Bank of Baroda - Uttaranchal

IFSC Codes of all branches of Bank of Baroda situated in Uttaranchal state of India.

Get details of all branches of Bank of Baroda with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Bank of Baroda has lot of branches in the state of UTTARANCHAL. All the branches of Bank of Baroda have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Bank of Baroda having branches in UTTARANCHAL.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Sittarganj Uttarakhand- Sitarganj BARB0SITTAR 242012102 Uttaranchal
2 Kashipur - Main Up- Kashipur BARB0KASNAI 244012202 Uttaranchal
3 Rattan Cinema Rd Kashipur- Kashipur BARB0BLYKAS 244012203 Uttaranchal
4 Navi Mandi Kashipur Up- Kashipur BARB0KASHBS 244012205 Uttaranchal
5 Garhinegi Uttarakhand- Garhi Negi BARB0GARNAI 244012251 Uttaranchal
6 Jaspur Uttarkhand- Jaspur BARB0JASPUR 244012302 Uttaranchal
7 Nadehi Uttrakhand- Nadehi BARB0NADEHI 244012351 Uttaranchal
8 Ramnagar Dist Nainital- Ramnagar BARB0RAMNAI 244012402 Uttaranchal
9 Ind.Estate Kashipur Uttaranchal- Kashipur Industrial Estate BARB0INDKAS 244012514 Uttaranchal
10 Shri Nagar Br. Dist. Garhwal Uttaranchal- Srinagar BARB0SRINGR 246012951 Uttaranchal
11 Roorkee- Roorkee BARB0ROOSAH 247012102 Uttaranchal
12 Dehradun- Dehradun BARB0DEHRAD 248012002 Uttaranchal
13 Krishnanagar- Dehradun BARB0KRIDEH 248012003 Uttaranchal
14 Ballupur- Dehradun BARB0BLYDEH 248012004 Uttaranchal
15 Doon-School Dehra Dun- Dehradun BARB0DOONSC 248012005 Uttaranchal
16 Saharanpur Road Br Dehradun- Dehradun BARB0SAHDEH 248012006 Uttaranchal
17 Garhwal Jal Sansthan Extension Counter Dehradun- Dehradun BARB0XTDEHR 248012007 Uttaranchal
18 Mdda Extension Counter Dehradun- Dehradun BARB0EXTDEH 248012008 Uttaranchal
19 Mussoorie- Mussoorie BARB0MUSSOO 248012102 Uttaranchal
20 Hardwar (M)- Hardwar BARB0HARDWA 249012002 Uttaranchal
21 C.C.Hardwar- Hardwar BARB0BLYHAR 249012003 Uttaranchal
22 Shivalik Nagar Uttrakhand- Hardwar BARB0SIDHAR 249012004 Uttaranchal
23 Rishikesh- Rishikesh BARB0RISHIK 249012102 Uttaranchal
24 New Tehri Br. Uttaranchal- Tehri BARB0NTEHRI 249012251 Uttaranchal
25 Bazpur Uttarkhand- Bazpur BARB0BLYBAP 262012202 Uttaranchal
26 Khatima Up- Khatima BARB0KHATIM 262012302 Uttaranchal
27 Banbasa Uttarakhand- Banbasa BARB0BANBAS 262012351 Uttaranchal
28 Majra Sisona Uttrakhand- Sitarganj BARB0MAJRAX 262012552 Uttaranchal
29 Bijiti Uttarakhand- Bijiti BARB0BIJITI 262012803 Uttaranchal
30 Pithoragarh Br. Uttaranchal- Pithoragarh BARB0PITHOR 262012851 Uttaranchal
31 Haldwani- Haldwani BARB0HALDWA 263012002 Uttaranchal
32 Parel Chowk Branch- Haldwani BARB0BLYHAL 263012003 Uttaranchal
