Bank of Baroda - Bihar

IFSC Codes of all branches of Bank of Baroda situated in Bihar state of India.

Get details of all branches of Bank of Baroda with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Bank of Baroda has lot of branches in the state of BIHAR. All the branches of Bank of Baroda have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Bank of Baroda having branches in BIHAR.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 At.+Po. Patnacity- Patna BARB0PATNAX 800012002 Bihar
2 Patna City- Patna BARB0PATNAB 800012003 Bihar
3 Gulzar Baug- Patna BARB0GULZAR 800012004 Bihar
4 Sri Krishnap- Patna BARB0SRIKRI 800012005 Bihar
5 Walmi Patna- Patna BARB0WALMEC 800012006 Bihar
6 Pbb-Kankarbg-Patna- Patna BARB0PBBPAT 800012007 Bihar
7 Ashiana More Patna- Patna BARB0ASHPAT 800012008 Bihar
8 Arrah Dist Bhojpur- Arrah BARB0ARRAHX 802012102 Bihar
9 Mokameh Dist Patna- Mokameh BARB0MOKAME 803012701 Bihar
10 Lakhisarai Bihar- Lakhisarai BARB0LAKHIS 811012102 Bihar
11 Atand Po - Bhagalpur- Bhagalpur BARB0BHAGAL 812012002 Bihar
12 Sasaram Dist. Rohtas Bihar- Sasaram BARB0SASRAM 821012002 Bihar
13 Mohania Dist Kaimur- Mohania BARB0MOHANI 821012601 Bihar
14 Gaya- Gaya BARB0GAYAXX 823012002 Bihar
15 Manpur Gaya- Buniyadganj BARB0MANPUR 823012003 Bihar
16 Aurangabad Br. Bihar- Aurangabad BARB0MALHAR 824012002 Bihar
17 Daudnagar Dist Aurangabad- Daudnagar BARB0DAUDNA 824012501 Bihar
18 Chapra- Chapra BARB0CHAPRA 841012002 Bihar
19 Siwan Bihar- Siwan BARB0SIWANX 841012202 Bihar
20 Muzaffarpur- Muzaffarpur BARB0MUZAFF 842012002 Bihar
21 Rambagh- Muzaffarpur BARB0MUZRAM 842012003 Bihar
22 Sitamarhi Bihar- Sitamarhi BARB0SITAMA 843012002 Bihar
23 Sheohar Br. Bihar- Sheohar BARB0SHEOHA 843012601 Bihar
24 Cinema Road- Hajipur BARB0HAJIPU 844012002 Bihar
25 Agri. Finance Br Hajipur- Hajipur BARB0AGRHAJ 844012003 Bihar
26 Main Road- Motihari BARB0MOTIHA 845012002 Bihar
27 Ujjain Tola- Bettiah BARB0BETTIA 845012102 Bihar
28 Darbhanga Bihar- Darbhanga BARB0DARBHA 846012002 Bihar
29 Samastipur Br. Bihar- Samastipur BARB0SAMAST 848012002 Bihar
30 Khagaria Br. Bihar- Khagaria BARB0KHAGAR 851012002 Bihar
31 Begusarai Bihar- Begusarai BARB0BEGUSA 851012102 Bihar
32 G.D. College Begusarai- Begusarai BARB0BEGUEC 851012103 Bihar
33 Zeromile Bihar- Zero Mile BARB0ZEROMI 851012104 Bihar
34 Araria Bihar- Araria BARB0ARARIA 854012002 Bihar
35 Red Cross Society Purnea Bihar- Purnea BARB0GULPUR 854012102 Bihar
36 Gulab Bagh Purnea Bihar- Purnea BARB0GULABB 854012103 Bihar
37 Katihar Bihar- Katihar BARB0KATIHA 854012202 Bihar
38 At And Po-Forbesganj- Forbesganj BARB0FORBES 854012302 Bihar
39 Kishanganj Bihar- Kishanganj BARB0KISBIH 855012002 Bihar
40 Jagdishpur Br. Dist. Bhojpur Bihar- Jagdishpur BARB0JAGDIS NON MICR Bihar
41 Buxar Br. Bihar- Buxar BARB0BUXARX NON MICR Bihar
42 Dalsingsarai Br. Dist. Samastipur Bihar- Dalsinghsarai BARB0DALSIN NON MICR Bihar
43 Hamzapur Br. Dist. Gaya Bihar- Hamzapur BARB0HAMZAP NON MICR Bihar
44 Rauna Guraru Br. Dist. Gaya Bihar- Guraru BARB0RAUNAX NON MICR Bihar
45 Sherghati Br. Dist. Gaya Bihar- Sherghati BARB0SHERGH NON MICR Bihar
46 Tekari Br. Dist. Gaya Bihar- Tekari BARB0TEKARI NON MICR Bihar
