Bank of Baroda - Orissa

IFSC Codes of all branches of Bank of Baroda situated in Orissa state of India.

Get details of all branches of Bank of Baroda with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Bank of Baroda has lot of branches in the state of ORISSA. All the branches of Bank of Baroda have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Bank of Baroda having branches in ORISSA.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Bhubaneshwar- Bhubaneswar BARB0BHUBAN 751012002 Orissa
2 Samantarapur- Bhubaneswar BARB0SABHUB 751012003 Orissa
3 Nayapalli- Bhubaneswar BARB0SAVNAY 751012004 Orissa
4 Khandagiri Dist.-Khurda- Bhubaneswar BARB0KHANDG 751012005 Orissa
5 Cuttack Road Br. Bhubaneswar Orissa- Bhubaneswar BARB0CUTTRD 751012006 Orissa
6 Puri-Swargdwar- Puri BARB0SWARGD 752012002 Orissa
7 Cuttack- Cuttack BARB0CUTTAC 753012002 Orissa
8 Cantonment Rd- Cuttack BARB0CUTMAN 753012003 Orissa
9 Paradip Orissa- Paradeep BARB0ATHARB 754012002 Orissa
10 College Road- Jajpur Road BARB0JAJPUR 755012102 Orissa
11 Balasore Orissa- Balasore BARB0BALASO 756012002 Orissa
12 Bhadrak Orissa- Bhadrak BARB0BHADRK 756012102 Orissa
13 Baripada Orissa- Baripada BARB0BARIPA 757012002 Orissa
14 Keonjhar Orissa- Keonjhar BARB0KEONJH 758012002 Orissa
15 Barbil- Barbil BARB0BARBIL 758012002 Orissa
16 Angul Orissa- Angul BARB0ANGULX 759012102 Orissa
17 Berhampur- Berhampur BARB0BERGAN 760012002 Orissa
18 Brajanagar- Brahmapur BARB0BRAJNA 760012003 Orissa
19 Sambalpur- Sambalpur BARB0SAMBAL 768012002 Orissa
20 Jharsuguda- Jharsuguda BARB0JHARSU 768012202 Orissa
21 Rourkela- Raurkela BARB0ROURKE 769012002 Orissa
22 Power House Rourkela- Raurkela BARB0POWROU 769012003 Orissa
23 Koira Orissa- Koira BARB0KOIRAX 774012002 Orissa
24 Gondia Orissa- Gondia BARB0GONDIA 441012002 Orissa
25 Nayagarh Orissa- Nayagarh BARB0NAYAGR 752012102 Orissa
26 Kendrapara Orissa- Kendrapara BARB0KENDRA 754012102 Orissa
27 Dhenkanal Orissa- Dhenkanal BARB0DHENKA 759012002 Orissa
28 Paralakhemundi Dist Gajapati- Parlakhemundi BARB0NAMANG 761012102 Orissa
29 Balidukan Orissa- Balidokan BARB0BALIDU NON MICR Orissa
30 Bolangir Orissa- Bolangir BARB0BOLANG NON MICR Orissa
31 Chandibaunsa Dist. Kendrapara Orissa- Chandibaunsamula BARB0CHANDI NON MICR Orissa
32 Gopalpur Orissa- Gopalpur BARB0GOPALP NON MICR Orissa
33 Gumei Orissa- Gumei BARB0GUMEIX NON MICR Orissa
34 Hatina Orissa- Hatina BARB0HATINA NON MICR Orissa
35 Kantiapashi Dist. Angul Orissa- Kantiapasi BARB0KANTIA NON MICR Orissa
36 Karatapata Dist. Angul Orissa- Karatapata BARB0KARATA NON MICR Orissa
37 Adhalpanka Orissa- Bhadrak BARB0ADHALP NON MICR Orissa
38 Banamalipur Orissa- Banamalipur(Teh.Khendapa BARB0BANAMA NON MICR Orissa
39 Baradiha Orissa- Baradiha BARB0BARADI NON MICR Orissa
40 Barungadia Orissa- Barungadia BARB0BARUNG NON MICR Orissa
41 Basantapur Orissa- Basantpur BARB0BASKEO NON MICR Orissa
42 Gudam Orissa- Gudum BARB0GUDAMX NON MICR Orissa
43 Kachharu Orissa- Kacharu BARB0KACHHA NON MICR Orissa
44 Malda Orissa- Malada BARB0MALDAX NON MICR Orissa
45 Nirakarpur Orissa- Nirakarpur BARB0NIRAKA NON MICR Orissa
46 Paikasahi Orissa- Paika Sahi BARB0PAIKAS NON MICR Orissa
47 Pandupani Orissa- Pandupani BARB0PANDUP NON MICR Orissa
48 Gayalamunda Orissa- Gayalmunda BARB0GAYALM NON MICR Orissa
49 Keraragarh Orissa- Keraragarh BARB0KARADA NON MICR Orissa
50 Bargarh Orissa- Bargarh BARB0BARGRH NON MICR Orissa
51 Rengali Orissa- Rengali BARB0RENGAL NON MICR Orissa
52 Chandrashekharpur- Bhubaneswar BARB0CSKPUR 751012007 Orissa
53 Bhawanipatna Dist.Kalahandi Orissa- Bhawanipatna BARB0BHAWAN 766012002 Orissa
54 Pattamundai Orissa- Pattamundai BARB0PATTAM NON MICR Orissa
55 Sonepur Orissa- Sonepur BARB0SONEPU NON MICR Orissa
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