Bank of Baroda - Andhra Pradesh

IFSC Codes of all branches of Bank of Baroda situated in Andhra Pradesh state of India.

Get details of all branches of Bank of Baroda with IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address, Contact customer care and other details.

For NEFT/RTGS Transaction in India, IFSC code necessary to be entered while doing Net Banking Transactions online.

Bank of Baroda has lot of branches in the state of ANDHRA PRADESH. All the branches of Bank of Baroda have facility of Internet Banking option.

Enter IFSC code in NET Banking facility of Bank of Baroda having branches in ANDHRA PRADESH.
Sr. No. Branch IFSC Code MICR Code State
1 Abid Circle-Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0HYDERA 500012002 Andhra Pradesh
2 Barkatpur-Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0BARKAT 500012003 Andhra Pradesh
3 Chanchalguda-Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0CHANCH 500012004 Andhra Pradesh
4 Charminar- Hyderabad BARB0CHARMI 500012005 Andhra Pradesh
5 Chilakalguda-Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0CHILAK 500012006 Andhra Pradesh
6 Jubilee Hill-Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0JUBILE 500012007 Andhra Pradesh
7 Khairatabad-Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0KHAIRA 500012008 Andhra Pradesh
8 M.G.Road Sec-Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0SECUND 500012009 Andhra Pradesh
9 Marredpally-Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0MARRED 500012010 Andhra Pradesh
10 Masabtank-Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0MASABT 500012011 Andhra Pradesh
11 Tilaknagar-Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0TILHYD 500012012 Andhra Pradesh
12 Boinpally-Secunderabad- Secunderabad Cantonment BARB0BOINPA 500012013 Andhra Pradesh
13 Fruit Mkt Br.Kothapet- Gaddiannaram BARB0GADDIA 500012014 Andhra Pradesh
14 Ifb Hyderaba- Hyderabad BARB0INDHYD 500012015 Andhra Pradesh
15 Adarsh Nagar-Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0ADAHYD 500012016 Andhra Pradesh
16 Safb Hyderab- Hyderabad BARB0AGRHYD 500012017 Andhra Pradesh
17 Pbb-Hyderaba-Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0PBBHYD 500012018 Andhra Pradesh
18 Hi-Tec-City-Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0CYBHYD 500012019 Andhra Pradesh
19 Mehdipatnam- Hyderabad BARB0MEHDIP 500012021 Andhra Pradesh
20 S R Nagar- Hyderabad BARB0SRNAGA 500012022 Andhra Pradesh
21 Kukatpally Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0KUKATP 500012023 Andhra Pradesh
22 Malkajgiri Andhra Pradesh- Hyderabad BARB0MALKAJ 500012024 Andhra Pradesh
23 Malakpet Br Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0MALAKP 500012025 Andhra Pradesh
24 Sangareddy Andhra Pradesh- Sangareddy BARB0SANGAR 500012026 Andhra Pradesh
25 Punjagutta Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0PUNJAG 500012027 Andhra Pradesh
26 Attapur Br. Hyderabad A.P.- Hyderabad BARB0ATTAPU 500012028 Andhra Pradesh
27 As Rao Nagar- Hyderabad BARB0ASRAON 500012029 Andhra Pradesh
28 Tarnak- Tarnaka BARB0TARNAK 500012030 Andhra Pradesh
29 Nizamabad Br. A.P.- Nizamabad BARB0NIZAMA 503012002 Andhra Pradesh
30 Nirmal- Nirmal BARB0NIRMAL 504012102 Andhra Pradesh
31 Karimnagar A.P.- Karimnagar BARB0KARIMX 505012002 Andhra Pradesh
32 Warangal A.P.- Warangal BARB0WARANG 506012002 Andhra Pradesh
33 Kadipikonda Kazipet- Kazipet BARB0KADIPI 506012003 Andhra Pradesh
34 Inole Dist Warangal- Warangal BARB0INOLEX 506012004 Andhra Pradesh
35 Narmetta Andhra Pradesh- Narmetta BARB0NARMET 506012542 Andhra Pradesh
36 Zafargadh Ap- Zafargadh BARB0ZAFARG 506012543 Andhra Pradesh
37 Khammam A.P.- Khammam BARB0KHAMMA 507012002 Andhra Pradesh
38 Nalgonda A.P.- Nalgonda BARB0NALGON 508012002 Andhra Pradesh
39 Shadnagar Ap- Farooqnagar BARB0SHADNA 509012202 Andhra Pradesh
40 Anantapur Ap- Anantapur BARB0ANAPOL 515012002 Andhra Pradesh
41 Cuddapah Andhra Pradesh- Cuddapah BARB0CUDDAP 516012002 Andhra Pradesh
42 Tirupati Andhra Pradesh- Tirupati BARB0TIRUPA 517012002 Andhra Pradesh