33 Navin Mandi- Haldwani BARB0HALNAV 263012004 Uttaranchal
34 P.B.Branch- Haldwani BARB0PBBHAL 263012005 Uttaranchal
35 Chorgalia Uttarakhand- Chorgalia BARB0CHORGA 263012051 Uttaranchal
36 Kunwarpur Uttakhand- Kunwarpur BARB0KUNWAR 263012052 Uttaranchal
37 Kamola Uttarakhand- Kamola BARB0KAMOLA 263012053 Uttaranchal
38 Almora Br. Uttaranchal- Almora BARB0ALMORA 263012151 Uttaranchal
39 Jaurasi Uttarakhand- Jaurasi BARB0JAURAS 263012152 Uttaranchal
40 Chachroti Uttarakhand- Chachroti BARB0CHACHR 263012153 Uttaranchal
41 Bhagat Singh Chowk Rudrapur- Rudrapur BARB0BLYRUD 263012203 Uttaranchal
42 Sidcul Br. Pantnagar Uttaranchal- Rudrapur BARB0SIDPAN 263012204 Uttaranchal
43 Khanpur Uttrakhand- Khanpur BARB0KHANPU 263012251 Uttaranchal
44 Rudrapur Extn. Counter Udhamsingh Nagar Uttaranchal- Rudrapur BARB0EXTRUD 263012252 Uttaranchal
45 Nainital- Nainital BARB0NAINIT 263012302 Uttaranchal
46 Churigarh Uttarakhan- Churigar BARB0CHUNAI 263012351 Uttaranchal
47 Kotabag Br Dist. Nainital Uttaranchal- Kotabagh BARB0KOTABA 263012352 Uttaranchal
48 Betalghat Uttarakhan- Betalghat BARB0BETNAI 263012353 Uttaranchal
49 Okhalkanda Uttarakhand- Okhalkanda BARB0OKHALK 263012354 Uttaranchal
50 Patlot Uttarakhand- Patlot BARB0PATLOT 263012355 Uttaranchal
51 Ramgarh Talla Uttrakhand- Ramgarh Talla BARB0RAMTAL 263012356 Uttaranchal
52 Majhera Khairana Uttarakhand- Majhera BARB0MAJHER 263012357 Uttaranchal
53 Bhimtal Extn. Counter Nainital Uttaranchal- Bhimtal BARB0EXTNAN 263012358 Uttaranchal
54 Gadarpur Dist Udham Singh Nagar- Gadarpur BARB0GADARP 263012402 Uttaranchal
55 Kichha Up- Kichcha BARB0KICHAX 263012502 Uttaranchal
56 Lalpur Br Dist.Udham Singh Nagar Uttaranchal- Lalpur BARB0LALPUR 263012551 Uttaranchal
57 Vijaypur Uttarakhand- Vijaypur BARB0VIJAYP 263012751 Uttaranchal
58 Tanakpur Tanakpur- Tanakpur BARB0BLYTAN NON MICR Uttaranchal
59 Kaladhungi Dist Nainital- Kaladhungi BARB0KALADH NON MICR Uttaranchal
60 Sultanpur Patti Dist Udham Singh Nagar- Sultanpur BARB0SULNAI NON MICR Uttaranchal
61 Kashipur Extn. Counter Dist. Udhamsingh Nagar Uttaranchal- Kashipur BARB0EXTKAS NON MICR Uttaranchal
62 Dsb Nainital Extn Counter Nainital Uttaranchal- Nainital BARB0EXTNAI NON MICR Uttaranchal
63 Gopeswar Dist.Chamoli Uttarakhand- Gopeshwar Chamoli BARB0GOPESH NON MICR Uttaranchal
64 Rudrapur- Rudrapur BARB0RUDAVA Uttaranchal
65 Rudraprayag Uttarakhand- Rudraprayag BARB0RUDPRY NON MICR Uttaranchal
66 Bageswar Uttarakhand- Bageshwar BARB0BAGESH NON MICR Uttaranchal
67 Vikasnagar Dehradun Uttarakhand- Vikas Nagar BARB0VIKASN NON MICR Uttaranchal
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