47 Hathidah Bihar- Hathidah BARB0HATHID NON MICR Bihar
48 Banni Bihar- Banni BARB0BANNIX NON MICR Bihar
49 Altakamalpur Bihar- Kamalpur BARB0ALTAKA NON MICR Bihar
50 Tarcha Bihar- Tarchha BARB0TARJAG NON MICR Bihar
51 Mokameh Ec. Bihar- Mokameh BARB0EXTMOK NON MICR Bihar
52 Umanagar Bihar- Muzaffarpur BARB0UMANAG NON MICR Bihar
53 Paharpur Bihar- Paharpur BARB0PAHMUZ NON MICR Bihar
54 Mohammadpur Bihar- Mohammadpur BARB0MOHAMM NON MICR Bihar
55 Banjaria Bihar- Banjaria BARB0BANJAR NON MICR Bihar
56 Bairagania Bihar- Bairagnia BARB0PATAHI NON MICR Bihar
57 Hinrolwa Dist. Sitamarhi Bihar- Mejorganj BARB0HINROL NON MICR Bihar
58 Mahesia Riga Dist. Sitamarhi Bihar- Righa BARB0MAHESI NON MICR Bihar
59 Majholia Dist. Sitamarhi Bihar- Majholia BARB0MAJSIT NON MICR Bihar
60 Saurajaber Bihar- Saura Jaber BARB0SAURAJ NON MICR Bihar
61 Alipur Bihar- Alipur BARB0ALIGAY NON MICR Bihar
62 Ambaicharua Bihar- Amba Icharua BARB0AMBAIC NON MICR Bihar
63 Bara Bihar- Bara BARB0BAKHOD NON MICR Bihar
64 Basaithi Bihar- Basaiti BARB0BASAIT NON MICR Bihar
65 Bhudhgere Bihar- Budhgere BARB0BUDHGE NON MICR Bihar
66 Chorhar Bihar- Chorhar BARB0CHORHA NON MICR Bihar
67 Kuretha Bihar- Kuretha BARB0KURETH NON MICR Bihar
68 Lodipur Bihar- Lodipur BARB0LODIPU NON MICR Bihar
69 Naugarh Bhiar- Naugarh BARB0NAUGAR NON MICR Bihar
70 Pupri Bihar- Pupri BARB0PUPRIX NON MICR Bihar
71 Raghunathpur Bihar- Raghunath Pur BARB0RAGHUN NON MICR Bihar
72 Ranitole Bihar- Ranitol BARB0RANITO NON MICR Bihar
73 Nokha Bihar- Nokha BARB0NOKHAX NON MICR Bihar
74 Nayagaon Bihar- Kesaria BARB0NAYAGA NON MICR Bihar
75 Ehiyapur Bihar- Aahiyapur BARB0EHIYAP NON MICR Bihar
76 Rampur Bihar- Rampur BARB0RAMMAR NON MICR Bihar
77 Bistoria Bihar- Bistaria BARB0BISTOR NON MICR Bihar
78 Kishunpur Bihar- Kishunpur BARB0KISKAT NON MICR Bihar
79 Harpurwa Bihar- Harpurwa BARB0HARSIT NON MICR Bihar
80 Jogiara Mazra Bihar- Jogiara BARB0JOGIAR NON MICR Bihar
81 Dharharwa Bihar- Dharharwa BARB0DHARHA NON MICR Bihar
82 Raipur Kharkhari Bihar- Raipur BARB0RAIKHA NON MICR Bihar
83 Dadar Bihar- Dadar BARB0DAMOHA NON MICR Bihar
84 Adauri Bihar- Adauri BARB0ADAURI NON MICR Bihar
85 Barhuli Bihar- Barhuli BARB0BARHUL NON MICR Bihar
86 Birpur Bihar- Birpur BARB0BIRBIH NON MICR Bihar
87 Taran Bihar- Taran BARB0TARPUR NON MICR Bihar
88 Ratanpur Bihar- Ratanpur BARB0RATBIH NON MICR Bihar
89 Ambakalan Bihar- Amwakalan BARB0AMBAKA NON MICR Bihar
90 Dhahwatand Bihar- Dhahwatand BARB0DHAHWA NON MICR Bihar
91 Mahuli Bihar- Mahuli BARB0MAHKHA NON MICR Bihar
92 Kothwara Bihar- Kothwara BARB0KOTHWA NON MICR Bihar
93 Narpatganj Bihar- Narpatganj BARB0PITHAU NON MICR Bihar
94 Pathak Dih Chat Bihar- Pathakdih Chhatpatia BARB0PATHAK NON MICR Bihar
95 Sameshwar Hat Bihar- Sameshwar BARB0SAMESW NON MICR Bihar
96 Biharsharif Bihar- Bihar Sharif BARB0BIHARS NON-MICR Bihar
97 Gopalgunj Bihar- Gopalganj BARB0GOPALG NON MICR Bihar
98 Madhubani Bihar- Madhubani BARB0MADHUB NON MICR Bihar
99 Kudra Br. Bihar- Kudra BARB0KUDRAX NON MICR Bihar
100 Kahalgaon Bihar- Kahalgaian BARB0KAHALG NON MICR Bihar
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