43 Annmaiah Circle Tirupati Ap- Tirupati BARB0AIRTPT 517012003 Andhra Pradesh
44 Chittoor Br. Andhra Pradesh- Chittoor BARB0CHITAP 517012102 Andhra Pradesh
45 Tirumala Andhra Pradesh- Tirumalai BARB0TIRUMA 517012502 Andhra Pradesh
46 Kalikiri Dist. Chittoor- Kalikiri BARB0KALIKI 517012602 Andhra Pradesh
47 Kurnool Ap- Kurnool BARB0KURNUL 518012002 Andhra Pradesh
48 Nandyal Dist Kurnool A.P.- Nandyal BARB0NANDYA 518012102 Andhra Pradesh
49 Vijaywada-Vijaywada- Vijayawada BARB0VIJAYA 520012001 Andhra Pradesh
50 Benz Circle- Vijayawada BARB0BENVIJ 520012002 Andhra Pradesh
51 Guntur- Guntur BARB0GUNTUR 520012102 Andhra Pradesh
52 Angalakuduru Br. Dist. Guntur A.P.- Tenali BARB0ANGALA 520012202 Andhra Pradesh
53 Machilipatnam A.P.- Machilipatnam BARB0MACHIL 520012402 Andhra Pradesh
54 Gudivada Dist Krishna- Gudivada BARB0GUDIVA 520012502 Andhra Pradesh
55 Uppuluru Dist. Krishna- Uppaluru BARB0UPPALU 520012622 Andhra Pradesh
56 Nandivada Ap- Nandiwada BARB0NANDIV 520012662 Andhra Pradesh
57 Pedanandipadu Dist Guntur- Pedanandipadu BARB0PEDANA 522012582 Andhra Pradesh
58 Nadendla Dist Guntur- Nandendla BARB0NADEND 522012642 Andhra Pradesh
59 Ongole Ap- Ongole BARB0ONGOLE 523012002 Andhra Pradesh
60 Nellore Andhra Pradesh- Nellore BARB0NELLOR 524012002 Andhra Pradesh
61 Venkatachalam Dist Nellore- Venkatachalam BARB0VENKAT 524012602 Andhra Pradesh
62 Visakhapatan-Visakhapa- Visakhapatnam BARB0VISAKH 530012001 Andhra Pradesh
63 Asilmetta- Visakhapatnam BARB0ASILME 530012002 Andhra Pradesh
64 Vadalapudi- Visakhapatnam BARB0VADVIS 530012003 Andhra Pradesh
65 Mvp Colony- Visakhapatnam BARB0MVPVIS 530012005 Andhra Pradesh
66 Seethammadha- Visakhapatnam BARB0SAVSEE 530012006 Andhra Pradesh
67 Elamanchili Dist Visakhapatnam- Yellamanchili BARB0ELAMAN 530012522 Andhra Pradesh
68 Sri Kakulam A.P.- Srikakulam BARB0SRIKAK 532012002 Andhra Pradesh
69 Kakinada- Kakinada BARB0KAKINA 533012002 Andhra Pradesh
70 Ramanayyapet- Kakinada BARB0RAMPET 533012003 Andhra Pradesh
71 Rajahmundry- Rajahmundry BARB0RAJAHM 533012102 Andhra Pradesh
72 Kateru Dist East Godavari- Kateru BARB0KATERU 533012104 Andhra Pradesh
73 Hukumpeta Dist E Godavari- Hukumpeta BARB0HUKUMP 533012105 Andhra Pradesh
74 Ramachandrapuram A.P.- Ramachandrapuram BARB0RAMACH 533012402 Andhra Pradesh
75 Chelluru Dist East Godavari- Chelluru BARB0CHELLU 533012622 Andhra Pradesh
76 Pedapalla Dist. East Godavari- Pedapalla BARB0PEDAPA 533012623 Andhra Pradesh
77 Yeditha Dist East Godavari- Yeditha BARB0YEDITH 533012624 Andhra Pradesh
78 Appanapalli Ap- Appanapalli BARB0APPANA 533012662 Andhra Pradesh
79 Tekisettypalem Dist. East Godavari Andhra Pradesh- Tekisettypalem BARB0TEKISE 533012663 Andhra Pradesh
80 Eluru A.P.- Eluru BARB0ELURUX 534012002 Andhra Pradesh
81 Gavaravaram Dist W Godavari- Gavaravaram BARB0GAVARA 534012003 Andhra Pradesh
82 Bhimavaram A.P.- Bhimavaram BARB0BHIMAV 534012402 Andhra Pradesh
83 Duddukuru Dist W Godavari- Duddukuru BARB0DUDDUK 534012542 Andhra Pradesh
84 Yernagudem Dist West Godavari- Yernagudem BARB0YERNAG 534012543 Andhra Pradesh
85 Arikirevula Dist West Godavari- Arikirevula BARB0ARIKIR 534012562 Andhra Pradesh
86 Mallipudi Dist West Godavari- Mallipudi BARB0MALLIP 534012642 Andhra Pradesh
87 Vizianagaram A.P.- Vizianagaram BARB0VIZKOT 535012002 Andhra Pradesh
88 Biological Evans Extension Counter Hyderabad- Hyderabad BARB0EXTHYD NON MICR Andhra Pradesh
89 New Osmangunj Br. Hyderabad A.P.- Hyderabad BARB0EXTCHR NON MICR Andhra Pradesh
90 Akc College Br. Rajahmundry A.P.- Rajahmundry BARB0EXTRAJ NON MICR Andhra Pradesh
91 Nadendla E.C. Ap- Nandendla BARB0EXTNAD NON MICR Andhra Pradesh
92 Piler Andhra Pradesh- Piler BARB0PILERX 517012603 Andhra Pradesh
93 Himayat Nagar Br. Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh- Hyderabad BARB0HIMHYD 500012031 Andhra Pradesh
94 Begumpet Br. Hyderabad- Begumpet BARB0BEGUMP NON MICR Andhra Pradesh
95 Ramantapur Br. A.P.- Uppal BARB0RAMANT NON MICR Andhra Pradesh
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