotu Ram Kisan College Jind- Jind CBIN0283476 126016004 Haryana
40 Purani Anaj Mandi Safidon- Safidon CBIN0283576 NON-MICR Haryana
41 Tohana- Tohana CBIN0283577 110016065 Haryana
42 Ratia- Rattia CBIN0283578 125016502 Haryana
43 Chheka- Cheeka CBIN0283599 NON-MICR Haryana
44 Begu Road Sirsa- Sirsa CBIN0283615 NON-MICR Haryana
45 Vidyut Sadan- Hisar CBIN0283642 NON-MICR Haryana
46 Atlas Cycle Industries Sonepat- Sonipat CBIN0283661 110016094 Haryana
47 National Oil Seeds And Vegetable Development Board- Gurgaon CBIN0283662 110016115 Haryana
48 Nav Bharat Industries Rohtak- Rohtak CBIN0283663 NON-MICR Haryana
49 Hindu Senior Secondary School Katithal- Kaithal CBIN0010383 NON-MICR Haryana
50 Vaish Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya Bahadurgarh- Bahadurgarh CBIN0283321 110016097 Haryana
51 Chaura Bazar Karnal- Choura CBIN0282699 NON-MICR Haryana
52 S D College Ambala Cantt.- Ambala Cantt. CBIN0282322 NON-MICR Haryana
53 Urban Estate Ambala (Police Line Area)- Ambala CBIN0283082 NON-MICR Haryana
54 Kheri Road- Faridabad CBIN0283628 NON-MICR Haryana
55 Ballabhgarh- Ballabgarh CBIN0283629 NON-MICR Haryana
56 Faridabad Sec-28- Faridabad CBIN0283643 NON-MICR Haryana
57 Panchkula sec25- Panchkula CBIN0283641 NON-MICR Haryana
58 Palwal- Palwal CBIN0283626 NON-MICR Haryana
59 Kaithal Sec 19-20- Kaithal CBIN0283616 NON-MICR Haryana
60 Krishanlal Jalan Free Eye Hospital Bhiwani- Bhiwani CBIN0283813 NON-MICR Haryana
61 Assandh- Assandh CBIN0280384 NON-MICR Haryana
62 Mahendergarh- Mahendragarh CBIN0283569 NON-MICR Haryana
63 Barara- Barara CBIN0280379 NON-MICR Haryana
64 Naraingarh- Naraingarh CBIN0283612 NON-MICR Haryana
65 Manesar- Manesar CBIN0283647 NON-MICR Haryana
66 Samalkha- Samalkha CBIN0280392 NON-MICR Haryana
67 Hansi- Hansi CBIN0280405 NON-MICR Haryana
68 Chandoli- Chandoli CBIN0282117 NON-MICR Haryana
69 Indri- Indri CBIN0280386 NON-MICR Haryana
70 Ganaur- Ganaur CBIN0281158 110016092 Haryana
71 Saha- Saha CBIN0283350 NON-MICR Haryana
72 Madlauda- Madlauda CBIN0280389 NON-MICR Haryana
73 Kosli- Kosli CBIN0280400 NON-MICR Haryana
74 Dharuhera- Dharuhera CBIN0283648 NON-MICR Haryana
75 Taraori- Taraori CBIN0280393 NON-MICR Haryana
76 Rania- Rania CBIN0280409 NON-MICR Haryana
77 Jhajjar- Jhajjar CBIN0283568 NON-MICR Haryana
78 Bawal- Bawal CBIN0283627 NON-MICR Haryana
79 Pehowa- Pehowa CBIN0280390 NON-MICR Haryana
80 Fatehabad- Fatehabad CBIN0282553 NON-MICR Haryana
81 Pinjore- Pinjore CBIN0283456 NON-MICR Haryana
82 Sohana Rd Gurgaon Haryana- Sohna CBIN0283630 NON-MICR Haryana
83 Pundri- Pundri CBIN0280391 NON-MICR Haryana
84 Barwala- Barwala CBIN0281058 160016013 Haryana
85 Sanjarwas- Sanjarwas CBIN0282605 NON-MICR Haryana
86 Raipur Rani- Raipur Rani CBIN0283613 NON-MICR Haryana
87 Bata- Bata CBIN0281544 NON-MICR Haryana
88 Kharkhauda- Kharkhoda CBIN0280399 110016095 Haryana
89 Pilu Khera- Pillikhera CBIN0280367 NON-MICR Haryana
90 Dhin- Dhin CBIN0281513 NON-MICR Haryana
91 Khanda- Khanda CBIN0282118 NON-MICR Haryana
92 Mundhal- Mundhal Khurd CBIN0280408 NON-MICR Haryana
93 Ambli- Ambli CBIN0281574 NON-MICR Haryana
94 Nidana- Nidana CBIN0282621 NON-MICR Haryana
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